Decline and fall

If you want to see something interesting, click on Year2’s chart, start with the 2007 season and follow Georgia’s adjusted rushing totals against the rest of the conference over the next three seasons.

No wonder they’re keeping their fingers crossed about Isaiah Crowell.



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4 responses to “Decline and fall

  1. Dave

    Searels’s stay in UGA is really a head-scratcher. The guys was obviously successful elsewhere and obviously was not here. Strength and conditioning maybe? Inuries? I don’t know, but as with Martinez, the numbers are pretty telling.


  2. Yeah. Georgia has not run the ball well.

    The precipitous decline of Florida shows how much of Florida’s offense was solely attributable to Tebow. I’m glad he’s gone. It’s still too soon for me to admire his career, but he was a baller. I think that’s the technical term for a circ assistant: the baller.


  3. Bad M

    Take a look at Arkansas progression. We know why, but geeze, those were some rushing totals early on.


  4. Mayor of Dawgtown

    It’s the O-line, stupid.