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Wednesday lunch buffet

A few birth certificate-free tidbits to get you through the afternoon:



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Looks like I picked the wrong week to go birther.

It’s a pretty safe bet that any discussion involving Tommy Tuberville and Sean Hannity is going to be fertile grounds for mockery.  This one doesn’t disappoint.


UPDATE:  More good stuff here.

“We’ve got to have leadership in this country,” Tuberville said. “For our president to do something like this, to go to a church and portray an image like this, doesn’t represent all people. I’m a football coach, and I have to represent everybody on our football team and our alumni and our fan base. I’m the leader, and you have to do that, so leadership’s very important.”

It’s beyond me why he’d stick himself out there like that.  I’ve got to believe there are plenty of recruits and their families with a different opinion of the President than Tuberville’s.  Although I’m sure Craig James is thrilled to find that he and Tubs are kindred spirits.


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Why they pay Nick Saban the big bucks

Tons of interesting info in this post, but Holy Mother of Crap, Alabama’s athletic department’s operating revenues (over $130 million last year) have doubled in the past four years and its profitability ($31+ million last year) tripled in that same time.

Put that in your pipe, Mr. Chairman of the Faculty Committee on Compensation, and smoke it.


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Bowl revenue sanctimony

Shockingly, Bill Hancock makes a decent point about something.

… Connecticut, which earned its first-ever BCS berth with last January’s Fiesta Bowl appearance, reported losing more than $1.6 million from the trip, despite a $2.5 million expense allowance from the Big East. And for the second time in three years, Virginia Tech and the ACC took a bath ($1.6 million) from the Hokies’ trip to the Orange Bowl. In both cases, the main culprit was unsold tickets, since the two BCS games require participating schools to purchase 17,500 tickets and absorb the cost of any that go unsold. UConn sold just 2,271 of its allotment, a nearly $3 million loss.

The BCS pays the automatic-qualifying conferences roughly $22 million, but leagues split the money among all of their member schools, and each handles bowl expenses differently. Connecticut’s Fiesta Bowl opponent, Oklahoma, was stuck with 11,933 unsold tickets, but the Big 12 covered most of those losses, allowing the school to break even.

“If a conference takes in $22 million [from the BCS], then if the school loses money … it’s because of conference distribution and because of how many people are in their traveling party,” said Hancock. Noting reports that Oregon lost $285,437 on its trip to the BCS National Championship Game, Hancock said: “Oregon chose to give [1,761] tickets away; no one made them. I don’t know whether it was to boosters or people on their staff. That’s been way mischaracterized in the media. The Pac-10 got $28 million [for two BCS berths].”

I’m having a hard time faulting his logic there.  In fact, I’m tempted to up the ante:  where is it written that schools should make a profit on bowl appearances?  I’m not being sarcastic.  Take a look at something Katie Thomas wrote in response to comments about the New York Times’ article on Title IX.

… This raises a difficult dilemma for many athletic programs. There is a need to continue offering generous support to the teams that generate the most revenue for the department, especially in this economic climate. However, the athletic departments are not for-profit entities, and, indeed, only a small minority breaks even financially — most rely on subsidies from the university. Most athletic directors I’ve spoken to say that the mission of their program is not to generate a profit but to offer a high-quality experience to all of the men and women who compete on their teams — regardless of whether those teams turn a profit or not.

If that’s really the case, then why should we care about Connecticut ponying up money to cover the bowl trip?  If it’s all about offering the experience, why should football be held to a different standard than any other athletic program which loses money?  (Not to mention there’s a big difference between a football team losing money on a bowl trip and women’s volleyball losing money over an entire season.)

The fact is these are two goals which aren’t compatible.  Anyone who suggests otherwise is doing little more than talking out of both sides of his or her mouth.  And all the attention being paid to the perceived unfairness of the BCS should tell you which side is dominant.


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“Dope on the table”, indeed.

If any column I’ve read recently deserves the Billy Madison treatment, it’s this one.


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The Gator fan’s dilemma

Mike McCall gets points for consistency with his follow-up on Janoris Jenkins, but that’s not the part that interests me.  Rather, it’s the choice he believes the program faced with the Jenkins decision:

… So, what is gained? If only for a moment, the Gators’ reputation as The New Thug U may go away. There’s a new sheriff in town, and he’s ready to get everyone in line. But do you really care? Would you rather people poke fun at your team for arrests while they win titles, or would you rather be praised as a more wholesome, 8-4 program?

Personally, I’d choose door number three (arrests and the mediocre record), but that ship appears to have sailed from Gainesville, at least for the moment.  Seriously, I get his point.  It’s certainly an attitude that’s shared by other Gators.  And, to be fair, by many fans of other programs.

I find it to be a little weird, though, to be weighing how much bang for the buck you get with kids who break the law.  Or whether there’s valid linkage between the Fulmer Cup standings and BCS appearances.  Your mileage may vary, of course.


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“Being great is what?”

Auburn, the next thing on your shopping list should be an editor for Gene Chizik.


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Why they turn pro early.

I don’t think A.J. owned enough jerseys to make this happen:

That choice of ride, though… ugh.  The ugliest car Porsche has ever built.


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