The NCAA, making the rules up as they go along

C’mon, who are they kidding here?

The Fiesta Bowl will meet April 28 in New Orleans with an NCAA subcommittee that will determine whether the bowl keeps its operating license, an NCAA official said Tuesday.

Dennis Poppe, NCAA vice president of baseball and football, said the Fiesta Bowl has been invited to meet with the 11-member group that licenses college football bowl games.

Options facing the committee include allowing the Fiesta Bowl to keep its license, postponing a decision to a later date or revoking the license, which would stop the bowl game, Poppe said.

Right.  The NCAA is going to shut down a BCS game.  Based on what?

… Poppe said the Fiesta Bowl, along with all other bowls, last year received a four-year operating license from the NCAA. He said the NCAA has revoked licenses in the past for the Seattle Bowl and Silicon Valley Football Classic because of poor attendance and financial problems.

Neither the Fiesta Bowl nor the Insight Bowl has those problems, and Poppe said there is no “morals or conduct code” that could allow the NCAA to revoke a bowl operating license.

So the same people who let Cam Newton’s season play out because there wasn’t a rule on the books covering his situation are suddenly going to put their foot down here?  Consistency, thy name is NCAA.

Of course, if you’re an organization that’s looking for a way to rearrange a status quo that’s quite lucrative for other folks so that you can stick your hands in the money pot too, blowing up a BCS game “in the best interest of college athletics” is a good start.


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11 responses to “The NCAA, making the rules up as they go along

  1. The Original Cynical in Athens

    It becomes harder by the day to invest any thought or energy in college athletics. It is really difficult not to feel like a total sap for anyone who has invested time rooting for a program, believing in some sort of purity of the sport.

    Ohio State’s AD handing the trophy to the cheater Calhoun pretty much sums up college athletics right now. That the trophy presentation followed a game that would have made the most mediocre intramural team embarrassed could not have more accurately illustrated how the college games are being eroded by acting as the minor leagues to America’s professional leagues.


  2. Delusional

    Yes! We will now get to hear about the NCAA “cracking” down on bowl improprieties with new stricter guidelines that will save the Fiesta Bowl from impending doom. Watch out, because the NCAA is on the prowl. (Sarcasm noted)


  3. Ausdawg85

    The NCAA announces the Fiesta Bowl will be played this season, then required to sit-out 5 days in February and not permit any bowl games to be played in its stadium during this probationary period.


  4. Cojones

    Do you mean to tell me that football fans have supported employees being forced to contribute to a political party and candidates that was enabled by the NCAA? An NCAA-contracted BCS bowl can enter into a consulting contract with a working member of the Sheriff’s Dept? How can this be?

    Joe Arapaio, Sheriff of the county, charges inmates to stay there(because local politicos don’t fund enough) and houses overflow inmates in prisonyard tents. And he makes them wear pink. Last year a former Auburn athlete of renown was housed there briefly. So prisoners wearing nonheterosexual colors, housed in an underfunded institution, with Sheriff’s Dept staff members taking money on the sligh while other contributions go to a political party and candidates is all connected to Auburn and the NCAA? Wait until Fox News hears about this!!


  5. Just may be Cowboy Stadium and Cotton Bowl may have a finger on this.


  6. Cojones

    Dog in Fla- Thanks for the link. Hadn’t seen it.

    Could be the “Eat Mor Hors” Bowl is involved too. Wow! The conspiracies abound!


    • shane#1

      See, I told ya’ll. Grab your tin foil hats and watch for the black choppers! As a caller on Orson’s blog link said last week “it’s a conspurrusee Paaawwwlllll!” Who says I’m paranoid?


    • Dog in Fla

      GNOME (Global Nuclears on Mark Emmert), Flight Deck Helo Pad, NCAA Fortification, Downtown Indianapolis, Somewhere close to what used to be Butler

      “A Day in the Life of Mark Emmert – Coincidences and Conspiracies ”

      1616 hours, 6 April 2011

      Mark reads the daily intel report on Mark’s reaction days ago to the Fiesta Bowl horrors from the Florida guy on Tony Barnhardt’s new network while eating the softball-size meatball on the takeout spaghetti and meatball from Bucca di Beppo:

      “On Tuesday, the Fiesta Bowl’s own in-house report peeled back the layers on years of flat-out financial corruption.

      “Utterly unacceptable,” Emmert said.

      So unacceptable that Emmert added, “[this] shouldn’t be used as a broad-based indictment of all the bowls. I don’t think it will materially affect all the other bowls.” Just when the idea of the NCAA running the Division I-A postseason is starting to sound encouraging.

      “If the Final Four is the climax of the college sports season then — to quote a great man — bring lawyers, guns and money along with your seat cushion. The storm is just beginning to build. Bruce Pearl. Tressel. Ohio State. Agents. Auburn.

      “College athletics regularly features lies and the lying pack of liars who tell them. It was suggested to Emmert that this is a “watershed” moment, a tipping point in the history of cheating.

      “There is nothing to indicate that’s anything other than happenstance,” the president said.

      Mark yawns and wonders what it would be like if he were President of the United States and if he should have said ‘coincidence’ instead of ‘happenstance’ but does not worry too much about it.

      He does though think about the happenstance of whether Junker, before he was kicked out of the plane, had any Masters tickets on order for the good of college football this week and, if so, who is going to get them.

      Mark also thinks it’s a good idea for lawyers, guns and money to go along with his newly formed Super Secret Service security detail and wonders if Steven Seagal would be available.


      • shane#1

        Steven Seagal? Steven Seagal? Who’s afraid of fat boy? A fat boy just like Jeff Owens! I would kick their gonads up so high they would wear them for bow ties. Oh crap, the guvment knows where I live. They wouldn’t tell those guys, would they? Later, I am headed for the bunker.


        • Dog in Fla

          You should be safe. Trooper Steven looks like he’s so loaded he couldn’t find a bunker anywhere unless it had food in it.