Well, I’m not gonna argue with him.

I was so floored by the matter-of-factness of Chris Low’s premise here that I forgot to watch the video.


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  1. simpl_matter

    Me, too. And very few (if any) of the commenters I read had a beef with Aaron being the top dog. Seems they were (mostly) all debating who should be second.

    There were some questions about what he’ll do without AJ. I think he’ll do just fine. His abilities to read the defense and check-down will be better and he’ll hopefully have a decent back or two to hand the ball to. Here’s hoping….

  2. NCT

    Do you listen to the ESPN College Football podcast? Low spent a few minutes talking about UGA this week. In fact, the segment on the SEC consisted of AU, Bama, and Georgia. I recommend the podcast, generally, btw. Ivan Maisel does it. During the offseason, it’s once a week only, and it’s supposed to be with Beano Cook, but Beano’s been ill for several weeks. It’s a surprisingly perfect medium for Beano to throw in his history knowledge, especially the last segment when Ivan goes through the CFB Hall of Fame birthdays.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      UGa most improved in SEC……works for me.

  3. ESPN cheering for UGA??????? Since when??????LOL

    • W Cobb Dawg

      ESPN + TV contract w/SEC + BSU opener = hype UGA!!!

      Murray is an unusual talent, but Low goes too far with praise for some of these QBs. Example, speculating “will Mettenberger will have the impact of a (s)cam Newton?” Give me a break!

      • Scott W.

        I don’t know why him praising Mettenberger would make you cringe. According to some he was only an ass slap away from starting for the Dogs over Murray.

        • Macallanlover

          I agree, ZM looks better to me than Jefferson ever did. LSU is loaded with talent, add a competent, not great, QB and they would have changed the outcome of at least one of the past two seasons. Not saying Mett is a slam-dunk, just that he might be the guy to take LSU back to the top in the West. It isn’t like they were a weak team with lousy QB play the last 3 years. Watching the battle for starting position in Baton Rouge is one of the more interesting story lines of the off season in the SEC.

          • Russ

            It will be very interesting when we meet LSU in the SECCG (also known as the BCSCG semifinal).

        • W Cobb Dawg

          C’mon. He’s comparing Met to a heisman winner who took a mediocre team to the mnc. Y’all seriously think Met has that level of ability? Yes, LSU is a good team, but Met carrying them in year 1 is a stretch.

          • Scott W.

            He didn’t compare him to Newton, he asked if he could have the same impact. Namely bringing everything together on a veteran team.

  4. almightytmc1

    I was noticing on the other board some guy who felt that Mccarron and Sims at Bama would surprise some folks. They might. But lets face it one of the key indicaters that Bama is going to have a good season is that they have a quarterback who is not stellar but a good game manager. As many weapons as Bama has, I could probably QB them to a 10 win season.

  5. kckd

    The biggest lie that ever grew into accepted truth among media members and fans alike was that Mett was close to or going to be the starting QB at UGA. The folks in the know will tell you that was never the case. Some people think one glorified scrimmage some how makes up for two weeks of practice before that. It was never going to happen.

    • Andy

      THIS! Thank you for posting this. I feel like I am taking crazy pills. Mettenberger was always a raw project QB who developed very well and would have been a good backup for Murray. In fact, I think he is another example of why Richt and Bobo are perhaps the best developers of QBs in the country.

      However, Richt said Aaron would have played as a true freshman had he not gotten hurt, and most say there was never much of a battle. Murray’s NFL caliber release plus Peyton Manning-esque work ethic made him the heir apparent.