“We don’t teach dirty. We teach people to finish, and Nick knows how to finish. I think that’s obvious.”

Ted Roof, just shut the hell up.


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26 responses to ““We don’t teach dirty. We teach people to finish, and Nick knows how to finish. I think that’s obvious.”

  1. Scott W.

    The level of Alfred E Newman “What, me cheat?” has just made me sick in my cheerios.

  2. TennesseeDawg

    What’d you expect from a Georgia Tech University graduate.

  3. Jim

    And to think i was happy for auburn’s success last year – right up until that game.

    I truly believe karma is a bitch and fairley will get his.

  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    Ted Roof, former Duke head coach. Q.E.D.

  5. S.E. Dawg

    To finish out, should have shown the facemask raking of Murry while on the ground.

  6. The Original Cynical in Athens

    1. I feel so badly for Auburn fans, who have had to suck hind teet for so long in two states that they have convinced themselves to be proud of the sham season they just witnessed.

    2. I am disgusted that it took until the 4th quarter for any of our players to finally do anything about Fairley.
    The first time that he hit Murray 3 steps after the ball was released and the refs called nothing should have been the 1st hint that justice would have to be delivered on the field.
    The second time that he hit Murray 3 steps after the ball was released, someone should have punched him in the neck.
    Obviously, it sickens me to no end that after the egregious spearing incident, not one of our players did anything.
    That was grounds for an all-out brawl, and our team was too weak to do what needed to be done. The boy should have been physically mauled, with police having to come in and pull our players off of Fairley.
    Hopefully this year they have enough balls and leadership to rectify a situation like that should it occur again.

    • heyberto

      I’m with you. The refs clearly were told to get that kid under control in Auburn’s next game against Alabama.. he was quickly called on something nowhere as egregious as what he did in the Georgia game. I blame the refs in the game, but ultimately Auburn’s smug coaches calling this ‘competitiveness’ is just reprehensible, on top of saying they teach their players to ‘finish’. I’m glad in many ways that our players held off as long as they did. Showed some bit of class, something that Auburn can’t say they showed during or after that game. Certainly I wouldn’t have been upset at all if they had gone after Auburn earlier, but doesn’t bother me that it took as long as it did. I think Mark Richt wasi in the Ref’s ear about it pretty good and that’s why we got the call on that guy late in the game, but it was really too little, too late.

    • W Cobb Dawg

      Agree. I remember the Hawaii game where Mikey Henderson got a cheap shot waiting to catch a punt. In that game, the Dawgs went after the offending DB many times afterward. Should have done the same with fairley. I like CMR, but the pussie-footing has got to end this season.

      • GreenDawg

        I think Richt made the right call. We had all the momentum at that point and you don’t want to go after a guy and get them riled up in that moment. When they game was pretty much decided in the fourth quarter they did go after him. I’m not sure that Richt called it or not, but the players were deifnitely fed up with Fairley at that point.

  7. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I do not advocate dirty play. I want to make that clear. But when the refs, for whatever reason, will not enforce the rules it is left up to the players (and the coaches) to take whatever action is necessary. Standing on the sidelines pointing and yelling at the refs is not sufficient. Someone should have stood Fairley up and another player gone at his knees ON EVERY PLAY after the spear of Murray until Fairley was either laying in a heap on the field or the Barners took him out of the game for good. I want a football coach. If I wanted a preacher I would have gone to church.

  8. LB

    A center from Bibb County (Alabama) named “Ben Jones” was the only team leader who went after Fairley, but not until the 4th Qtr.

    • Normaltown Mike

      I’ve heard Murray’s older brother (Josh, a walk on) tried to run on the field but was corralled by coaches.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Ben Jones went after Fairley after the play where Fairley hit Murray in the knee with the top of his helmet, which happened in the 4th quarter. That was actually the worst of Fairley’s dirty antics. No flag was thrown and the TV commentators were making excuses for Auburn saying it happened “by accident” when you could clearly see on replay that Fairley was trying to get his helmet on Murray’s knee. When Ben Jones did what he did, Auburn took Fairley out of the game to protect him from retaliation. Cowards.

  9. Macallanlover

    Fairley the Fairy deserves what ever bad life can give him, and I hope it is soon. Too many good people get struck down by difficult circumstances for him to ever be rewarded while they suffer, he should be at the top of the list for bad luck.

    Certainly the SEC officials have to be blamed for allowing his thug actions on the field, and it should have happened well before the UGA game. Other teams had called this behavior out before November. The real culprits are the Auburn staff members who saw his play and did not punish him. That starts with the position coaches, the coordinator, and ends with Cheetzik. Then you can add the AU fans who embraced and defended him. I have never seen a more classless group, anywhere, and yes, that includes the Miami group in their heyday. My wish is The aU receive CFB’s death penalty, but we all know how gonad-less Emmert and Slime are. Since they won’t step up and do what all of CFB is asking for, I hope we beat them unmercifully this fall in Sanford, and will root for any team they play against. I don’t consider them SEC-enough to get my support in OOC games.

    • GreenDawg

      I definitely agree that this should have been dealt with far before the UGA game. The way he would drive QB’s into the ground or pick them up and body slam them made me sick. Playing tough is one thing, but any football player with half a brain knows that intentionally trying to injure a player is despicable. I wish he had come back for next year, because there would be a lot of O-linemen out to get him. He did crap like that against LSU, MSU, Arkansas, and Bama and that’s just off the top of my head.

  10. JaxDawg

    Fairley is a sub-saharan species that will likely catch a bullet to the head during an off-season brawl in a slimy Alabama club on the outskirts of BFE. Then I’ll read the article and laugh. Sorry, but I will.

  11. The Life of Reilly

    The best part was the BS from the CBS crew. In regards to Fairley using his helmet to cut Murray’s chin, “Looks like they got their helmets stuck”. I know that the players are “kids” but for %^*% like that and all the dangerous hits, the commentators should have called his ass out on national TV for being a p.o.s.

  12. Ben

    There’s a guy at work who will defend Fairley to the hilt saying, “If you’ve never played football you don’t know what happens on the bottom of the pile.”

    It’s not worth the effort to tell him that he’s full of it and that Fairley is a terrible example of sportsmanship, and I hope this whole Auburn season gets exposed .

    • heyberto

      Exactly.. if its wrong, its wrong.. I would NEVER condone one of our players doing that to an opposing team.

  13. Zdawg

    Auburn can kiss my ass.

  14. Ricky McDurden

    I’m pissed we can’t have Fairley between the hedges (again), but I do relish the fact that we can make Auburn’s ass quit this year. No mercy, leave only the bus driver so he can drive their limp asses back to cow town

  15. Marmot

    I’ve heard on various message boards that Auburn’s offensive linemen’s habit of chop blocking was revenge for perceived late hits on the QB (posters who claim to have spoken directly with some of the players). In other words, Ryan Pugh, the dirtiest player in the SEC, is exactly the guy you are asking your offensive linemen to be. Think about that the next time you’re spitting on Pugh’s legacy.