“Forgiveness tends to come from compassion.”

Now this is rich:  an opinion column from The Arizona Republic questioning whether fans really care about the Fiesta Bowl scandal.

John Zidich, CEO and publisher of The Arizona Republic, has been on the Fiesta Bowl’s 25-member board of directors since 2005. He joined the bowl’s five-member executive committee in 2010. The Arizona Republic is a Fiesta Bowl sponsor.

I guess it hopes we don’t.


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7 responses to ““Forgiveness tends to come from compassion.”

  1. DawgPhan

    Why should I care about the Fiesta Bowl CEO spending fiesta bowl money at the strip club….or is there something else that I should be concerned with. Hell he wasnt even balling at the strip club…that is really all I have seen people harp on, but was he stealing money or doing something else? Cause right now it seems like a witch hunt going after someone who made a lot of schools a lot of money and was able to build a big time bowl from nothing…I would be surprised if this was all part of Jerry Jones pushing to get the Cotton Bowl back into BCS status if you want a conspiracy.


    • If you’re a taxpayer, you should care. As a football fan, not so much.


      • Russ

        Well, when GE legally doesn’t pay any taxes, it’s hard for me to get wound up about the Fiesta Bowl abusing their tax exempt status.


      • DawgPhan

        I should be concerned as a tax payer because of their tax exempt status? Why should I care about how an organization spends it’s money? One that I basically have no interest in, financial or otherwise? Their status as a 501c3 is hardly enough for me to care about how they spend their money…again unless there is something else there…


        • Because if they’re not gonna behave like a proper tax-exempt entity, we shouldn’t be subsidizing them.


          • Mike Price

            Tax exempt, tax exschempt. Going in for a little titty viewin’ ain’t that bad. Damn bluenoses! Next thing they’ll want to do is ban drinkin’ for underage players and kick ’em off the team..What?..They already are doin’ that? Sheeeit!! What is this damn world comin’ to?


  2. Dog in Fla

    GE has better teams of lobbyists/congressmen than the Fiesta Bowl did. But for some football fan taxpayers, there is still there is plenty of room to be concerned about both GE and Junker/Fiesta Bowl.

    While it’s no surprise that GE doesn’t pay tax and gets a $3.2 B tax credit during Obama’s watch ,


    a few wonder why they have to pay tax when others don’t and then have to use their own money at strip clubs and not be able to launder other people’s money as political contributions.