Feed the studs.

For those of you looking for some Xs-and-Os talk, you couldn’t do much better than this excellent look by Chris Brown at a Bobby Petrino staple, the shallow cross play.

Petrino may not be the guy you’d want next to you in the proverbial foxhole, but there are few offensive minds sharper than his in college football.


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15 responses to “Feed the studs.

  1. gatriguy

    He’s a colossal a-hole, but Bobby Petrino is the best playcaller in college football right now.


  2. James Stephenson

    I hate him. Although the clear out short crossing route is a killer that I wish the teams I pulled for would run more often. An almost guaranteed 5 yards.


  3. JasonC

    Can we forward this to Bobo?


  4. Zdawg

    Anyone see the article of Richt’s version of the shallow cross that he ran with Charlie Ward (apparently over and over again with success)?


  5. It was interesting (or painful if you prefer) to watch Petrino modify these concepts during their 3-play game-winning drive last September.

    It’s not the exact play Brown diagrams (in this case there’s no wheel route from the back on any of the plays as he stays in to block). But on the first play, we see the TE Williams run that shallow route underneath right-to-left and turn it upfield once he catches it.

    Then Williams lines up on the left side. Instead of crossing over the middle, he turns his underneath route outside (maybe a nod to the clock becoming a factor), and the space is cleared by the outside receiver.

    They run the same play again and now the outside guy is open as two defenders bite on the underneath route and the safety is caught doing…well, I don’t know what.

    Painful to watch, but well-executed (on one side of the ball at least).


  6. gatriguy

    We need to run about 100 variations of this play with O. Charles this year. Force the defense to pull a LB to cover him, then run the ball.