Why it’s better to drink the Kool-Aid slowly

John Adams, on one reason Tyler Bray already ranks among the elite quarterbacks in the SEC:

… Florida’s John Brantley is coming off a dreadful season, his first as a starter. The pro-style offense implemented by new coach Will Muschamp and offensive coordinator Charlie Weis might be a better fit for Brantley’s skills. But his 4-for-14 passing performance in Florida’s spring game was hardly assuring…

You know what’s coming next, right?  Reality:

Thirty attempts. Five completions. One touchdown. Those were Tennessee quarterback Tyler Bray’s passing statistics for Saturday’s Orange and White game, which Bray’s favored Orange team lost 24-7.

Guess you can’t feast on the likes of Memphis, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt and Kentucky every game.

Damn, that’s gotta suck for you, John.


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4 responses to “Why it’s better to drink the Kool-Aid slowly

  1. TennesseeDawg

    Listened to some of the Vol spring game on the radio. UT quarterbacks were 19 of 74 (25.6% completion). Yikes. Tons of drops. Already UT fans are bantering for Worley the true freshman who had a pretty good game.


  2. Mike

    Tennessee has a long tradition of playing the best football in America in the month of November. Most teams eat their cupcakes at the begging of the season. Tennessee feasts on them in November.

    During the Spurrier years, Florida kicked in the teeth (tooth?) of the Vols in September. Then the Vol fans proudly proclaimed because they were undefeated in November, they were the best in in all the land.

    We called it Volzheimers


    • carefulBrad

      Well said Mike. I think anyone that follows the SEC East knew exactly why Tennessee had the finish they did, and it wasn’t because of Tyler Bray.


  3. DCDawg

    That is a pretty dreadful performance…but remember, many weren’t very impressed with Aaron Murray after last year’s spring game. I’m sure the kid will put it together.