Will Muschamp, media suck-up

The Seat 37F era is officially dead.


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8 responses to “Will Muschamp, media suck-up

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Vince used to have guest coaches, back before spring games became life and death. Grizzard coached one year, 78 I think.

  2. BCDawg97

    I didn’t read it so naturally I’m just going to give my opinion, but…

    In the Bianchi column he links to another story of WMs childhood in Gainesville molding him. My question is if he had such a love of the area, why walk-on at UGA?

    • Seriously

      UF didn’t recruit Muschamp. In fact, Spurrier went for a jog and skipped a scheduled interview with the young recruit.

  3. 69Dawg

    Let me get this straight, he closes practice to the media but then invites them to coach the game. How in the name of Wally Butts can they even begin to know what’s going on?

  4. JW

    Sounds like Muschamp is going to make a joke of the Orange & Blue game. He kept the media out all Spring to give them time to install & “gel”. This game was going to be the UF fans first look at the new GAYTAH’s, and now it sounds like he wants more time! Let the media play with team & nobody sees what’s really going on in the Swamp! Yea, he is playing with the media & the Gaytah nation, wonder when the Jort worts will figure it out?

    • Seriously

      They will figure it out about as fast as the UGAy bull-dregs figure out that Richt is really a sleeper agent installed by FSU and Miami, intended to make the state of Florida very happy. See, I’m clever too. I can insert moronic and homophobic remarks into a blog post just like you!

  5. He WILL be a MUST CHUMP when all is done. He is a MUST CHOMP for FSU fans. LOL.