A little schedule talk

Mike Hugenin does an outstanding job of breaking down college football’s 2011 schedule story here.  A few observations:

  • There are six BCS conference schools which have no games scheduled against opponents from other BCS conferences.  Some of them are getting used to that:  “This is the sixth season in a row that Texas Tech has been on the list, the third season in a row for Ole Miss and the second season in a row for Baylor, Mississippi State and Virginia Tech.”
  • Miami, on the other hand, has three of those such games.  If the ‘Canes suffer a late swoon in the ACC Coastal, that may explain some of it.
  • Somebody at Rice has a serious death wish.  Plus, the Owls start their season off by playing three BCS-conference opponents in a row, including the opener at Texas (three of the four total are road games, to boot).
  • The best reason to be optimistic about Tennessee’s win total in 2011 isn’t Tyler Bray.  It’s having eight home games on the schedule.
  • Georgia Tech at Middle Tennessee.  BWAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!!
  • It looks like the overall trend of playing 1-AA schools has plateaued.  At least for the moment.
  • Here’s a reason the SEC may look strong during the regular season:  “There are 12 non-conference games against “Big Six” opponents, a decrease of four from last season.”


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11 responses to “A little schedule talk

  1. H-Town Dawg

    Nerds go to Murfreesboro. Classic! I wonder how much Tech is getting paid to take that road beating?


  2. Spike

    Recall all that nerd talk about Shreveport? Murfreesboro? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Priceless.


  3. TennesseeDawg

    I got the Blue Raiders by 5 1/2.


  4. …the third season in a row for Ole Miss …

    In all fairness, they are opening the schedule at home against BYU and travel to Fresno State later in the year. No out of conference Big 6 teams, but definitely no cakewalk as compared to the last couple of years for them. Granted, Jacksonville State was supposed to be an easy win as well.


    • Biggus Rickus

      And Georgia reduced the total number of “Big 6” teams on SEC scheduled by upgrading from Louisville to Boise.


  5. Mayor of Dawgtown

    UT. 8 home games. Maybe that is how the UT AD keeps his job. I sure would like UGA to have 8 home games. Last season Auburn had 8 home games and won the BCSNC. Florida routinely plays 8-9 games per season within the confines of the State of Florida. Good scheduling by the AD should never be overlooked as a help to winning games.


  6. Bad M

    All the talk of Ga’s tough schedules lately have gotten them nothing.