Mark Shurtleff changes everything. No, really.

Dan Wetzel sure pins a lot of his hopes and dreams on a lawsuit for which the Utah AG can’t muster a single co-plaintiff.  And it’s not like Shurtleff hasn’t been trolling for partners.


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5 responses to “Mark Shurtleff changes everything. No, really.

  1. Chuck

    Anger and frustration are poor reasons to file a suit. Shutleff and Wetzel might not get that, but apparently, others do.


  2. Dog in Fla

    Always thought that Mark’s Coalition of One needed only a few more Friedman Units to round up a posse.

    Jan. 6, 2009: “Shurtleff said his office is still in the initial stages of reviewing the Sherman Antitrust Act to see if a lawsuit can be filed. To succeed in a lawsuit, he would have to prove a conspiracy exists that creates a monopoly.”

    Nov. 6, 2010: “My task is to convince states, in the next 3 to 6 months, to agree to go forward with an investigation. If we do then I am convinced that the DOJ will say, ok, let’s do it together.”

    Then I found this and realized the BCS thing pales in comparison to other priorities that are much more important. Here’s hoping that Mark has an endless supply of Friedman Units so he can get this victory.


  3. mikeinflorida

    Man, another column basically saying “the BCS sucks” from Wetzel. I don’t even have to read it to know what it says. Yawn.


  4. Judgedawg

    The ESPN article quotes Shurtleff as hoping the BCS goes to a playoff if he files suit. How uninformed is he? “The BCS” does not have the power to create a playoff beyond the 1 game, 2 team playoff that now exists. Only the NCAA can create a playoff. The NCAA rules only allow a FBS team to play 1 postseason game (beyond a conference championship game). “The BCS” could draw up a 16 team bracket in response to Shurtleff but the teams could only play 1 round each without the NCAA changing the rules. If Shurtleff wins the likely result would be a return to the old days of no conference tie ins with bowls and Boise State will never have enough fans traveling to games to get bids to big bowls. The Boise States would be worse off.