One man’s vision is another man’s delusion.

Matt Hinton looks at spring game attendance figures and questions Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott’s TV revenues math.

Of course, as I’ve pointed out before, SEC spring football outdraws the first round of March Madness handily.  That doesn’t seem to have an adverse impact on what the NCAA rakes in.  Maybe some network will be dumb enough to let Scott live the dream.


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6 responses to “One man’s vision is another man’s delusion.

  1. TennesseeDawg

    Anyone notice that the Tebow statue is the only QB statue you’ve ever seen where the QB is running and not throwing the ball?


    • James Stephenson

      Well maybe because he was not a QB, he was a throwing FB.


      • shane#1

        Tebow was the perfect single wing tailback. That is not an insult but a complement to his athleticism. For what it’s worth Bill Walsh said that he often thought of using a single wing formation with Montana or Young. He didn’t want to risk his QB’s.


  2. By Georgia We Did It

    How did UF get three statues built before Alabama could finish one for Saban?

    Not to follow in those 2 teams footsteps but I don’t remember seeing a statue or anything else outside the Butts-Mehre bldg for HW, Trippi, Sinkwich, etc. (could be wrong). I guess Dooley got one, but it’s not real close to Sanford by any stretch. I drove passed it in Nov and said…so that’s where they put it.