Soft is as soft does.

In the preseason, sometimes there’s a fine line between happy talk and denial.  Cordy Glenn walks that line.

“I felt like everybody kind of labeled us as soft last year,” senior Cordy Glenn said. “We’re just trying to come out and let everybody know this year that’s not the case…”

You can include your coach in that “everybody”, Cordy.

“I think a couple of players were upset that I didn’t go for it. But if you want to make it, make it on third-and-1.”


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  1. Brandon

    There was a lot of post game complaining about Richt kicking that FG but realistically we hadn’t been able to get a yard when we needed it all year so I’ve never blamed him for not having faith in the OL, they hadn’t earned it.

    • The Watergirl

      Apparently you forgot that we had ran it down their throats the whole drive, and it wasnt like it was for the MNC!! I miss the CMR who used to go for the win!!!

      • ScoutDawg

        Damn, you go girl, this is the sideline reporter we need in CFB, smart chick, with College football knowledge and BALLS.

  2. sUGArdaddy

    Exactly. No one knows that team better than him. He thought they were soft. Plain and simple.

  3. heyberto

    You know, if they’re getting upset with the criticism, and it becomes enough of a sore spot to make them work harder, than mission accomplished. But.. if they’re resentful.. then maybe some of those “cancers” with a sense of entitlement aren’t all gone from the team?

  4. Dooms Day Dawg

    The largest cancer still remains, and his name is Mark Richt. It is often said that a team takes the playing personality of the HC. Much like CMR, this program has lacked personality the last 3 years. Change for the sake of change is not always good, however, other times change is clearly needed. The UGA football program needs a change and the evidence available for all that are WILLING to see it.

    • Biggus Rickus

      Strange. That lack of personality coincides with a disappointing ’08 season and bad ’09 and ’10 seasons. If I didn’t know better I’d think “personality” is a nebulous word. Or perhaps the team was more feisty or had a better sense of humor in ’07. You could just as easily say the team lacked a certain je ne sais quois. It’d be equally meaningful.

    • Go Dawgs!

      Wonder how the patient was able to live with the “cancer” for so long, winning a pair of SEC titles in three SECCG appearances, a pair of Sugar Bowls while appearing in three, after it had metastisized in the patient’s brain.

    • Macallanlover

      No, the “cancer” with UGA Football is amongst our fans who publically tear down the team/program through criticsms like yours. Nothing wrong with expressing concerns, or wishing some things were done differently, but to totally ignore any positives and make a statement like you did above (and have made before) is to put you in the class of F’Bomb and Jim Rome. Cancer in a medical sense isn’t contagious (although genetics play a significant role) but people who call themselves fans and then act like you do harm to UGA by spreading negativism. Work for reform and modification if you wish, but choose a method that not only has a chance of working, but doesn’t take the program down with your standing on a rooftop and yelling about the sky falling. Your opinion for sure, but not reflective of Dawg fans. Many blame coaches for the shortfalls relative to their expectations, but they haardly feel CMR is a “cancer”. You are in the extreme 1-2%, all programs have them.

      • King Jericho


      • Dooms Day Dawg

        Not sure that I voiced my opinion as that of all Dawg fans. We have seen coaches, staff and assistants come and go, yet the product on the field shows zero improvement. Most fans would agree that over the past 3-4 years there has been regression as far as results are concerned. What more do you need to see? The issue is CMR. New leadership is required. One could make a valid argument that CMR won with Donnans talent.

        • ScoutDawg

          See, I call B.S. Everybody says people don’t change. B.S. the smart ones do. Richt may be favorably charged with carrying loyalty in assistants too far, but he made the changes across the board. And, all of you BOBO haters need to shut up. We have scored enough points in all of these recent losses for those “old” UGA teams, (2002-2005) to win. BOBO is not our problem. Lack of a shut down, shut your mouth, go home cryin’ “the Georgia black and blues”, is the problem.

        • dudetheplayer

          It’s silly to continue and cry for Richt’s ousting when we all know he’s going to be our coach for next season. That discussion was all right when we genuinely wondered what the future was going to hold as far as recruiting, coaching changes, etc., but now that we’ve moved on, it’s time to get behind the team and coaches and see what they can do.

          If next season is another dud, feel free to bring out the pitchforks. :p

        • One could make a valid argument that CMR won with Donnans talent.

          Donnan couldn’t win with Donnan’s talent, so why does that matter?

          • Macallanlover


          • Dooms Day Dawg

            It matters for the simple fact the Richt has not won since Donnan’s players have left. Donnan’s last group of players left following the 2005 season. What has CMR done since?

            • Bill B

              How many of “Donnan’s players” were on the ’05 team? That’s a long time after he left.

            • You mean besides guide Georgia to a second place national finish in 2007?

              Why don’t you give us a list of Donnan’s players who were on the 2005 squad. It shouldn’t take long.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            Sorry Senator but I feel that your statement above is a bit harsh regarding former coach Jim Donnan. Rome was not built in a day. CJD was stuck with a legacy of mediocrity from Ray where the Dawgs had not won more than 6 games in a season for several years. It takes time to turn a program around so that it wins consistently. After a first season of 5-6 Donnan posted seasons of 10-2, 9-3, 8-4 and 8-4. He was known as a good recruiter and had a good offensive football mind. Personally, I didn’t like the guy but he was the coach who really turned UGA around and brought the team back from the brink of becoming another Kentucky not CMR, who was the beneficiary of the groundwork Donnan laid. CMR just picked up where Donnan left off. I think Donnan doesn’t get the respect he deserves. If you take out the first year (give the guy at least a full year to put in his system) his winning percentage was almost exactly what Dooley’s was. Sure he had problems with some of UGA’s historical rivals (1-4 against FLA–the same percentage as CMR has, by the way) but none of us knows if he wouldn’t have jumped on FLA after SOS left. Plus, his Tech problem was in large part that for once Tech had a decent coach (glad that guy left). I certainly didn’t see CMR do much better than Donnan against O’Leary in the Liberty Bowl.

    • Dog in Fla

      “labeled us as soft last year,”

      If Mark read the internets, he would say to the Bulldog Joes, the Doubting Thomasville’s and the Dooms Day Dawgs, “Please, don’t squeeze the Charmin. Squeeze it home like everyone else.”

    • simpl_matter

      Mark Richt is a cancer?!? If I didn’t have to suffer along with you, I’d love to see you get your wish in a new HC. You think the last three years were tough to watch, let’s get a Rich Rod in here and really get some pain going. We are not UF or ‘Bama, we are not going to pull a guaranteed winner in. We’ll get either an up-and-comer or a luke-warm big name….3+ years of transition/growing-pains suck-age guaranteed.

      It’s not like Richt is phoning it in; if it was easy to win all the time, who’d lose? Do I need to point out other *superior* HCs that have suffered down years? He can’t keep kids from leaving early for the pros and he’s not the one fumbling the ball. He’s one man trying to teach and motivate 85 kids! IMO, the cancer is that portion of the fan base who have lost (or never had) a rational perspective on Richt’s accomplishments.

      • dudetheplayer

        While I don’t agree with Dooms Day, I think some of you guys get a little carried away with these scenarios where any possible replacement for Richt is going to inevitably lead to multiple years of rebuilding and sucking. I don’t recall Richt’s first 3 seasons after Donnan being all that painful.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Donnan was a super recruiter who left the cupboard well stocked. Exhibit “A” is the NFL which was loaded with UGA players recruited by Donnan.

          • dudetheplayer

            Richt has been a fine recruiter throughout his tenure, particularly this past season.

            Any potential coach who would replace him would not be bereft of talent. Growing pains in year one, sure, but certainly there would be something there to work with.

            • W Cobb Dawg

              CMR’s first recruiting class was probably his best, and players like Pollack, Davis and even Odell are big reasons we won 34 games in ’02, ’03 & ’04. But make no mistake, we won primarily because of BVG and his D.

              I think the ‘Dream Team’ will turn out to be a very talented bunch. It remains to be seen if the coaching is up to the task. Considering the schedule, lack of talent at other sec east schools, and our returnees, CMR should get 10+ wins this year. But I said the same thing last year.

        • simpl_matter

          I can’t think of one relevant example of that not being the case. We have a program with super-high standards and expectations on a current downward trend. Not knocking our pedigree but, do you think we carry the cache of a HC position at UMia, UMich, tOSU, USCw, UF, etc.,? UTenn?? Maybe (excepting the fact they won a NC within the last two decades). UTenn may be the most relevant comparison.

          I’ll stick with Richt and trust in McGarity for awhile longer. We make a Kiffin-esque hire and a few down years could turn into a dozen….

          • dudetheplayer

            It took Saban 3 seasons to rebuild? How about Petrino? How about Meyer? Hell, I even mentioned Richt’s first three years, and I knew someone would come in with the “Donnan recruited great players” angle. Of course he did, but Georgia almost always had great players. This has never been our problem.

            I would place the Georgia job as one of the 10 best in the country. This is not me being a homer. Certainly I’d put us ahead of UT. The only thing Tennessee has going for it is history, and that is becoming increasingly irrelevant in this day and age (look at Oregon… or Florida). No way the UT job is more desirable right now.

            Miami?? Please.

            • simpl_matter

              Like I said, I seriously doubt we could get a game-changer like Saban (Bama) or Meyer (UF), at this point. Petrino?!??

              Top 10 best in the country at what? A top 10 storied program with a history & legacy that can reel in a big name? I see the world through Red & Black sunglasses but, I have a hard time buying that today. Even if we are top 10, Meyer is the only coach available today that fits (or did fit) the bill. There aren’t many out there…

              Scoffing at Miami and UT only proves the point. You can go from relevant to irrelevant in only one or two coaching changes. You take that gamble only when you have great odds for success or, when you absolutely have no other choice.

              • dudetheplayer

                Petrino is a total douchebag, but the guy is an excellent head coach and offensive mind. He took the Louisville program to national prominence, and he’s taken an Arkansas program that was stuck in neutral to a Sugar Bowl in his third year on the job. And they look like contenders next season as well.

                The Georgia job is top 10. The facilities, the talent base, the fan support, the program prestige, the conference, every single element is there. If you can’t see that, then you’re not trying hard enough.

                Miami, by contrast, is not that great of a gig. It is a private school with a limited athletic budget, a small and fickle fan base, it doesn’t have a stadium, and it plays in a second rate conference. The only thing Miami has going for it is a great talent base in south Fla. That’s about it.

                • Dog in Fla

                  Bobby should be suspended for at least the first half of the first game this year for handing tOSU its first win over tSEC.

                • Mayor of Dawgtown

                  In support of dude, the record book shows that UGA is #11 in total wins and #13 in winning % in the history of college football.

      • Macallanlover

        Not a UF or Alabama? Rich Rod turned Bama down, and UF ended up with Boom MFer. I would take Donnan back before either of those guys. In fact, Muschamp makes JD’s schmoozing level with adults look like Klinton. I am very glad the timing didn’t work out for what so many had actually asked for.

        And I am thankful for the man who represents our proud program is such a class way. He is a winner, has won before, and will have us back in the Winner’s Circle again. Those who cannot accept the ebb and flow of college athletics will never be happy and would constantly have us in the midst of change. None of us are satisfied with the last 3 years, only some are acting like middle schoolers about it.

        As Steve Martin said in Leap of Faith, my favorite role for him, “I feel a healing comin’ on!” It won’t stop all the whining, but those that stand by this team, playes and coaches, will be rewarded. There is no reason to believe otherwise, the glass isn’t dry from my perspective, and even if it were half empty, shame on those of you that quit.

  5. Mr. Tu

    The line was “soft” last year, which makes it even more puzzling why we consistently lined up in bunch formations on third and short basically announcing that we were gonna try and run it up the middle. If you haven’t been able to get a push from your line all year, why bring the defense into the middle, try to run it into the mass of humanity, and then be upset when it doesn’t work?
    They should have run a few out of regular or spread formations to give the defense something to think about. Richt can blame the line all he wants, but by the time of the bowl game, he should have known better, imo

  6. Dave

    Anyone beating Richt up for scoring first, likes to lose.

    Richt went 0-7 when the other team scored first last year.

    It was imperative to score first.

    Richt made the right move, anyone disagrees, likes losing.

    • dudetheplayer

      Great analysis.

      • ScoutDawg

        Thus sums our problem. Uga can score, sometimes early, and sometimes frequently. Critically necessary is some form of effective defense. I would LOVE if SOMEONE in the media, “blogs, print, broadcast, space-alien,” hell, anyone, would ask a Mr. Rennie Curran for a comment. Unfortunately for DGD Mr. Curran, he was a part of the first year of this slide and, I don’t KNOW, but I would suspect that that HIGHLY LITERATE DGMFD might have some insight he was willing to share. Even in I love UGA code.

  7. Not to start an entirely new thread here Senator, but do you think we could get an analysis of programs coming off a 6-6 season? I’m curious to see if any of last season’s “regression to the mean” thinking RE: turnovers applies vis-a-vis W’s & L’s this year. Not sure I know the correct resource to scour for that data but I’m more than happy to contribute to the cause.

    • Will (the other one)

      I think OU in year 2 under Stoops (when they beat a Mark Richt OC’d FSU for the national title) was coming off a six loss year. I can’t remember if it was 6-6 or 7-6 though. But they made a big jump. Bama in year 2 under Darth Saban was a similar story (7-6, loss to Louisiana-Monroe, then 12-2 the next year.)

  8. shane#1

    I think Richt may have been upset with his team’s lack of effort on that third down. Hence “if you want to make it, make it on third down.” Nothing is more discouraging to a coach than lack of effort. Nothing, not injuries, not being blown out by a better team, not bad calls, all that is part of the game. You don’t like it, but you can live with it. Nothing wears on a coach more than lack of effort from your players. Cordy, if you don’t want to be known as soft and you have a much smaller man in front of you on third and one, knock that man on his ass. Oh and don’t get called for a chop block by going for a man’s knees when he is being blocked, hit that man high and legal and clear his sinuses for him.

  9. Irishdawg

    Anyone who thinks Georgia isn’t a marquee HC position is daft. Strong SEC school, great recruiting base, top-notch facilities, big athletic budget, and a cash-generous fan base. Yeah, I can’ t imagine anyone wanting that job.

    • Russ


      Of course, I hope we don’t find out for many years to come. I believe Richt will right the ship this year and render all the paranoid johnny-come-latelies moot (and mute).

    • Derek

      Who is the cant miss coach who will? I mean uf still got a zook and that’s not a bad job. Bama had to pick from shula and croom and auburn got a guy who was 5-19. Lsu had dinardo and hallman. Top program does not equal a top coach. Whether you want to keep cmr or lose him, there is no assurance that the next guy wins big. In fact odds are we do worse.

      • simpl_matter

        Exactly right on, Derek. There aren’t many silver bullets out there.

        I would not question that UGA is a marquee program but, there must be more in the deal than that to lure the biggest of big name coaches. The coach being an alumni helps, having a program that is or borders on legend really helps.

        • Dog in Fla

          And, additionally, what big name would want a job at a tSEC East school where you can’t even oversign as much as you could in tSEC West or USCe?

  10. Sigh. Ok, let’s play it out. We’re evaluating the future of the football program and one of the HC options has the following on his resume:

    Nearly three decades’ experience recruiting Georgia and Florida
    2 SEC Titles
    3 BCS Appearances
    3 SEC East Titles
    Coached 2 Heisman winners, the second-winningest QB in college, and the #1 draft pick
    Consistently in the top 3 APR for the SEC

    Yeah, obviously, you know who’s name is on that resume. But pretend it’s not. Pretend it’s the resume of Somebody Not Named Mark Richt (SNNMR)

    Admit it: You back up the Brinks truck for SNNMR and don’t interview anyone else.

    I’m sorry, but the list of candidates who are capable of more upside than Richt is infinitesimally small compared to those who can drag us down faster. If we’re going to risk revisiting the 90s — an entire decade wandering the wilderness — I need more than a single losing season to get behind rolling the dice.

    Richt cleaned up Donnan’s mess. He can clean up his own.

  11. Bad M

    Coach Richt isn’t the problem. If you want to be honest with yourself, you’d say the truth…which was the defense was the problem. Now if you want to call for Coach Grantham’s head then at least you are aiming in the right direction. But you can’t. Because that would be stupid. I personally think he’s going to be a great DC, if given a chance. Don’t forget, he had to learn the offenses of the other teams, just as much as the team had to learn his system. Let him get his guys in there and do what we are paying him to do.
    ” If we score, we may win. If they never score, we’ll never lose.” -Erk

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Excuse me but the D held UCF (Champion of C-USA and a team averaging about 28 points a game) to 10 points in the Liberty Bowl. The UGA O scored 6.

  12. 69Dawg

    Ah the old UGA is a top 10 program rears it’s ugly head again. Since the change from Vince Dooley to the last change to Mark Richt, have we had any great coaches beating down our doors to coach here? er No. Ray was a desperation hire after we were turned down by Sheraton sp from NC State for dawg sake. Heck even Erk wouldn’t coach here. Then we fire Ray and Mason turns us down and we hire a good Div IAA coach who had possibly the biggest inferiority complex I have ever seen. During these two coaches we continue what with the exception of 1980 – 1984 has been pure 8-2 8-3 gold and 20 years of no SEC titles. So then we go out and hire a good assistant coach but we were not having the door busted with top of the line head coaches wanting this powerhouse program were we. Mark comes in and we win and win big but even Mack Brown has an off year and we turn on him like the great fan base we have always been. We’re lucky that Mark doesn’t tell us to piss off and leave, for sure we couldn’t find any one better and that’s a Georgia point of pride.

  13. Cojones

    Isn’t Richt’s wife The Watergirl? Dang, that’s cold!