We will love you ’til the day you die.

(Still) all in:  Bobby Lowder is re-nominated to the Auburn University Board of Trustees.


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20 responses to “We will love you ’til the day you die.

  1. baltimore dawg

    the barn don’t give a sheeit.

  2. Scott W.

    I mean, they’ve done nothing wrong!

  3. Brandon


  4. Dog in Fla

    “• In District 6, lawyer Elizabeth Huntley, who works for Lightfoot, Franklin & White and resides in Clanton, was the nominee. Her name was entered by State Sen. Priscilla Dunn.”

    Lightfoot Franklin & White? Where have I heard that name before?
    From ‘As The Plains Burn 2.0’, the leading all-in WorldNetDaily conspiracy central on all things Auburn, that’s where

    “Another nugget emerged while Massey was entering his plea. It seems Sam Franklin of LIGHTFOOT, FRANKLIN & WHITE LLC quietly inserted himself as lead counsel for Geddie…”


  5. fuelk2

    How about the guy in the comments to the article suggesting that Bobby Lowder is going to hell? And he was an Auburn supporter.

    Maybe that will be the slogan for this regime 50 years from now “All In….Hell.”

  6. X-Dawg

    Can’t spell frAUd without…….

  7. DawgVegas

    a Crowded House refence there Senator? I usually pick up on your musical titles…

    And wasn’t Mr. Lowder in some serious financial trouble in the last year or two?

  8. Go Dawgs!

    I’m sure the FBI is happy with this news. Now they can just set up camp outside of the board meetings whenever the indictment finally comes down.

  9. OldDawg55

    Writing from the area…a Dawg in Auburn territory…I can assure you that Gov Bentley will support Bobby Lowder to the Nth degree…money talks and Bobby and his cronies have paid their bills in Alabama politics. I am disturbed that my minister’s wife sits on that board of scoundrels and will be a tool of Lowder’s…the Alabama state senate knows where there campaign bread is buttered and you can rest assured that Bobby Lowder will be completely occupied with Auburn football…until the Feds put him away!

  10. MauiDawg

    What’s interesting here with bobby lowder and Elizabeth Huntley is the fact that huntley has provided sworn affidavit in the Milton Mcgregor (et al) FBI hearing

  11. ChemDawg

    The comments are far more entertaining than the article! Each comment is essentially a confession of wrongdoing.

  12. Bad M


  13. 81 Dog

    The Awesome Torpedo of Lowder tour continues!

    With apologies to Edwin Edwards, you could catch Lowder in bed with a dead woman AND a live boy, and they’d still leave him on the AU Board of Trustees.

  14. James Stephenson

    Well, well, maybe Lowder was the one who bought and paid for Cam and that MNC. Which is why they let him back on.