Wave to the cameras.

ESPN has added Georgia’s spring game to its broadcast schedule.  By my count, that’s seven SEC teams on the WWL’s spring menu, if you count ESPN3.com.


UPDATE: And just like that, it’s been removed.  Strange.



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12 responses to “Wave to the cameras.

  1. Go Dawgs!

    Maybe we can actually score some spring touchdowns on ESPN this time, as opposed to G-Day’s last appearance on the WWL.


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    Whatever happens on the field, I just hope we can stay out of Valdosta and environs after the game.


  3. Chuck

    Shouldn’t be too surprising: they have a big contract with the SEC so it is in their interest to promote it, and then there are all the other things that were true before the contract – good teams, lovely campuses, good weather, and hot women. Oh, and they are beyond showing lumberjack competitions when nothing live is on. ‘Nuff said, imo.


  4. Macallanlover

    Going blind, I didn’t see UGA listed on the Spring lineup. But I did see both the UGA/Boise and LSU/Oregon as TBD. Sure hope they place those two into different time slots. I stand by my recommendation to play Boise two days earlier and allow nine days before SC. Game isn’t on campus and it is a “bowl” type, unusual event so it doesn’t conflict with our tradition of being against Thursday night games, imo.


  5. CBS may try to get the Boise/UGA game, you never know until the last minute. Probably depending on how preseason hype can be generated by UGA re: Dream Team.


    • Joe

      Doesn’t CBS do US Open Tennis on that weekend and then start “SEC on CBS” the following week at 3:30 with UGA-USC being the game chosen unless hype for the Dawgs is low?


  6. sUGArdaddy

    CBS won’t start SEC football until UT-UF because they’ve got the Open the weekend of Sept. 10. Plus, they don’t have the rights to the Boise game. They only have rights to games in SEC stadiums and the champ. game.