Thursday morning buffet

No scheduling conflict with ESPN here:

  • Keyshawn Johnson’s doing the 7-on-7 thing now.
  • More stupid wishful playoff thinking here.
  • So I said, ‘Write me a check on my buyout, and I’m outta here.'”
  • Shakin the Southland tackles a subject near and dear to our hearts.  (See how I did that?)
  • In case you’re interested, here’s a DUI arrest and suspension roundup.
  • Yes, BCS, nothing says taking action like “task force”.  Next, they’ll probably appoint a commission to study the task force’s recommendations.
  • Chris Brown’s look at Cam Newton, Gus Malzahn and the “one read” passing offense is worth checking out.
  • There’s not really much I can add to this:  Les Miles kissed a pig the other day.


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11 responses to “Thursday morning buffet

  1. orlandodawg

    If I’m a student in that Texas Tech classroom, this is what I hear” “blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


  2. TennesseeDawg

    The NCAA task force will be appointed by a commission that was set up by a committee that was set up by a board. In about 5 years they may actually get the “task force” up and going.


  3. Bad M

    …and then Fulmer slapped Miles in the face.


  4. Scott W.

    Cam played in a one read passing offense at Auburn. The reason he could garner 3,000 yards passing is because he rushed for 1,500 and Dyer for 1,100. He looked at one guy only and then took off (usually not under pressure). This is not the same as when everything goes to hell and you run in the NFL. Anyone who watched a game he was in knows that he only check options other than his primary a hand full of times. It also should be said that all of this happened AFTER he received the play from the sideline.


  5. Dog in Fla

    “Next, they’ll probably appoint a commission to study the task force’s recommendations” and then do nothing except maybe refer it to the new Arizona Attorney General so he can confirm the findings of the first ten minute investigation by “that crack Fiesta investigator” of the Fiesta Bowl in 2009.

    In the meantime, Jan Brewer, the moderate wingnut governor of Arizona, in the rare moment when she is not thinking about beheadings, walls, union boycotts, running clean elections and not giving back illegal campaign contributions, vows to stand in the door of each and every Bourbon Street bar door where the Fiesta Bowl bought private dances to protect and preserve the sovereignity of the Fiesta Bowl as a BCS Bowl as well as that of the great State of Arizona.


  6. shane#1

    Okay Dawgs, 1- set your base 2- lower your hips and explode upward through the ball 3- wrap your arms around the ballcarrier and take him to the ground. Now let’s go over #3 again, and again and…….