How quickly they forget.

Chris Rainey, who’s never lacked for a good quote, has a couple of things to say about the Gators’ new offensive coordinator.

Rainey on Charlie Weis’ excitement working with Florida’s pool of talent: “The first thing he said when he got here was that this is the most athletes he’s ever been around, so we felt good about that.”

Rainey on what to expect from the offense: “Fans are going to be happy again.”

No doubt Tom Lemming will be shocked, hurt and disappointed to hear about the first.

But I’m really digging that “again” at the end of the second one.  I figure that after a couple of years of Weis’ ego working on the Gator fan base, there won’t be a Florida fan left standing who doesn’t completely credit Corch’s success to the GPOOE™ and Percy Harvey.


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51 responses to “How quickly they forget.

  1. Doug

    Then again, Richt’s 2-8 against Florida, to think Richt will be Florida is mindless.

    • You’re right. Richt will never be Florida.

      If you’re gonna troll, at least be grammatically correct.

    • Go Dawgs!

      How mindless is it to think that Richt will ever beat Florida if it’s already happened twice by your own admission? Time to go up a few sizes on the jorts, they’re cutting off circulation and your brain is starving.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      This is a pretty classy blog with some very knowledgeable sports fans….why are you here?

  2. Doug

    Just like a UGA blindman, 2-8, is a great record against Florida. How do you spin 2-8 into anything positive?

  3. Doug

    Let’s compare Championships:
    Bobo- 0

    • NFL rings did Fatman so much good at Notre Dame.

    • Go Dawgs!

      I love the fact that you’re counting a Super Bowl championship that the Giants won while Weis was an assistant special teams coach. Show me Weis’ championship totals when he’s not standing in the shadow of Bill Belichick (or standing really, really far from the shadow of Bill Parcels).

      Or, show me Weis’ championship totals as a college coach. I’m sure he’ll be just as great with John Brantley as he was with Tom Brady. I really don’t know why you didn’t say that Weis had 5 championships… they beat the hell out of Hawaii and won the Hawaii Bowl Championship at Notre Dame!

      Bobo’s got two SEC Championships as quarterbacks coach at UGA. Weis has an elevated cholesterol level and pants that I could use as a tent, and he’ll be defended by a coach that we thrashed on a regular basis when he was trying to figure out how to defend Auburn. You’ll have to forgive Georgia fans if we’re not losing sleep.

    • anon

      I think that’s also the same score if they’re counting bypass surgeries.

    • Joe

      No but according to that logic, CMR would have a few then as a player and a coach.

    • Wolfman


      Weis – 17
      Bobo – 0

  4. Doug

    Senator loves to troll about how great Georgia will be each Spring. Ah, hope springs eternal.

  5. Mike

    If Florida fans don’t engage in this speical kind of selective amnesia, then there will certainly be an inordinate number of rival web sites that do, if for no other reason to egg us on. No doubt not the least of which will be my favorite UGA website.

  6. Doug

    Let’s see here and do some Blutarsky math:

    top defensive mind in Muschamp, + top offensive mind in Weis + 17-3 record against Georgia over 2 decades =
    Advantage Georgia?

    Sure Senator. Thanks for the laugh. Hear it every Spring.

    3-17 record.

    • Top defensive mind? Since when?

      Again, Charlie had sooo much success as the top offensive mind at Notre Dame. And, you just lost the last “top offensive mind.” Do your coaches become the top offensive/defensive mind when they sign a contract at UF or is that a prerequisite for employment?

    • Go Dawgs!

      It’s actually a 47-40-2 record.

      Of course, it’s probably been tilted decidedly in Florida’s favor ever since you graduated… oh wait, you didn’t go to the University of Florida. You just like the team because you think the players are handsome and the colors are pretty.

    • Son, there’s only room for one Doug around here, and the doctors took out bone fragments bigger’n you the last time I had back surgery.

      Go change your handle, and pick up a history book while you’re at it. Hard as it is to believe, college football really was played before 1990.

    • 81Dog

      dont forget to plug Muschamp’s number’s as a DC versus UGA in there, or his team’s W/L record. You’re never going to lock down a gig at the Elias Sports Bureau if this sloppy effort is an accurate picture of your skills as a sabremetrician.

  7. Sparrow

    So what does it take to drop the banhammer around here? If Doug were being constructively critical that would be one thing, but he’s just a pest. I know that there’s probably a strong disincentive to ban folks, so I understand if the request is denied. His shtick is just getting old.

    • Consider your request under consideration, although there’s a certain amount of comic relief that works in his favor.

    • Macallanlover

      My guess Sparrow the cutline is: 1) when the poster continually, and incessently, hammers a single theme ( one trick pony) with the intent to disrupt dialogue, while never making a valid point to contribute to a discussion and, 2) can only speak with profanity and becomes so offensive to run the regular clientele away. In this guy’s case, it almost is like a referee needing to stop a fight, this poster is too retarded to defend himself. I second your request to ban him, not for having a different opinion, but for not making a point above the K-1 level. Kind of like trapping us in a small room with a 3 year old having a tantrum. The only other poster I recall being sent packing was Thomas Brown….showing it isn’t just rival fans that can annoy.

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Meh. Doug is mild compared to some folks who drop in here occasionally.

  8. Biggus Rickus

    Maybe the troll there has created a diversion, but are we going to ignore that Weis has coached two NFL offenses? I’m pretty sure he’s been around better athletes before.

    • Go Dawgs!

      That’s actually what I was going to say when I clicked on the comments and got distracted by GED Doug. Give me Tom Brady and I’ll let you have John Brantley. I’m willing to bet my house on the results of the game.

      • King Jericho

        I don’t know that I’d say Tom Brady is a better athlete than John Brantley, but he’s definitely a better QB.

        • Seriously

          People seem to forget that Brady was not a great QB before Weiss was his OC. Isn’t that really the point? Weiss takes good athletes and makes them good QBs. I promise you Brantley will be better this year.

          • Hogbody Spradlin

            For once Seriously has half a point. Brantley will be better this year, if only because of the offense style, even if Weis is a nuetral factor.

            • DawgnAub

              Agree HS. Seriously couldn’t be more right. I really was shocked Brantley was as bad as he was last year. Can player performance be assessed by the ‘regression to the mean’ principle? There is no way he couldn’t be better even if he continued to play in the system that didn’t fit his game. I fully expect him to be decent this year, even one of the top 6 SEC QB’s… this what you’re going for Seriously…seriously?

          • Dog in Fla

            I thought Scott Loeffler made Tom Brady great at Michigan.

    • No kidding. Weis is clearly full of shit, pandering to the jort nation. Unless “athletes” translates to dope heads and not football players… and then, I’m still not sure.

  9. Irishdawg

    Can I second Sparrow’s request? Dougy is here for the sole purpose of flinging shit on the walls and then giggling at the mess. Drop the hammer.

  10. simpl_matter

    I deal with Dougs all day long, typical Florida fan. They can name maybe 6 players and 3 coaches on the current team, all they care about is W/L and MNC’s since Zook.

    Last year was classic, the sea of UF flags in my neighborhood that usually fly day-in and day-out all came down after the LSU game . When they were ass-raped by FSU, all I heard for the next two weeks was how they have dominated FSU for the previous six years. I didn’t even have to bring up the FSU game, that’s just what they babbled about constantly.

    Weischamp better deliver, there’s a sea of UF egos on life-support that are counting on it.

  11. Doug

    Sorry everyone. I must apologize for my actions. The truth is, years of sexual abuse at the hands of a man much bigger than I has left my bitter and angry at the world, and with a hatred of happy people that burns worse than my ass when I use the bathroom.

  12. Dog in Fla

    “On Thursday, Rainey spoke to the media for the first time since his arrest in September for aggravated stalking, and he already seems like he learned how to keep his mouth shut.”

    *Eleven out of twelve teams in tSEC hope that will be a lesson he soon forgets.

    In the meantime, we’ll always have these to remember him by:

    “Time to die”
    “Wait and see what happens when they leave.”
    “I’m glad to be Chris Rainey”

    “Dang, it’s good to be Chris Rainey”

    Chris Rainey is still “a White girl man.”

    “I’m taking sex classes.”

    *”The preferred theory seems to be that narcissism is caused by very early affective deprivation, yet the clinical material tends to describe narcissists as unwilling rather than unable, thus treating narcissistic behaviors as volitional — that is, narcissism is termed a personality disorder, but it tends to be discussed as a character disorder.”

  13. Yurdle

    Weis might be being deceptively literal. “This is the most athletes..” 85 scholarship players + UF walkons > 53 pro roster and also >? ND roster?