I got yer hot seat right here.

A Public Policy Polling sports poll shows that Mark Richt enjoys a higher favorability rating with the Georgia fan base than Paul Johnson does with Tech’s.


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18 responses to “I got yer hot seat right here.

  1. TennesseeDawg

    Things that are more favorable than Paul Johnson at Tech:

    1) World of Warcraft expansion pack
    2) The proposed Harry Potter theme park
    3) Lightsaber club


  2. BMan

    In all fairness, the poll might have simply caught the three Tech fans on a bad day.


  3. Brandon

    There’s normally only about 10 or so people whose opinion matters and I’m not sure Richt has ever been in trouble with the decision makers just hostile sportswriters and some nutty fans.


  4. ugalaw

    I wouldn’t think there are enough GT fans to create a big enough sample size. Also good to see Bobby Cox dominating the poll. If you don’t like Bobby, you deserve to be punched in the face.


  5. Doug

    Clearly Johnson is such a visionary genius that some members of the Tech fan base have grown resentful of his brilliance.


  6. Irishdawg

    Richt’s numbers are also assisted by the indisputable fact that he’s a prince of a guy and Johnson is a gaping asshole.


  7. NCT

    Irishdawg is exactly right. I would also add that there are three requirements across all of Tech’s degree programs that must be met before leaving the school (used to be four, but I think they discontinued drown-proofing course requirement): calculus; hating all things UGA; and being bitter, resentful, and dissatisfied.


  8. Irishdawg

    Losing your virginity is obviously not one of those requirements.


  9. Macallanlover

    As logical as results of this poll look (could anyone truly compare CPJ to Mark Richt?), the interwebs over the past two years would lead you to believe just the opposite. I have always known the UGA fanbase couldn’t be as bad as the message boards and sport-talk radio shows would have you believe. Richt was never under as much attack with people I know as I see on UGA boards/blogs. Not saying everyone was satisfied, but the nuclear option besing discussed, or public bashing, was over the top. We have our man, let’s support him to get things back on track.


  10. Coondawg

    Nerds…Pffft, Tech Sucks and even they know it.


  11. aious

    Whatever the poll says, Richt is on the hot seat. His favorable ratings have fallen dramatically the last few seasons. Another loss to UF and/or no-SECCG year? He wont have much left


    • Paul's Johnson

      When you sign a “dream team”, you better have a dream season. The Reverend is most definitely not off the hot seat. If anything, expectations will be even more unrealistically higher than they normally are for the northeast Georgians. This poll proves what exactly? That UGA fans have been pounding the daylights out of a coach they really like? Go figure.


  12. 81Dog

    why shouldnt Richt be more popular that Fish Fry? Richt had a better season, he’s 9-1 versus Tech (the one being a lazy giveaway), and he’s 2-0 after said giveaway versus Fish Fry. Plus, he’s not a gaping, flapping, arrogant egomaniac who’s in love with the sound of his own voice.

    This is only news in Montana, if you ask me.