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  1. crapsandwich

    Senator you are a wordsmith, is “untrustables” even a word? Oh yeah it is Mississippi.


  2. A Different Jim

    How much is a scholarship worth? Try paying for your child to go to Vandy and see what it costs you.


  3. TennesseeDawg

    Speaking to the Paschall article, it’s also interesting that all the “cancers” on the team suddenly graduated or are no longer on the team. How do you manage to get rid of all of them just in one year?


    • JBJ

      They are putting way too much emphasis on bad attitudes in the program. The rhetoric surrounding all this was expected after a bad season. The only cure is to win. I would just like to see everyone focus on themselves instead of calling out bad attitudes.


    • Macallanlover

      David is a good beat writer, maybe our best, but he is still an Aubie at heart. I have to think there are more important story lines developing in Athens, this isn’t near as significant as the new H-back topic, or how our defensive middle is shaping up, or how our new frosh QB is looking, etc, etc.


  4. AthensHomerDawg

    Per the Charlie Weis development. It seems petty to me. Sounds like sour grapes per the first construction firm for not being contracted to build the third house. I bet Charlie engaged them to help with the development and housing designs per his special needs housing development. Charlie probably paid for the designs and the designer copy righted them . Its not unusual for houses to be designed per development versus canned off the self plans. Charlie’s inexperience shows here in not engaging the designer as a “draftsman” and owning the plans himself. It’s not unusual to modify a plan i.e., change roof style, facade, chimney location so that you don’t have a development of clone homes. My guess is Weis was thinking long term and wanted to provide something for that daughter to enhance her independence. Bottom line is what’s the design worth? What would it cost to license 5 or 10 copies of it? He’s already paid for the initial design work. I’m betting my attorney would suggest paying a fee moving on and staying out of court. Too bad it came to this.


    • Dog in Fla

      I’m betting that any lawyer who told Charlie to pay because he didn’t own the plans and specs would hear something like this in response,
      “I’m Charlie Weis, bitch!”


  5. Irishdawg

    Good Lord, we have some beef at tight end this year. I really don’t see how our running game can’t improve, with the size we’re seeing on the O-line and at TE.


  6. Mayor of Dawgtown

    “In even matchups, the home team wins 2/3 of the time.” Gee, Senator. I thought you said repeatedly during the debate in ’09 about whether or not to continue the WLOCP in Jax that home field doesn’t matter citing CMR’s outstanding record (up to that time) on the road. We haven’t heard that from you since the ’10 season, though.


    • It’s Georgia’s home field half the time, right?


      • Mike

        Hmmm………factoring in that the WLOCP is a UGA home game half the time might lead one to conclude that UGA’s home record ain’t nearly as good as it looks?

        BTW, not to reignite another debate, but this year BOTH squads have a week off before the game. It is going to be hard to handicap a favorite just on that basis.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Yeah, and Legion Field was Bama’s home field half the time and Auburn’s half the time, too.


  7. Had a relative go to Vandy on an athletic scholarship. Only way he could have gone. Worth a lot.
    What you get if you graduate is what really counts as to the value of a college scholarship of any kind. It is indeed worth a lot of money to get one. The Atlhetes are well paid in my opinion.


    • What would it be worth for a finance-minded student to be coached by Warren Buffett for four years… only twenty hours per week, of course… while gaining a free college education. That seems analogous to an athlete going to play for a Nick Saban or a Jim Calhoun or whichever coach is at the top of his game. Naw… these athletes don’t get paid enough.


  8. Irishdawg

    I hope Richt and Bobo saw some of what the Patriots did with 2 quality tight ends this past season (well, not the part where they shit the bed against the Jets, although I did love that). We’ve got little depth at wide receiver but a lot of it at tight end, so there is potential for some really interesting offensive formations.


  9. Dog in Fla

    “Folks, the entire system is broken and the sport that we so dearly love is on the brink. The writing is on the wall — this is going to get worse before it gets better and unfortunately oversigning and the ancillary filth that comes with it is just the tip of the iceberg.”

    The University of Auburn takes issue with Oversigning.com’s above metaphorical characterization of ancillary filth in the JUCO farm system in tSEC:

    “Auburn Athletics respectfully declines to comment on these alleged claims apparently made by a few former football players. Compliance with all NCAA and Southeastern Conference rules is a major emphasis and top priority for all of our athletic programs at Auburn University”

    And if you don’t believe that one, how about this, “[t]hey lied to somebody, either to Auburn or HBO. It calls their credibility into question,” said someone close to the Auburn Athletics Department who asked not to be identified. ” [the unnamed ‘fixer’ which every Athletic Department has]

    In the meantime, tSEC has its very own big gun who knows how to take care of business. He knows the ropes. He’s done it before: “Bruce Pearl’s First Con, And The World That Created A Monster.” He can do it again.

    “Slive declined a recent interview request to discuss the Thomas affair; he has, I’m told, turned down other opportunities to speak on this since taking over at the SEC. At the time, Slive was an attorney for Bond, Schoeneck & King, and he was initially hired by Illinois to conduct a parallel investigation of Pearl’s allegations and make recommendations to the university. Like Ice Miller, Bond, Schoeneck & King is considered one of the go-to shops for athletics departments in trouble, and it was more or less Slive’s job to act as a lower court and to get Illinois to punish itself before the NCAA stepped in. Slive was certain of Collins’s culpability; the university was not.

    “Our perception was that Slive was working in concert with NCAA and his whole process was to throw Jimmy under the bus and ask Illinois to grovel for mercy and leniency,” said Mark Goldenberg, the attorney who represented Collins throughout the investigation. Eventually, Goldenberg, along with Thomas’s attorney, prevailed upon the school to relieve Slive of his duties.

    Collins calls Slive a snake who tried to “force-feed me words.” He has long maintained — without evidence — that Slive was part of Pearl’s conspiracy against him. And this fall he thought he saw the old alliance at work once again. While suspending Pearl for eight conference games, Slive lent verbal support to the embattled coach. “In the analysis I determined there may well have been enough for the entire conference season,” Slive said in November, “but the fact that he owned up to what he had done, owned up to the underlying violations, I felt half of the conference season was an appropriate matter.”