Aaron Murray, tactician

Judging from this, somebody’s decision-making skills are on the upswing.

Georgia has divided its roster into “Red” and “Black” squads for Saturday’s G-Day game. The sides were chosen in a draft, with Murray and cornerback Brandon Boykin selecting the “Black” team and center Jones and linebacker Christian Robinson choosing the “Red.”

“We got a winning team,” Jones said. Countered Murray: “Boykin and I absolutely dominated the draft.”

His side’s first pick, Murray said, was safety Shawn Williams, a strategic pick at a position decimated by injury.


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23 responses to “Aaron Murray, tactician

  1. crapsandwich

    That is what I like about Murray, competitive to win guy. Really looking forward to seeing Geathers/Jones matchup. Just hope Geathers has his knee braces on.


  2. TennesseeDawg

    Solid decision making would have been Murray drafting Mason and Lemay and giving the finger to Red team.


  3. Macallanlover

    For all the reasons I am very pleased to have CMR running our program, Spring Football is not among them. For years he scheduled the game in conflict with Masters weekend for no obvious reason at all. Crazy. Now we mock the already limited game by turning it into a playground thing. Choosing teams might be fun for the players but once that draft is over, it becomes silly. It also means the fans who hang on every snippet of information about the team’s progress will be denied a single play with either the offensive or defensive unit working together.

    I had always disliked the #1s against the #2s, now we have taken it down another notch. Why hold the game at all? Just have another scrimmage in a closed environment and get something out of it, better than waste the opportunity to at least practice one last time. The only thing Saturday will accomplish is seeing the players in a game uniform, and letting them practice finding the stadium. Someone needs to wake up about spring games. Time to learn that when you put on a uniform it is time to get serious. No former players as coaches, no choosing teams between players, no more 1s against 2s. It would be more enlightening to see a regular scrimmage practice with no attempt to make it a game.

    Very disappointing. I was so excited about finally getting to go to a G Day again, now I won’t waste the time. Cancelled my reservations once I realized they were really going to do this.


    • 202Dawg

      Back away from the ledge and place the cyanide on the ground…


    • fuelk2

      Two things: CMR has about as much control over scheduling G Day as you and I do. Those decisions are made above his level.

      Second, if you ever considered G Day (or any other spring game) to be any more than “a playground thing,” you have been mistaken. These spring games are a joke. I’m sure the coaches would rather not have them open to the public and on TV so that they could actually get something accomplished.

      The only reason for them is to give us fans the ability to gather at the stadium in the spring.


    • Lighten up. This game is an opportunity for the fans to have some fun, but it is an opportunity for the players to have some fun as well. They have had a couple of scrimmages and a few weeks of practices, and this is the grand finale of the Spring season. The last thing anyone wants is to ramp up the game, get extra physical, and get players injured. Spring is about reps, fundamentals, and installing basic concepts. That is all.

      Teams do not tip their hand, so it would be vanilla offense versus vanilla defense anyway. There is nothing to be gleaned from G-Day (see: Mettenberger, “Handsy”).


      • Go Dawgs!

        Precisely. Even before the game was on TV, you couldn’t get much out of it in terms of real knowledge about the team you’ve got for next year. Not only is the team trying not to showcase a lot for opposing coaches to study, but they’re also trying not to get guys hurt. Now that opposing schools don’t actually have to bother sending scouts to games, all they have to do is turn on the TV, well… you weren’t gonna learn much about the team even if it was 1’s against 1’s.


    • sUGArdaddy

      Are you kidding me? This is going to be the coolest spring game in a long time. Instead of stale scrimmage/stacked teams, they’re divided and playing for bragging pride with each other.

      Do we really think one day of practice w/ the teams split up will hurt the continuity of 1s or 2s? I think it will ramp up the competition.

      And I’m sure there were rules about Murray not being able to select Mason. He did end up w/ LeMay, though.


      • Puffdawg

        Agreed. Mac, what’s gotten into you? Lighten up! I am pissed I have to miss this year. The draft absolutely ramped up the bragging rights aspect of this game. I love it. They’ve been banging on eachother especially hard this spring. Let them (and us) have a little fun.

        Also, how awesome is the halftime QB competition going to be? What would be even cooler is if Richt himself participated. You know he’s probably still got a little juice in that arm!


    • Zdawg

      Lighten up dude. Can’t wait to get out there and enjoy the weather.


    • Russ

      G-Day has always been a joke. It’s nothing more than a controlled scrimmage. Only the rise of WWL and the interwebs has turned it into (supposedly) anything more.

      If I lived in Athens and didn’t have chores, I’d probably go. Other than that, I’ll just wait for the real thing come fall.


      • Macallanlover

        Here is a response I can agree with, it truly never has been taken seriously. And if I lived in Athens I might attend as well, if for no other reason than be in Sanford and to get a peek at the spring fashions, so to speak. As it is, I will save a few hundred dollars that I was spending and apply that to the new TV I am buying and will watch the tape of the “game”.

        LOL at the rest of you, I am no where near a ledge, and my favorite poison remains the same. It was just an opinion. I am not against making it fun, but the chance to see how good our #1 offense is against the #1 D to is too interesting to me as an admitted CFB junkie. Don’t you want to know what to worry about all summer?

        I liked the way I saw UT do it in a spring game a couple of years ago: all the offensive players on one side wearing white, and all defense on the other wearing orange,with substitutions for units/players just like you would get in a real game, except more playing time for subs. You don’t have to show any new formations, trick plays, etc. And I do think CMR made the decision on when the game was played prior to McGarity doing so this year.


        • Puffdawg

          Watching 1 v 1 in a spring game is just like watching Curb Your Enthusiasm. The entire episode is brutally painful to watch, yet I can’t peel my eyes from the tube.


    • HVL Dawg

      On the first Red posession we’re going to get 22 players on the filed who feel like they are starters- 11 on offense and 11 on defense. On the first Black posession we’re going to get 22 different players who feel like they are starters. I think the players will be motivated at the chance to be a starter. But that’s twice as many players as there are real starters- even before the Freshmen and JUCOs arrive.

      It’s all about fueling the desire to compete and I like it. It’s all part of Evil Richt’s Master Plan. BWAAAA HA HA HAAAA!


  4. Jojadog

    Go Team Murrkin!


  5. 69Dawg

    Heck remember the time we had so few players that they got the alums to come back and play the guys. Now that was a hooot. These games are just for fun and letting the guys pick them just gets them to buy into it more.