Real men of genius

In case you haven’t heard, the Disney Empire has decided it would best serve college football fandom to broadcast the LSU-Oregon and Georgia-Boise State games on September 3rd at the same damned time.

Thanks, fellas!


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20 responses to “Real men of genius

  1. HVL Dawg

    I’m suprised the boys at Chick fil A Peach Bowl didn’t see that coming and prevent it by contract.


  2. Skeptic Dawg

    Does this speak to the lack of a national following by in one school? One would think that the four letter network has done ample research on all schools involved regarding their ratings value. It seems logical given all of the recent national pub the Ducks and Broncos have received that their concurs rest with the Dawgs and/or Tigers.


  3. Skeptic Dawg

    Concur should read concerns. Stupid iPhone.


  4. Macallanlover

    Let’s me know Minnie is in charge, even a male mouse would have better sense than that. Two good games all weekend, and they overlay them. Here’s Your Sign!


    • Dog in Fla

      Good stuff! But it was Minnie’s chance to get back at Mickey, a SEC fan. You heard they were divorced though didn’t you? It was a hard fought trial. Minnie’s lawyer asked Mickey on cross, “Are you saying your wife is crazy?” and Mickey yelled out, “No, no, no! I said she was ***king Goofy! He was overlaying her in Harold Reynold’s old office at ESPN.”


      • Macallanlover

        Afraid if Mickey lives in Orlando and is an SEC fan, I doubt he likes the Red and Black much anyway. Our only allies in that part of the state tend to be the ACC fans with a common enemy. Minnie had better be concerned about Tirico; his rep isn’t too clean either, or maybe Minnie is a slut and prefers a crowd.


  5. BMan

    Which game will they show in Montana? Boise State is really close, but they don’t know who Georgia is out there, right?


  6. Reptillicide

    Do we at least get College Gameday in Atlanta? If not, I’m protesting.


    • Baron de Coubertin

      Doubtful we will get the full crew if Gameday comes at all. Herbstreit is likely to call the Oregon/LSU game so Gameday usually follows him to that location.


  7. Hogbody Spradlin

    The Elvis lives-birther-truther-grassy knoller in me, says follow the money from the picture in a picture patent royalties.


  8. Normaltown Mike

    two words: Gen-ius!


  9. Zdawg

    Here’s to you Mr.Overlaping Opening Weekend Big Game Scheduler…

    When given two primo games with high national interest (except in Montana) and BCS consequences, you schedule the kickoff for not two hours–or even an ONE hour apart—but at the EXACT DAMN TIME.

    Back up chorus: “Mr Overlapping Opening Weekend Big Game Scheduler!”

    Now, thanks to your scheduling cunning, the casual college football fan will toggle back and forth between games, sparking alcohol fueled arguments during parties and splitting ratings and ad revenue for your corporate overloards.

    Back up chorus: “We are not Bud Lights Bitch!”

    Thanks to you, oh cunning lord of the overlap and high priest of of tv multitasking, a thirsty nation waited months for the return of college football and you have blessed the masses with the equivalent of a water cooler keg stand.

    Back up chorus: “I think I’m gonna vomit football all over the place!”


  10. Mike

    It is times like this that I am thankful that the good Lord gave us good engineers that invent great things like DVRs.


    • orlandodawg

      Yeah but they’ll do five live cut-ins and hour and scroll the score across the bottom, making it impossible not to find out about the other game.


      • Mike

        But then, when you do settle down to watch the other game, you can skip all the commercials and the inane half time analysis


        • HK

          DVR is not a reasonable alternative in this situation. DVR is for random inconsequential games you get bored and watch later in the week when nothing else is on; games you can ignore till you want to watch it like Texas Texas Tech or USC Cal. Good games should be watched in real time because otherwise you are definitely going to already know the outcome by the time you watch it and its just not as good. DVR is also useful if you can’t get to a tv at all during the game and you can avoid the score till you watch it.

          Reminds me of new years day; Bama, Florida, and Miss. State bowl games all at the same time (and pretty decent match ups), then at the mid afternoon and night spots there was a single game each and they were yankee bowls that sucked. I.e. you have to pick one from the three good games, and we know for a fact you’ll watch our yankee bowls because what else are you going to do on new years day? Hell most DVR’s can only record 2 things at a time and you have to be watching one of them.


  11. Dawgaholic

    Multiple TVs are the only option if at home. Just have to focus on the beer if tailgating before the game.


  12. Jim from Duluth

    Actually, I thnk ABC/ESPN has agreements with both the Chick-fil-a game and Cowboys classic game organizers for both games to be on in prime time, on either ABC or ESPN. (This will be the first time the Chick-fil-a game has been on ESPN instead of on ABC.)

    Oh, and given UGA’s record with Gameday – either home or elsewhere – we’re better off if Gameday is in the DFW area that day.