Sometimes, Gator ethics remind me of jumbo shrimp.

Now this sounds like the Florida Way we’ve all come to know and love over the years:

… My inner moral code says two-game suspensions for Martin and Johnson, and then six games for Jenkins (half the season).

BUT, I wouldn’t do that with Jenkins for a simple reason: he’s good. Look, college football is a dirty, twisted sport with a bass-ackward financial scheme, rampant misconduct by players and administrators and a laughable “postseason.” In this case, I’m inclined to treat it like the circus it really is. Suspend Jenkins for four games (that’s FAU, UAB, Tennessee and Kentucky) and bring him back in time to face Alabama, LSU, Auburn and Georgia, when the season really heats up. Hit him with plenty of conditioning, community service and the promise that one more slip-up means he’s a goner, but I wouldn’t kick him off the team or suspend him for half the year because he might bolt for the supplemental draft. Publicly, I would only say that Jenkins is suspended, but not for how long. Everyone would just have to wait week-by-week to see if Jenkins would play, thereby slowly diminishing the story.

Plenty of you will think that’s too lenient, and in the real world, I’d agree. But this sport is a joke, and if I’m the coach, I want to be the one laughing with my shutdown corner ready for the toughest part of the schedule…

Well, except for that “inner moral code” part, maybe.


UPDATE:  Give credit where credit is due.

Senior cornerback Janoris Jenkins is no longer part of the Florida football program.

Jenkins was dismissed from the team during a meeting Tuesday morning with first-year Gators head coach Will Muschamp. Jenkins could face more legal issues following his latest arrest early Saturday morning in Gainesville.

“After meeting with Janoris Jenkins today, we both felt it was in his best interest to move ahead to the next stage of his career,” Muschamp said.

We should have known it would take a Georgia man to do the right thing at Florida.


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41 responses to “Sometimes, Gator ethics remind me of jumbo shrimp.

  1. TennesseeDawg

    Just Garcia him and suspend him for several practices all the while claiming it’s tough and fair.

  2. simpl_matter

    Have to say, I’m real interested in seeing how the Chimp handles this. I’ve resigned myself to the probable fact that he won’t release his decision on the punishment until the season gets here. If we were in July/August, this would be even more fun. My money is on 2 games for the kids and 4 for JJ.

    If I’m in Gainesville, I’m finding the dankiest bud I can, packing it up nice and tight, and dropping care packages by JJ’s place weekly.

  3. Mike

    Mike McCall is now who you consider to be the “official” spokesperson for Florida ethics?

    Shaaazaaaaaaaaaaam sarge!

    • If you substitute “typical” for “official”, you might be on to something.

      • Mike

        Ah yes, I love the smell of sanctimony in the morning. It smells like… football rivalries

        • Sanctimony, shanctimony. If a Georgia blogger writing in a major newspaper wrote something that offensive about a player with multiple run-ins with the law, I’d mock that, too.

          Face it, Muschamp set all this up with his talk about the “Florida Way”. There’s something to be said about having automatic policy being set by the school. It keeps the coach from being stuck with the consequences of big talk.

        • And let me beat you to the punch about this. Dumb. He should be suspended for the entire 2011 season. Oh, wait…😉

          • Mike

            Percy Harvin tested positive right before the draft too, I think. Didn’t seem to hurt him much.

            Pot and college kids are facts of life. It was when I went to college, somewhere back in the stone age and it remains so now. That does not change the fact that pot use is illegal, but it’s use does not make it a major “moral” issue either. In most cases, getting caught smoking pot is a misdemeanor and should be treated as such.

            But, to your point, having a set process to deal with pot smoking is very smart. Florida actually has a set process for drug use, but admittedly a very lax one.

    • Scott W.

      Well do you disagree with his viewpoint?

      • Mike

        I do disagree with his viewpoint. Jenkins is too fracking stupid to be on the Florida team, or any other team, for that matter. As far as the other two guys, then give them the standard punishment that anyone gets for similar problems.

    • I like how you put “official” in quotes, as if that’s a direct statement Blutarsky made. Now who’s setting up straw men?

  4. heyberto

    I like how the justification kicks in now that Florida fans aren’t berrating other programs like Georgia for being thugs because of the large number of ’emerging from an alley’ tickets. This is not a first offense for this kid. It’s a third, major offense. There’s no doubt in my mind Richt would have booted him.

    • simpl_matter

      Definitely would be gone after two arrests for the same charge in four months. Richt will definitely give a kid the chance to atone/learn a life lesson but, he’s not going to look like a fool (Montez Robinson stands out in recent memory).

      • heyberto

        If this were some kind of troubled kid like Montez, I think I could give Florida a bit of a pass if they were truly trying to help him, but as I recall, Montez wasn’t even sniffing playing time at the point the final infraction went down a little over a year ago. There simply comes a point when you can’t justify keeping him. But no doubt, Richt was trying to help the kid, and he felt being in the program helped him more than booting him would. That’s a tough decision, because of the criticism ramps up when you do keep him. If I saw the same kind of thing happening at Florida with Jenkins, I wouldn’t be critical, but I don’t see that. At any rate, I want to have fun calling out my Florida friends that jumped on the ‘out of control at Georgia’ mantra in the past year.

        • simpl_matter

          Actually, Montez was SEC freshman player of the week once the season before (it was against a cupcake but, still), I think he was looking at guaranteed playing time this past season.

          We all should call them out. What happens at UGA gets news-blasted the day it happens, UF can keep arrests quiet for months (if it ever gets out). Blame the city of Gainesville, blame the program, it’s just not a level playing field between the two programs. Our scooter citations are their misdemeanor drug possessions.

    • heyberto

      I was coming here to also give credit where credit is due, but the Senator beat me to it. Kudos Muschamp. You’re already elevated the integrity of your program in a big way.

  5. Bark Madley

    If it’s any more than 2 games, it’ll be Fla Atl, UAB, then jump to Vandy and then Furman. That’s the FLORIDA way!
    Or they might take a lesson from the NCAA. To protect the integrity of the Bowl game, he’ll be suspended for the whole season…2012.

  6. Whiskeydawg

    3 game suspension and fill in his bong with concrete.

  7. 69Dawg

    Well the fact that they might suspend him at all surprises me. Hey Mike ole Urban had that self imposed discipline moment with Spikes to point to as the highlight of his tough discipline. Maybe Muschomp might just ask the kid what he thinks his punishment should be, after all that is the Florida Way.

  8. Go Dawgs!

    I’ll be interested to see if Jenkins is actually permanently off the team, or if this turns out to be one of those deals where he can work his way back on.

  9. Not ALL Georgia men get it right/

    A Georgia man got it right at Florida….too bad the Georgia man at Ten-er-c didn’t get it right.

  10. Cojones

    Just had a mental image of all you characters standing on a corner in a neighborhood jawing and waiting for something to happen. Passin’ a joint around…