Nothing to get worked up about

Phil Steele has posted rankings of schools based on offensive points per play.  Georgia shows up at number nineteen.  I’m not sure that really means too much, other than that Georgia was fairly efficient when it had its hands on the ball (that positive turnover margin no doubt contributed).

Here’s what’s more significant:  of the top 25 schools on Steele’s list, none ran fewer offensive plays or scored fewer points than Georgia.  The only way that can translate into winning football is if you’ve got one helluva defense.



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8 responses to “Nothing to get worked up about

  1. Regular Guy

    Of course, if you had one helluva defense, then the D would have gotten off the field more, so the offense would have run more plays and (most likely) scored more points.


  2. TennesseeDawg

    Really no point in trying to explain the enigma wrapped in a contradiction that was UGA football 2010.


  3. AthensHomerDawg

    Always fun to peruse stats. I find it interesting that a team (Boise State) that puts no more fans in the seats than Vandy, didn’t lead its conference in recruiting nor was it in the top 25, has managed to do so well. A lot has been posted on their ability to prepare well for one or two big games but could they last through an SEC schedule? I have a feeling that our Dawgs will load up and smack in them in the mouth and put some points on the board early. We don’t need to coast and go into a burn clock mode. I hope Coach Bobo finds his inner SOS and keeps scoring until that final whistle blows ending the fourth quarter.


  4. Sep

    This may be some good ammunition for the Bobo supporters. I personally don’t like running a 165 lb. guy between the tackles too often but we’ve been productive with the ball otherwise.


  5. James Stephenson

    The problem with the team last year, could not stop the run on a consistent basis and just bad luck with the turnovers when they happened.