“Dope on the table”, indeed.

If any column I’ve read recently deserves the Billy Madison treatment, it’s this one.


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  1. MtnDawg

    Although I disagree with almost everything else he says, he probably has a point here:

    “Head coaches must be allowed to live in a protective bubble where they can pretend their star players acquire cars, jewelry, designer clothes, tattoo sleeves and whatnot courtesy of a wealthy uncle, cousin or grandparent.”

    Of course this is not all, or even most athletes–but any college kid could name a few football stars they have seen with items that seems a little over the top. I bet a few head coaches, including CMR–just don’t want to know about that sort of stuff.


    • Ray

      I listen to 790 in the afternoons and I remember hearing Pollack say that if a player drove up with new rims on his car then Richt would quiz him about how he acquired them and do the same to all his buddies on the team. His head maybe in the sand on 4th and Goal on the one, but at leasat he is an honest man.


  2. Go Dawgs!

    For every dumb point and non sequitur that Jason Whitlock includes in a column, he gets a tasty bacon double cheeseburger. So, you know, you can see where he’s coming from.


  3. I wish Tressel would man up, quit his job and lead the fight against the immoral rules that put him in this embarrassing predicament.

    The “immoral rules,” as illogical and arbitrarily applied as they may be, didn’t put Tressel in this predicament. His own dishonesty did. And to suggest that Tressel should be the one to lead the charge for overhauling those rules is kind of like tapping Bernie Madoff as your corporate ethics czar.


  4. MT

    Obviously you didn’t read Jason’s caveat by his picture:

    “Jason Whitlock writes about the sports world from every angle, including those other writers can’t imagine or muster courage to address. His columns are humorous, thought-provoking, agenda free, honest and unpredictable.”

    Does that mean he loads up on LSD, sits in front of his Underwood, and sees what happens? And would that be a valid excuse?


  5. gatriguy

    A Zombies and The Wire references in the same week? Senator, we bow in reverence.


  6. Scott

    I didn’t have to read the article. I just read Jason Whitlock’s name and decided that I agree with you.