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Sun Devils of the world, unite.

Have you ever wondered what a college football blog run by the John Birch Society would read like?  Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum Collegians will let you wonder no more.

The Sun Devils of ASU are gearing up for this year’s football season with redesigned uniforms and logos. The school is promoting this greatly anticipated change with several YouTube videos.

Several of these videos end with an image of a clenched fist. After a second or two, the fist lifts three fingers, turning into the Sun Devil’s “pitchfork” hand-symbol.

The raised fist is a symbol of socialism, communism, and other extreme left-wing organizations, according to Wikipedia, It was first used as the emblem of the Red Front Fighter’s League of the Communist Party of Germany in 1932 and has since been used by groups such as the Black Panther Party and the Socialist Workers Party of the UK.

Why would ASU choose to put a symbol representing left-wing organizations at the end of a video promoting its football team?  Will this symbol be used to express the Sun Devil’s team spirit or will it continue to communicate its traditional leftist message on the ASU campus?

Why, indeed.  No wonder ASU can’t win the Pac-12.



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SEC quarterbacks: refining the question

After reading this and this, perhaps the better thing to ask than Edward Aschoff’s question yesterday is who the preseason All-SEC first team quarterback is likely to be.


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Take a look in the mirror, folks.

I think Stewart Mandel sums up the current state of college football pretty well with this:

… The one thing that’s changed from then to now is the staggering amounts of revenue now at play, which some suggest is leading to more corruption — but that’s because the sport has never been more popular. We can’t have it both ways. We want to be entertained, we want to be able to watch every possible game on television, we want our teams to win national titles, hire the best coach, have the best facilities, the coolest stadium scoreboards — but then we act shocked and disgusted at the fact that it requires large amounts of money to achieve these things, and that some figures act inappropriately in the face of it all. Unfortunately, to be a college football fan means accepting that the sport has its share of warts. But then, find me one that doesn’t.


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Decline and fall

If you want to see something interesting, click on Year2’s chart, start with the 2007 season and follow Georgia’s adjusted rushing totals against the rest of the conference over the next three seasons.

No wonder they’re keeping their fingers crossed about Isaiah Crowell.


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Mark Shurtleff, you’re such a tease.

Assuming he really goes through with his threat this time, it sounds like he’s going to be trucking down a pretty lonely road.


UPDATE:  Twitter fight!


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If Harvey Updyke’s attacker didn’t exist, we’d have to invent him.

If you look at this as an extension of this, there’s a certain crazed flow of events that strikes me as entirely inevitable.  That being said, only Finebaum could create a situation where Updyke’s attorney has to deny this.

They all really do deserve each other.


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