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BBQ PSA: Heirloom Market is smokin’.

If, like me, you believe there can never be enough decent barbeque joints on the planet, say hello to my new leedle fren’, Heirloom Market BBQ.

I’ve had enough there to say that while it may not be better than my current Atlanta benchmark, Fox Bros., it damned sure isn’t outclassed.  Especially if you’re partial to Texas-style barbeque.

Warning:  I’m not kidding about the little part.  The place only has one table and seats a total of about fifteen, so I imagine it’s quite cozy at peak times.  (I live less than 10 minutes away, so that’s no problem for me.)

If you’re a barbeque lover who’s near the I-75/I-285/Chattahoochee River triangle, Heirloom Market is a no-brainer.  For the rest of you, it’s worth taking a pilgrimage.



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Oncoming meme warning

You could see this baby coming a mile away.

As fans gather in Houston this weekend to celebrate college basketball’s finest hour, college football is reeling from the aftershocks of a scandal involving the Fiesta Bowl, which has renewed questions about who should control big-time postseason football.

The N.C.A.A. operates every postseason championship except the lucrative bowl system. For nearly 100 years, the bowls have been a network of privately run fiefs working with conferences, universities, corporations and individuals to create appealing, often irrelevant matchups.

The Fiesta Bowl scandal is the latest example that the N.C.A.A. needs to take stronger control over that cottage industry, one that often operates outside its reach…

“Often operates”?  More like completely.

Let’s get the easy part out of the way first:  John Junker is your typical corporate sleazebag.  If he did something criminal, I hope somebody goes after him for it, if for no other reason than to discourage others from pulling similar crap in the future.  And if there’s some way to make Fiesta Bowl management pay a price for their lax supervision of Junker, ditto.

But speaking of lax supervision, urging that control of the bowls be brought under the aegis of the NCAA is… well, the dateline of Rhoden’s article is April 1, so maybe he’s kidding.  If he’s not, he’s got a remarkably short memory.  Or perhaps he sees a certain symmetric beauty in letting the same organization that allowed the Tatgate Five to play in the Sugar Bowl set all the rules on the business side of the postseason.

I don’t think I’m going very far out on a limb here to suggest that there might be a better way to address the problem.

And by the way, it’s a rule that any time Dennis Dodd signs on to a train of thought it becomes a meme on the spot.  Or at least it should be.


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About the Tyler Bray hype

Yeah, I know there’s plenty of it out there and I don’t want to discount it entirely, but every time I see a comment like this one

We learned two things about Tennessee’s quarterback situation a year ago. One, the answer at the position isn’t Matt Simms but Bray, with the offense turning a corner late – diminished playbook or otherwise – after Bray took over under center. He stepped into the starting lineup on Nov. 6 and led the Volunteers to a perfect final month, snapping a four-game losing streak and leading U.T. to bowl play with a .500 mark.

… I keep coming back to what happened with Bray’s passer rating after he was named the starter.  And that wasn’t the result of facing off against college football’s elite secondaries, either.


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Got any plans this afternoon?

Believe it or not, televised spring football kicks off today with Texas at 3:00 PM on the (where else?) WWL.

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You know it’s spring practice when…

you hear the quintessential scrimmage quote:

“Overall I thought that we won,” tight end Orson Charles said, “but coach Richt said that Georgia won, so it’s all good.”


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