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If only there were a TMZ rumor about Dez Bryant going to Miami…

Here’s a tip:  If you’ll analogize A. J. Green’s receipt of a thousand bucks for selling a jersey to crack cocaine and Dez Bryant getting hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry before the start of his junior year to the powdered stuff, the NCAA’s inevitable (lack of) response in the case of the latter will be easier to comprehend.



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Todd Grantham, antidote to happy talk.

From Bulldogs Blog:

… Grantham was in midseason mode when asked what the defense needs to do to stop the run better.

“Tackle the runner,” Grantham said.


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College football, go take a shower.

There’s a lot of sleazy business disclosed in the Fiesta Bowl’s Special Committee Report, but this is the specialest of all:

For 30 years, John Junker was a glad-handing, canary-blazered shogun of the Fiesta Bowl, the smiling face of that event and its most passionate advocate. So grand was his passion that it overruled his judgment, which is how the 55-year-old came to find himself seated at a conference table, trying to convince investigators there was a legitimate business purpose for the $1,241 he’d charged to the bowl for a visit to a high-end Phoenix strip club on September 12, 2008. (“We are in the business where big strong athletes are known to attend these types of establishments,” Junker said, according to investigators. “It was important for us to visit and we certainly conducted business.”)


I can’t wait to try that line out on my wife.

Between that and the lay-for-play recruiting approach Ohio State took with Stanley McClover, you’d think it’s only a matter of time before some enterprising blogger comes up with a sleaze version of the Fulmer Cup.  Nothing illegal, just immoral.  Given the current state of things, keeping track of all that might turn out to be a full time job.


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Tommy Tuberville’s Midas Touch

In a totally expected development, Texas Tech’s offense last year declined from its Leach-era levels of excellence to the merely mediocre.

… The Red Raiders not only declined in raw statistics, but also in their rank within the conference. This decline was also across the board. After ranking either first or second in completion percentage in the conference in each of Leach’s last four seasons, the Red Raiders fell to fifth in 2010. An even further descent occurred in yards per pass, where the Red Raiders fell to ninth and passer rating where they fell to eighth. Not only did the Red Raiders decline in every significant passing category, but outside of completion percentage, they were below average throwing the football!

If the past is any indication, it’s the quarterbacks’ fault.


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