Jeebus, these people never quit.

Boise State athletic director Gene Bleymaier (h/t Andy Staples), on the BCS:

“It’s truly amazing. The sport where the NCAA can generate the biggest revenue and they end up giving it away for free. If the university presidents ever really truly understood what is happening, they would be in disbelief. The NCAA leadership over the past 30 years has been lulled to sleep while this transformation took place.”

Damn it, the NCAA never had the D-1 football postseason to give away.  And the university presidents of the Big Six know exactly what’s happening.  That’s reinforced with every check fueled by broadcast rights they receive.

There is no transformation.

Dude, I get that you think it’s Boise State’s birthright to sit at the money table with the big boys, even though it doesn’t draw like they do in the stands or on the tube.  Just don’t pretend everyone is being screwed due to the stupidity of people like Mike Slive and Jim Delany.  Because, as Michael Corleone said to Carlo Rizzi before he had him killed, that insults my intelligence and makes me very angry.


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  1. Biggus Rickus

    Would the Pac-12 please go ahead and expand again, letting in Boise State so they’ll shut the fuck up, please?

    • Never happen. The PAC 12 would never associate academically with a (former) JuCo. And Boise State brings nothing to the table athletically except football.

      • Biggus Rickus

        Admittedly, there’s no compelling reason to let them in aside from PR. The question is, how long will Boise remain a relevant football program? Peterson isn’t going to stay there forever, and I can’t imagine them maintaining this level of play once he’s gone. Whoever takes the plunge is going to be saddled with a terrible football program within the next decade in all likelihood. I think I just talked myself out of thinking anyone will take them.

        • Biggus Dickus

          Maybe we ought to wait until after we win the damn game to be talking about how shitty Boise State is. Just sayin’.

    • Paul

      This article and these comments are borderline RETARDED.

      I would comment more about trying to see this point of view, but I cannot get my head that far up my@ss.

  2. Otto

    Boise St. does not belong at the adults table. Spend some more time work your way up like Miami and FSU did. If you want a playoff please drop down a level.

  3. hailtogeorgia

    Not trying to threadjack here, Senator, but did you see Bill King’s article about Deion Bonner? He actually has a screenshot of Bonner’s twitter where he posted “Trying to sell this ipod” and then continued to tell people there was nothing wrong with it and that he had two of them.

    He also posted on his facebook last week that he just bought $200 sunglasses.


    In another worrisome note, on Crowell’s facebook, in his defense of Bonner, he said it was “sumthin all us dun did b4” and that he needs to keep his head up. I continue to be doubtful that Crowell will make it four years in Athens without some dumb run-in with the law.

    • Michael Carvell is reporting that Crowell shut down his Facebook page and doesn’t have a Twitter account, so he may be smarter than you think.

      • SCDawg

        Senator, you are fast. Was just getting ready to re-jack the thread for you, but I see you don’t need any help.

      • hailtogeorgia

        I’m not sure where Carvell is getting his information, but I’m looking at his profile right now (and no, I’m not friends with him), questionably worded wall posts and all.

        • hailtogeorgia

          Crowell’s facebook profile, that is.

          • hailtogeorgia

            I just saw that as well and was about to comment on it, but you beat me to it. Either way, his facebook profile is still active and open for all to see, so I’m not sure what the mixup is.

            • hailtogeorgia

              and he commented on Deion Bonner’s status as recently as two hours ago, which would be after he told Carvell his facebook was shut down.

        • Go Dawgs!

          Gee, you don’t suppose it could be an imposter, do you?

          • hailtogeorgia

            It’s the same profile that he’s been using for the past several months, interacting with Quintavious Harrow, Deion Bonner, and several other well-known athletes. It has numerous pictures of him linked both by him and others, with comments from him and others about the pictures. If it were faked, then I’m assuming Deion Bonner, Cootie Harrow and the rest would have to be fake as well, and it’s about the best fake profile ever.

          • X-Dawg

            According to the Rivals site, you are 100% correct – an imposter.

  4. Go Dawgs!

    I would love nothing more than to beat them back to the Stone Age yet again, for this exact reason.

    Attention, Boise State: the presidents in the BCS conferences are watching as their schools are making money hands over fist. Incidentally, they’re the power brokers. They know what’s going on. You do, too. Now sit down, shut up, and take your Fiesta Bowl handout after you finish beating up on all of the also-rans with whom you share a conference, which is the only reason you keep going undefeated (and I don’t care about the fact that you beat a bloated, unmotivated Oklahoma team or the same VA Tech team that James Madison also beat).

  5. TrboDawg

    FWIW… There are currently (12:49pm PST 04/19/11) two “Isaiah Crowell” pages on Facebook, neither of which appear to be his personal site. One is listed as “Athlete” the other as “Community.” They both look like they were set up by fans.

  6. DawgPhan

    “Boise State generated a little more than $500 from its text-messaging fund raiser this weekend. Fans can donate $10 to the Bronco Stadium expansion project by texting BUILD to 27722”

    Did no one see that little nugget about BSU in the article…If BSU is wondering why they didnt get a seat at the big boy table they need look no further.

    • carefulBrad

      Did no one tell them to throw in a free hot dog and coke?

      • AthensHomerDawg

        I think that helped Tennessee increase their ticket sales in 2010. Or offer a two ticket for one package. It could work there.

  7. Skeptic Dawg

    What truley makes this sad is the fact that they will beat us in the Dome this fall. CMR and this program have given me zero reason over the past 3-4 years to believe they are capable of winning a big game.

    • zdub

      What’s your point? Yeah they may beat us but what will that prove…that they can beat a (currently) average-at-best SEC team?

      Beating us doesn’t really change anything. If they win, people say they beat a average team from the SEC and were supposed to. If they lose, people say they got beat by a average team from the SEC and their national title hopes are over before they even begin.

      And this game truly has little meaning for us, at least in regards to the SEC (let’s not kid ourselves, we aren’t going to compete for a national championship this season). The most important game on the early slate is USCe and a victory in Athens over them will be crucial in getting back on top of the SEC East.

      • AthensHomerDawg

        I beg to differ sir. The most important game is always that game which is next on your schedule. Currently, the Broncos are next and that is the most important game today. One at a time. Last year we were an average SEC team. This year we don’t know what we are. imho… I doubt we remain “average”.

        • zdub

          We may not know what we are, true, but we do know for a fact that Boise State will be ranked ahead of us for this opening game.

          As for the most important game being the one next on your schedule, let’s agree to disagree. I want us to beat Boise and SCe, but if I had to choose, I would want us to beat SCe more simply because it would help us win the SEC.

      • Skeptic Dawg

        The point is this: The very last thing CMR and this program currently need is an opening game L. Regardless of the opponent. As McGarity and CMR have both said, this a a game to put the Dawgs back on the map. It is also a game that the program needs to prove to THEMSELVES. When is the last time the Dawgs have won a big time game? So yes, this is a huge game for the program.

        • zdub

          So if a opening game loss is so crippling, why didn’t McGarity just stick with playing Louisville to start the 2011 season? It would seem that beating Louisville in Athens would have been a much easier way to begin the season than playing a really good Boise team in Atlanta (with the outcome much more up in the air).

          And what happens if we indeed lose, are we suddenly off the map? Will we just fade away until only a shell of the program is left? I just think people are putting way too much importance on a out-of-conference game to start the season. If we win great, if we lose then we compete for the SEC and see what happens.

          Losing to Boise but beating SCe would be just fine with me. In fact, that’s what I’m expecting to happen.

          • AthensHomerDawg

            You didn’t just post all that shat did you? I mean really. You just don’t get it or are you being obtuse? Let me encourage you to continue to follow the Dawgs…. and I shall share with you that “EVERY” win is important. Gee can we trade a USC loss and feel good if we swap a Gator win with it? Good grief. Just win baby! That’s the ticket.

            • Biggus Rickus

              Thank you, Al Davis. Some wins are more important than others: conference wins trump out of conference wins with the exception of Tech, just because losing to them is embarrassing and leads to nerd happiness, a sight no one should have to witness.

              • AthensHomerDawg

                I’ll take the Al Davis comment as a compliment if only for his total body of work.
                “Al Davis is the only person to have served pro football in such varied capacities as (1) a player personnel assistant, (2) an assistant coach, (3) a head coach, (4) a general manager, (5) a league commissioner and (6) the principal owner and chief executive officer of an NFL team.”
                I think the effects of losing the first game of the season should be something that’s understood without a lot of explanation. However, maybe the good Senator might find some time to write about it here.

                “Winning is not a sometime thing; it’s an all time thing. You don’t win once in a while, you don’t do things right once in a while, you do them right all the time. Winning is habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.” Vince Lombardi

                Coming off a road loss to Central Florida in a bowl following the first losing season for CMR, it would seem to me that this game (Boise State) is of utmost importance.

                • Mayor of Dawgtown

                  I don’t want to beat this to death but about a year ago I posted an elaborate study covering the entire history of UGA football of what happens when UGA loses its first game and it ain’t pretty. We are talking about young males who think that they are bulletproof. When they find out they are not they lose confidence. Losing the first game is waaay bad for the prospects for the rest of the season. Look it up. I did.

                  • AthensHomerDawg

                    I believe you and thanx. I can’t find a silver lining in losing that first game no matter who we beat in the second one.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Eeyore please stop with the 3 or 4 years ago meme. 3 and 4 years ago we finished in the top 10.