“He washed his hands of me.”

When you’re someone who’s used to seeing certain behavior treated one way and then all of a sudden things go very differently, I can see how that would be a little disconcerting.

Also, given his track record, I’m not sure this is Jenkins’ best strategy going forward:  “My next step is to make the best decision I can make.”



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17 responses to ““He washed his hands of me.”

  1. Newt

    I don’t think he’ll get past the 2nd round of the supplemental draft. He’s a first round talent. I was surprised he by-passed the draft this year.


  2. Aaron Murray

    I’m going to miss you. No, really, I’m going to miss you.


  3. Bad M

    /“My next step is to make the best decision I can make.”

    Not really one of his strengths, me thinks.


  4. JaxDawg

    At least no one is calling Muschamp a racist. Not yet.


  5. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I am flabbergasted by Muschamp and take back what I said a few days ago about him being just another spineless coach like Dooley Jr. It looks like the guy is serious about cleaning up the thuggery in Gainesville. More power to him. He just went up a lot in my eyes.


  6. 69Dawg

    I am shocked that Muschomp didn’t wait for Hutley to work his magic with Gainsville’s finest. The funnest line of the year was the poor basketball manager telling the two car burglars the facts of life “we aren’t in Gainesville these guys don’t give a S about us.” A one sentence indictment of an entire county’s legal system. I guarantee Jenkins would have walked.


    • Mike

      The issue is not whether he might have “walked” from the charges. (As a aside, he did not “walk” from his first pot arrest.) No, the issue is that after his first arrest under a new coach, Jenkins was told by Muschamp that was his first and only second chance, so he better not screw it up.

      So what does the kid do? Sits in a car, smoking pot in front of a police officer. JJ, what were you thinking?

      He must be dumb as rocks.


  7. Mike

    Like I wrote in another thread, Mushcamp gets a pass this year. Losing a talent like JJ does not help the W/L this year, but the message it send just might pay dividends down the road.


  8. heyberto

    Hey Janoris, when you get busted for your 3rd major offense since being on the team, you really leave your coach with little choice. Don’t blame Muschamp, blame yourself.

    Like you guys have said.. Muschamp just gained a lot more respect from me.


  9. Pumpdawg

    I wonder if he made that statement at 4:20 yesterday.


  10. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    Related to Jenkins comments:

    Does a player’s speech predict how he’ll perform in the NFL?

    “Could it really be true that innocuous [postgame] statements can help assess [a player’s] pro potential? That’s the assertion, mission, and business plan of an Ohio-based company called Achievement Metrics. It analyzes the speech of star college players, looking for traits such as “conceptual complexity,” “need for power,” and “deliberativeness.” It compares similar players and correlates these traits with future performance. College wide receivers whose speech shows low levels of distrust, for example, have a greater probability of becoming Pro Bowlers than their less-trusting counterparts . . . Players whose language displays both a lack of self-confidence and a high degree of self-centeredness presented a greater risk of being arrested or suspended.”



  11. Coondawg

    “My next step is to make the best decision I can make.”
    The next quote, which we missed was…..”Wow, 4:20 already….where’s my damn Blount”