Taking judicial notice

Talk about being held in contempt:

… Seems that during a guilty plea hearing in the courtroom of Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit Court Chief Judge John Allen, the defense attorney expressed concern that having a criminal record might prevent his client from attending the University of Iowa, where he was on football scholarship.

To which Judge Allen replied, “He can always go to Auburn.”

The courtroom erupted into raucous laughter — where were all the Auburn fans? — and then a chuckling Allen ordered his last comment to be struck from the record.

His Honor is a Florida grad, by the way.


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10 responses to “Taking judicial notice

  1. Marshall

    That’s funny!


  2. heyberto



  3. NCT

    I know Judge Allen from my years down on Georgia’s West Coast. Good guy. I didn’t know he was chief now, though. Smooth move.


  4. Sweet and hilarious. LOL


  5. He is just being matter of fact. More LOL.


  6. ScoutDawg

    That is quality stuff right there sir.


  7. 81Dog

    Here’s a little inside info: the young attorney taking the plea was, himself, an AU undergrad, a fact which was well known to Judge Allen. His honor is a great guy with a very wry sense of humor. I can’t hold being a Gator law student against a guy with SEVEN Distinguished Flying Crosses as a fighter pilot in Vietnam (which he’ll never talk about except to note he wasn’t trying to get any of them)


  8. shane#1

    In the old days in South Ga court was one of the few outlets for entertainment. I heard this story about Judge Charlie Worrell, the “pistol packin’ Judge”. He would hold court with a brace of Colt Peacemakers under his robe. Judge Worrell had just sentanced a bootlegger to a 350 dollar fine. As the Judge was drawing back his gavel the bootlegger said” I have that right here on my hip!” The Judge stopped the gavel in mid-swing and said” AND, 90 days county farm! Do you have that on your hip?” Everybody in the Courtroom cracked up, well except maybe the defendant.


  9. almightytmc1

    And that is why they pay him the big money…..


  10. steve

    When attending Ga Southern in statesboro, before transferring to UGA, this gentleman was sweeping floors at the Courthouse. I asked about traffic court because of some traffic violation. Because I had to wait I spoke with this gentlemen who was wearing the White blue striped uniform of a prisoner. I asked what got him incarcerated, he said Judge Hawkins. “Hanging high Hawkins” he said. I quote, “He told me to look out the window at those guys planting some new trees in the courtyard. He said those would be big shade trees by the time i got out of Reidsville. He was right, those trees are big now.” I didn’t push it any further.