Something in the air

Seen above Florida’s spring game:

As that was FSU’s first win in the series in seven years, it feels good to get your licks in when you can, I expect.

Too bad it’s not something that Urban Meyer will ever forget.



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22 responses to “Something in the air

  1. TennesseeDawg

    Kinda pathetic considering FSU has lost 6 of 7 but anything that pisses off the Jort Nation is fine by me.


    • Go Dawgs!

      No UF fan would ever admit to it bothering them, but you know deep down it burned every single one of them, and that’s why it’s beautiful. May FSU keep the string going, and may we start our own.


  2. crapsandwich

    Charlie Weis didn’t notice. He was to busy watching Brantley go 4 of 14, and the other QB’s not much better. Even the mechanically challenged Jeff Driskel didn’t have much of a game.

    With the way FSU is recruiting, maybe flying this banner for quite a few Spring games.


  3. Mike

    Like someone said, when a team losses six straight times to a bitter rival before finally winning one, you get your licks in when you can. Let them have their fun. They don’t get to do it all that often.

    Does it sting? Of course. They are a rival. As an aside, they also had rings made to commemorate the epic wins over Florida and Miami in the same year. That does not happen all that often either. FSU fans are by-in-large eaten up with the baby brother syndrome.

    BTW, if memory serves, wasn’t a Georgia VHS tape made after the 1997 season when UGA finally beat Florida after 7 straight losses?


    • Yep. I’m a proud owner of one of those suckers.


      • Zdawg

        Got one of those too. I think it has Donnan on the cover getting carried off the field (after kindly asking a few folks near him to do so). Sigh….


    • Normaltown Mike

      Was a Florida VHS tape made after the 1984 “Championship” season when Florida “won” the SEC after 50 years of ineptitude?

      Probably not…


      • Mike

        I would say that winning the SEC Title for the first time (even though the Mighty Gators were later stripped of it) is a *bit* more notable than winning one of 8 against a fierce rival.

        But maybe that is just me?


    • The Original Cynical in Athens

      How are FSU fans eaten up with Baby Brother Syndrome? They were an all girls school until the ’60’s and still have the 2nd best football tradition in that state behind Miami. I don’t understand?


      • Mike

        What is not to understand? Florida has three national titles and FSU has two. If that means FSU is more accomplished, then you must use a strange set of measures


  4. Comin' Down The Track

    Still, I think it smacks of Tech when they finally beat us after seven in a row.


  5. Dog in Fla

    “Too bad it’s not something that Urban Meyer will ever forget.”

    Neither will Will and Charlie. The 31-7 thumping was the economic stimulus that enabled Will and Charlie to put more food on their families


    • David

      If Charlie Weis put food on his family he might accidentally eat them.


      • ScoutDawg

        Would not be an accident.


        • Coach Weis Publicist

          It was an accident. As some may have noticed, Coach Weis was sweating like a pig during the Orange and Blue Game. Both events were awesome.

          In any event, Will, who’s publicist says he grew up in Gainesville as an authentic/semi-authentic Florida Cracker, is bringing Coach Weis up to speed on how they do things in the South. Or in North Florida, anyway. When Will mentioned this to Coach Weis and asked Coach Weis where he would like to start, Coach Weis said, “Southern Cruisine and Girth for $100” while I eat. Will said they would do a music intro first (one of Will’s player conditioning drills is to have players do gassers around Coach Weis)

          When Coach Weis heard the not so subliminal lyrics inserted at the 2:00 minute mark, “We’re going to have chicken and dumplings when she comes…”, he momentarily confused calls for a hurry-up two minute drill with eating and mistakenly thought his family were dumplings. That is when the unfortunate incident occurred.

          However, through a medical miracle, Shands gastroenterologists have retrieved the familial dumplings via an outpatient reverse-Jonah disgorgement conducted in an underground tunnel opening at Ben Hill-Griffin and, after the dumplings undergo a thorough Derek Dooley hose rinse procedure, all are expected to be well.


  6. The Corch

    That was a bad deal for Urban


  7. anon

    After seeing this, Corch Meyers faked yet another heart attack.