Why they pay Nick Saban the big bucks

Tons of interesting info in this post, but Holy Mother of Crap, Alabama’s athletic department’s operating revenues (over $130 million last year) have doubled in the past four years and its profitability ($31+ million last year) tripled in that same time.

Put that in your pipe, Mr. Chairman of the Faculty Committee on Compensation, and smoke it.


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10 responses to “Why they pay Nick Saban the big bucks

  1. Mark Richt

    Judging from Bama’s return on investment he is worth every penny.

  2. Pencil Necked Geek

    Buh buh buh but, my course on Gender Oppression in the Papal States has 12 students…it’s not fair!

    • Whiskeydawg

      But your 12 students are also the same number of Apostles Jesus had so while it might not be fair, it could be symbolic of greater things to come for you.

  3. Assistant Professor Ms. Hogbody Spradlin

    Along the same lines as Geek, it’s quite clear that Nick Saban’s compensation is the product of an oppressive, patriarchal, unjust society, that favors men and stereotypes womyn as less capable. That’s why my course in the Womyn’s Studies department has comparable worth to Saban’s salary.

  4. JaxDawg

    Actually the impact of Saban’s team’s succcess cannot be quantified by athletic dept revenues. The impact to a university is nearly immeasurable when you consider that students want to be associated with a winner. Florida is an ideal example: win the NC in ’96 and immediately the applications increase, state funding increases, overall donations increase, capital campaigns are more successful, and more buildings for academics are constructed. Ditto for ’06 and ’08. The entire university benefits – athletics and the academics. Bama is no exception.

    • Normaltown Mike


      I recall FSU being a popular destination for kids from my Cobb Co. HS back in the 90’s. I can think of one reason, and no it wasn’t Burt Reynolds.

      • Whiskeydawg

        Are you sure it wasn’t Burt. I hear if you enroll at FSU you get a free limited edition Director’s cut of, Stroker Ace.

    • Scott W.

      You mean football gets Unis more pub than Family and Consumer Sciences and Women Studies?

  5. Reptillicide

    The Dawgvent will be in an uproar over this.