What a fine mess…

When the hiring of a new men’s basketball coach prompts columns like this, you know Mike Hamilton’s legacy at Tennessee is just where you’d like it, if you’re a Georgia fan.  I don’t know how he still has a job, but long may he run.


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  1. D.N. Nation

    This guy = Tennesssee’s version of Dennis Felton. Overreach after a scandal.

    • Go Dawgs!

      I had a more cynical view of it. Cuomo’s the guy they brought in on the cheap to ride out the sanctions. Tennessee’s hiring their next coach after the NCAA leaves town.

      • Go Dawgs!

        Also, I have no idea if this guy from Dayton will pan out for Georgia Tech or not, but how nice is it that they didn’t have the money to go after one of the brightest coaching stars like the Shaka Smart guy at VCU or the coach at Butler? Thank you, Dave Braine, for your final gift to the Bulldog Nation.

        • Hackerdog

          I heard a Dayton alumnus on the radio today. He said Brian Gregory’s strengths are recruiting and representing the university well. His weaknesses are in-game coaching and player development. Sweet.

          • Go Dawgs!

            Love it. Hope we can shut them down in Stegeman again next year and let the ACC make sure he doesn’t get his recruiting momentum started in ATL.

            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              GT just keeps digging its hole deeper and deeper.

              • Mayor of Dawgtown

                I don’t want to waste a lot of time on this ’cause it’s Tech and who gives a sh!t, but in the ACC there are 2 sheriffs, Coach K and Roy Williams (and to a lesser extent Gary Williams of Maryland). Until Tech finds a BB coach capable of competing with those guys Tech ain’t winning crap in BB. This new guy ain’t cutting it. The place keeps making the same mistakes. Dumbasses.

  2. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    Often it’s as important to be lucky as good. Mike Hamilton is neither.

    But as others have pointed out, with the implosions of UT and Tech basketball in a year (2012) when the state of Georgia has perhaps its greatest collection of graduating high school basketball talent ever, Mark Fox is shaping up to be both lucky and good (end-of-game timeout management not withstanding).

    Time for “Dream Team” Part II!

    • Normaltown Mike

      We really need improved guard play.

      I don’t follow B-ball recruiting so I have no idea if that on the horizon, but we win 5 to 8 more games this year if Rashad Wright is at the point.

      GR2 is a nice slasher, but he’s not the steady distributor we really need.

      • D.N. Nation

        Robinson’s actually the 2-guard. Ware’s the PG. Was the SEC’s leader in AST/TO ratio. No complaints here.

        Ware’s fine on offense. Robinson alternated between very good and atrocious. Neither are even decent on defense (that’s our main problem in the backcourt).

        The jewel of Fox’ incoming class is a SG, for what it’s worth.

        • Go Dawgs!

          I hope Ware can continue his steady improvement. He was an unsung hero this season with his assist/turnover numbers. If he hadn’t picked the worst possible time to have his worst game in months, I think we beat Washington with room to spare in the first round. He had a terrible night against UW, not just with his 3-point shooting, but also turning the ball over.

          • Normaltown Mike

            Would Ware make a better 2 than GR2?

            • Go Dawgs!

              Robinson’s got him in the athleticism department, but Ware’s probably the better shooter of the two. Who knows how next year’s team will shape up, but I don’t think there’s any doubt that Ware was this year’s best answer at the point though. Whenever they’d let Robinson or someone else bring the ball up the floor, I had to fight the urge to throw something at my TV.

  3. Jim

    I know it ain’t basketball, but the fact we’ve dropped 3 of the last 5 to these clowns in football is downright embarrassing.

  4. Mayor of Dawgtown

    What has happened this year in the NCAA BB tournament should give pause to anyone who wants an extended playoff in D-IA football. 2 teams in the Final Four didn’t even win their conference in the regular season. UConn was 9-9 in its conference for the regular season. VCU lost to GA State during the regular season for crying out loud. Butler won its pissant conference but how many games do you think it would win if it had to play an SEC or ACC schedule? The only legitimate team in the Final Four is UK. The hype about these mediocre teams is deafening. It’s like the regular season didn’t even happen. Be careful what you wish for football fans ’cause you just might get it.

    • RandallPinkFloyd

      I get your gist and agree with most of what you’re saying, but take off your SEC blinders for a second. UConn is legit. Kemba Walker is the best college basketball player in America. 9-9 in the Big East ain’t bad and they DO play a tough non-conference schedule. Also, they are a #2 seed, they are definitely legit. This is Butler’s 2nd trip to the Final 4, not sure how you can argue against them.

      That being said, I agree with your premise about an extended playoff in football.

    • Go Dawgs!

      How is UConn not a legitimate team?

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        9-9 regular season in the conference.

        • Go Dawgs!

          .500 play in what was the deepest conference in the country.

          I take it you weren’t one of the people who thought Georgia should get a crack at the big game in 2007? Because if you’re not buying a team’s improvement throughout the year, you’d certainly discount everything Georgia did that year based on the UT and SC losses. This is a similar situation. UConn got better through the year, and had a strong non-conference year as well, drilling fellow semifinalist Kentucky while winning the Maui Invitational. They’re a great tournament team, and basketball’s a tournament sport.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            My point exactly GD. The BB regular season means nothing. It’s all about playing just well enough to get into the tournament and then winning a few games in a row. Personally, I’m pulling for VCU just to unmask the BS of it all. BYW, UCONN was actually seeded #3 in the West and really didn’t play anyone that difficult except for San Diego State. Of course everybody in the tournament is pretty good or else they wouldn’t be there, but UCONN had an easier road IMO. And since when is .500 in your conference good enough to get in the rotation to play for a national title? By definition half the teams in your own conference are better than you. Only in NCAA Basketball.

    • D.N. Nation

      The league with perpetually the shortest distance between best team and championship team is the NBA. Where people complain about refs/Stern playing favorites and a lack of championship diversity.

      We’ll never be happy.

    • anon

      The fact that Butler has run through:
      ODU (from CAA who has team in Final 4)
      Pitt (#1 seed and regular season champion from Big East who got 11 teams in and has team in Final 4)
      Wisconsin (Big 10, beat #1 ranked OSU during season)
      Florida (fantastic team from SEC who has team in Final 4)

      says to me that Butler probably wins 12 – 13 games in the SEC this year.

    • dudetheplayer

      Butler probably would have gone undefeated in SEC play if they were in the West.

  5. Doug

    I can only take so much pleasure in Hamilton’s continuing hackery since, you know, I spend a considerable amount of time around someone who wouldn’t take real kindly to that. But it’s hard not to get excited about the team potentially benefiting from the misfortunes of two of our biggest hoops rivals, particularly at a formative point in Mark Fox’s career.