Cracking the case, or, “I’m with stupid”

The moron quotient on the Butts-Mehre thefts keeps going up.

… Asked how the suspects were nabbed, Williamson said, “good investigation, people’s involvement and Facebook is always a big help.”

Next time, why not just hang a sign around your necks that says “We did it”?

I still say it’s even money Bonner winds up playing ball at an SEC school before it’s all said and done.


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33 responses to “Cracking the case, or, “I’m with stupid”

  1. Place your bets now on where you think they’ll end up, folks.

    Auburn 8:5
    Ole Miss 2:1
    Florida 4:1
    Ohio State 13:1


  2. Gene Chizik

    Hands off. These kids are mine. They’ll fit right in on the plains.


  3. aristoggle

    Do we get the Fulmer Cup points, or do they go to the school where they eventually sign?


  4. Regular Guy

    I gotta admit, I’m just relieved it wasn’t any current players. Not that I thought it would be, but that was the last thing we needed to start the offseason.


  5. Dog in Fla

    Jimmy Williamson scores by getting an assist from the Winkelvi.


  6. Go Dawgs!

    When reached for comment, Bonner said that he’d been advised not to speak to the media about the incident. He then added, “War Eagle.”


  7. heyberto

    At least it happened before they signed with us.


  8. JLB

    Given our reputation over the last few years, maybe they thought it would impress us the staff..


  9. Cletus Spuckler

    What are you? Some kind of moron?


  10. Comin' Down The Track

    The question arises, does Coach Dell McGee now have to grovel at the feet of Coach Mark Richt?


  11. Damon Evans

    Improper gifts of iPODs, iPhones, and other electronic devices to recruits is a violation of section NH24.3 paragraph 2 in the rule book.

    We must self-report this to the NCAA.


  12. Wow Man

    I would have thought that a 4 year scholarship would be worth more than an ipod. Plus, they would have given you a red jersey with your name on the back and a single digit number. I think that looks better than the he black & white pin stripe jersey with a 6 digit number you are currently wearing. Oh shucks, either way, you still get a 4 year scholarship. I just would have chosen the one that didn’t include probation.


  13. Seriously

    UGA: even money.


  14. RG

    My bet is on Nebraska, recruiting players not yet in prison is surely easier than those in.


  15. The Right Reverend

    We can turn these boys around! They just need to be trusted and loved! Let’s wait and see if they get convicted first…


  16. Rockytop

    Kids sound more like USC recruits, though maybe Spurrier or old Butch will show them some love.


  17. billdawg

    Things are looking up for the Georgia Juvenile Detention team for 2011.


  18. Dawg23

    Auburn will probably take them. They took stealing trash like cam newton after florida kicked him out. So i’m sure auburn will take them too. Maybe even pay them to play. Total Gene Chizik Move.