Your vanilla tastes different from my vanilla.

If you’re looking for a summary of Boise State’s spring game, there’s a good one at OBNUG.

Don’t you just hate when this happens?

… The Broncos don’t typically show much in the way of new strategies and formations at their scrimmages, but they did have some interesting wrinkles in tonight’s game. Most we’ve seen before, but it’s good to know they’re still part of the gameplan. Here are the strategies I noticed:

  • The pistol formation.
  • The 3-3-5 defense with Shea McClellin as a stand-up linebacker next to Tyrone Crawford. When McClellin blitzed, that made for a DE-DE-DT-DT alignment up front, which would be an interesting twist.
  • Hurry-up offense.
  • Blitzing nickelbacks. The Bronco defense blitzed a lot tonight, and I’d say that at least half the time the blitz came from the nickel.
  • Read option. The backup quarterbacks ran this fairly often.
  • Traditional option. Again, these plays were reserved for Southwick and Hedrick.
  • Billy Winn at defensive end. This may have just been Winn goofing around, but he was a terror at DE.
  • “Tackle Over” formation. In other words, three offensive lineman on one side of the center, one lineman on the other side.
  • 1-5-5 defense. The Broncos had one defensive lineman in a three-point stance and the rest of the front six/seven buzzing around the line of scrimmage.

I was thinking much the same thing as I watched Carlton Thomas bounce off two of his interior linemen last Saturday.


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13 responses to “Your vanilla tastes different from my vanilla.

  1. TennesseeDawg

    Probably throwing a lot of crap they won’t use just to confuse us. The Broncos are now down to just 4 scholarship LBs so I doubt a lot of 1-5-5 defenses


    • Sanford222View

      I agree with your overall assessment but they author probably called the defense a “1-5-5” only because of 10 of the 11 defenders were standing. The 2 DEs and one of the DTs(or maybe 3 DEs) were probably the other players. Weren’t neccessarily 5 LBs on the field.


  2. Ghost of Erk

    2011 SAT Fill-in-the-blank Question:
    “Interesting wrinkles” is to BSU as _______ is to UGA.

    A. “Bizarro Richt football team am use bats and ball at Bizarro Superman University”


  3. fuelk2

    It is unfortunate that I assume that we would have serious problems with any “interesting wrinkles” that are thrown at us.


  4. Bad M

    That’s funny. Even I can make this call.
    The 1-5-5: Put in two tight ends, a fullback, and I.C. and shove it down their throats. Rinse, repeat.
    The 3-3-5: Ditto.
    Tackle over: Bring out Jenkins and Geathers together to the strong side. Jarvis Jones or Ogletree almost accidentally kills their QB coming from the weakside.


    • adam

      Expecting Cornelius Washington and Ray Drew to spend some time in their backfield as well. Those formations shouldnt offer them much help vs our defense (assuming it keeps improving). And weird defenses shouldnt help them much either. Not with all those TE’s and Figgins/Zander. Could be fun to watch.


  5. The Watergirl

    It is definitely obvious to me that Bobo should be moved to full-time recruiting coord. and we should have a proven OC on the sideline.


    • Reptillicide

      Hello left field!


    • Jeez

      Yeah 40 points a game with a freshman QB. More points than the year before. Less turnovers. 25% less Greene. Bobo sux.
      /maybe defense was the problem.


    • A Different Jim

      Yes booboo sucks. Against good defenses, he is very bad. Ask nick saban and florida and auburn in the last three quarters of last years game. This is the year bobo proves he is as good as some people say or he probably causes CMR (and himself) to be unemployed.


      • Dawgfan Will

        Exactly who had better games than us against the teams you named? From what I recall last year, offense wasn’t the problem against Florida or Auburn, and the last time we lost to Alabama, I seem to recall almost every other team losing to them as well.


  6. Bulldog Joe

    Given that one of our coaches can not meet with recruits this month, I expect he is using this extra time to “study football”.

    (fingers crossed)


  7. shane#1

    I posted this before and it’s lost in the ozone. Like Commander Cody. Tackle over is just an unbalenced line and teams have been using it for at least a hundred years, The Patriots, amoung others, have used an unbalenced line at times in the pros. I don’t see the “tackle over” causing CTG to panic. I also don’t see the 3-3-5 and 1-5-5 working that well against a pro style offense with a 270 lb fullback and a half dozen TEs.