Tommy Tuberville’s Midas Touch

In a totally expected development, Texas Tech’s offense last year declined from its Leach-era levels of excellence to the merely mediocre.

… The Red Raiders not only declined in raw statistics, but also in their rank within the conference. This decline was also across the board. After ranking either first or second in completion percentage in the conference in each of Leach’s last four seasons, the Red Raiders fell to fifth in 2010. An even further descent occurred in yards per pass, where the Red Raiders fell to ninth and passer rating where they fell to eighth. Not only did the Red Raiders decline in every significant passing category, but outside of completion percentage, they were below average throwing the football!

If the past is any indication, it’s the quarterbacks’ fault.


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8 responses to “Tommy Tuberville’s Midas Touch

  1. Doug

    Not only did the Red Raiders’ offensive numbers drop off, they finished 116th in Division I-A in total defense. Can’t help but think this is exactly what Kent Hance, Craig James et al. deserve.


  2. Normaltown Mike

    What he needs is a new Offensive Coordinator and a clever name for the revamped O and all will be well.

    My suggestion: The Texas Two Step. A timing offense centered around a QB that takes a 2 step drop.


  3. What fresh hell is this?

    I was certain that the title of your post was referring to something entirely different Senator. In light of tonights HBO special I had a mental picture of King Midas handing out gold coins to Auburn players.


    • Dog in Fla

      King Midas thought those were just doubloons from Mobile Mardi Gras.

      I wonder if there are any overlaps in the Venn Diagram for the time spent in the Auburn program by the Auburn HBO Special Players, Gene and Tommy.

      Chizik leaves Auburn in Nov. 2006.
      Tommy bails from Auburn after the 2008 season with a very small golden parachute but somehow manages to survive the rough landing:

      “After the 2008 season, with a 5–7 record highlighted by losses to Vanderbilt, West Virginia, and a final 36–0 loss to Alabama, he resigned from Auburn.[2] Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs claimed that Tuberville voluntarily resigned. Jacobs added: “To say the least, I was a little shocked. But after three times of asking him would he change his mind, he convinced me that the best thing for him and his family and for this football program was for him to possibly take a year off and take a step back.”[5] With his departure, Tuberville will be paid a pro-rated buyout of $5.1 million. The payments include $3 million within 30 days of his resignation date and the remaining amount within a year later.”


      • What fresh hell is this?

        I believe there is an overlap with Tuberville regarding both Chaz Ramsey and Raven Gray in ’07 that would also fall within the NCAA 5 season statute of limitations.
        More hand wringing for the all-in nation.


  4. Dog in Fla

    “And one that proves he isn’t paying lip service to his stated aim of trying to build a high-powered aerial attack for his new program.”

    Tommy’s aim was just a shade off last season. He will be sent to a re-education camp in Ciudad Juarez over Cinco de Mayo to learn how to better understand parallax.