What is this “law of supply and demand” you speak of?

The next time you hear a college president whine about the rise in coaches’ salaries, remind yourself about Brady Hoke’s contract.

Maybe we give the Jimmy Sextons of the world too much credit sometimes.


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13 responses to “What is this “law of supply and demand” you speak of?

  1. Even if colleges wanted to violate the sanctity of amateurism, they couldn’t possibly pay players. There’s no way they could afford it.

    You want $2 million a year? Sure thing, coach!


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    I am always uncomfortable when a writer points out a salary from 1981 to help make his argument about a salary today.

    That Bo Schembechler made $110,000 (something like $270,000 with inflation) has no more relevance today than Bo’s offense does.

    It is a different world out there today…..thank you TV.


  3. Coz

    That was a liberal hack job last night on HBO. More of the ‘it’s not fair’ and let’s suspend the rules of supply and demand liberal BS. Did and does Auburn cheat and pay players – 100% already guilty in the court of public opinion. Dirty program run by a dirty man, Lowder. The NCAA should make Auburn disassociate themselves with him along with whatever else they do. Auburn was back at it, this year, the story of the of Stanley McClover last night is very similar to what happened with the two Louisiana players that suddenly changed their lifelong love for LSU football and former LSU commits to Auburn, after Auburn had never even been mentioned by either previously. Auburn still thinks it is the 1980’s. Most football programs, by and large, has cleaned up their act. If for no other reason, than the internet and how it’s an era of no more secrets because anyone can post a rumor now and it spreads like wildfire. Auburn and Lowder just don’t care. There will always be stupid alumni that give the money handshakes and put their programs at risk but Auburn/Lowder oversaw a systematic endorsement of paying players or what the NCAA calls lack of institutional control. Does anyone really believe that Auburn isn’t fully complicit in this and continues to do it. Past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior.

    Back to the original point. The HBO piece was all about ‘these overpaid football coaches’ that make $5M/yr when the physics professor only makes $75K. It’s called supply and demand. There’s a reason Cliff Lee makes the money he makes, because he is one of only a few guys that can throw a ball that way but there is an almost unlimited number of people that can become school teachers. If there is someone else behind you that says, “I’ll do it for that pay”, then that sets the market. Kinda one of the uglier examples of capitalism but a true one, nonetheless. Someone should have asked Bryant Gumble why he gets paid what he does.

    As soon as they started a system to pay the football and basketball players, these same liberals would sue so the women’s volleyball player gets a cut as well. Whoever the black guy was that was saying the system is broke and it needs to be destroyed, he is free to go set up a farm league that takes players right out of high school and pays them. Nothing is stopping him – have at it, big boy.


    • Vinings Dog

      You are correct. Very few people question the millions of dollars actors get for movies, but people get upset when pro athletes, college coaches, or business leaders get big payoffs. I do not know, but I bet Gumble is VERY well paid.


    • Dog in Fla

      Liberals. Trying to mess with our crystal clean favorite sport.
      What the ***k are they doing? Send all their sorry asses to Gitmo.

      “[T]he government should be spying on all Arabs, engaging in torture as a televised spectator sport, dropping daisy cutters wantonly throughout the Middle East and sending liberals to Guantanamo”


      And while the Kill Team Super Patriots are temporarily off duty from protecting America by terminating haji’s with extreme prejudice on trumped-up charges for some kind of liberal-initiated shit, they’re just the guys who can round up and package the liberals for a supply and demand Gitmo adventure. They can also throw in the greedy women’s volleyball player and the black guy who thinks the system is broke while they’re at it.



    • Will (the other one)

      Yeah, that’s why Lee took the highest offer he had, and started for the Yankees today…

      Oh, wait.

      (And the problem the article addresses is that some high-level positions — CEOs at many large corporations, head coach at Michigan — don’t operate on any sound market principles. There’s no compelling reason to pay Hoke what he’s getting paid when he hasn’t even coached game 1 for them. There’s no reason at all why Bob Nardelli can run Home Depot’s stock price into the ground, get handed a $300 million golden parachute, and then land another CEO job. It’s a good ol’ boy network writ large, and they’ll claim it’s “the market”.)


      • Coz

        Yeah, you just soundly debunked capitalism. My bad. We’ll go back to the drawing board. Perhaps there are other considerations than just money once you’re at F-U type money.

        If you offer someone, $3M/yr to work in SoCal and they get a $3.5/yr offer to work in Siberia, which one do you think they’re gonna take.


  4. SC Dawg

    I wasn’t old enough when those Eric Ramsey tapes came out, but can someone enlighten me as to the reaction of Auburn fans at that time. I’m assuming it’s close to today’s response to Cam Newton.


    • 69Dawg

      The response was just as it was today. The player Ramsey had an ax to grind because he couldn’t make it in the pro game so he turned on the poor coaches and boosters at Auburn who were just trying to help him out. Same song the third time. The NCAA will not do a damn thing about it.


  5. May be UGA and OKLAHOMA can be once again be the vanguard of change by initiating the dissolution of NCAA at its current monopolistic form. DISSOLVE NCAA!!!!!


  6. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I don’t want to get on a soapbox but why don’t the honest teams in the SEC get together and throw out the cheats? There are really only 4 of them (Bama, Auburn, LSU and UT). The SEC would still have 8 teams left and could offer to let some other reputable schools (like UVa, Rice and Tulane) in to take their place.