I don’t want to spoil the party, so I’ll go.

No doubt it’s churlish of me to point this out as most of Dawgnation celebrates A.J.’s good fortune last night, but has anyone else considered what type of skill position talent the 2008 Georgia team trotted out on the field?  There were studs all over the place:  a #1 NFL draft pick (Stafford), a #4 (Green), a #12 (Moreno) and a #50 (Massaquoi).  No wonder those Dawgs were a popular pick for preseason number one.

And yet that team (1) found itself on the embarrassing end of a 31-0 halftime score against Alabama; (2) lost by 39 points to Florida; (3) barely squeaked by a mediocre Kentucky team despite scoring 42 points; and (4) suffered the only loss to Georgia Tech in Richt’s career, again while scoring 42 points.

You would think that Richt’s extensive experience would have made it easy for him to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of that squad.  But for some reason, Martinez, Jancek and Fabris were allowed to stay on board for the next season, with predictable results.  Waiting one year too long to do the obvious is what leads to testy moments with the fan base, perhaps.

I think I’ll shut up now.


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  1. Skeptic Dawg

    Given the wasted talent from 08, plus the disappointing results from 09, and add in the disaster of 2010, it is amazing that CMR still our HC. talk about waiting too long to pull the trigger. I hope CMR is capable of the huge turn around needed, however, I just can not see that from him.

    • simpl_matter

      The problem was not wasting talent on offense, it was a lack of talent/finesse on defense. But, take your analysis back one more year to 2007, we finished #2 in the nation and our defense was touted as a big reason for that finish. So, we go from a great season for the D to a disappointing 2008 season on that side of the ball (likely costing us a shot at a national championship). I can understand why Richt felt he needed to see one more season out of Martinez in comparing results from the last two. Only the most myopic of fans can find no reason (other than friendship) for Richt keeping Martinez on in 2009.

      Life is long, football seasons are short. 5/10/15 years from now, we’ll be able to pass better judgment. He dumped nearly half his staff at the end of 2009, it’s not like he’s twiddling his thumbs hoping things get better.

      • HK

        Agreed. Hindsight is 20/20 and it would have obviously been nice to see what Geno Atkins, Jeff Owens, and Kade Weston could have done as the front 3 in a 3-4 defense with Rennie Curran running people down from one of the middle linebacker spots. Of course after 2008 it was obvious the defense was entirely responsible for the bad losses, and a pretty strong argument could be made that Martinez needed to go right then and I don’t think a majority of people would have been unhappy if that had happened.

        But the other side of it was that bad years happen and just one year before that martinez had had a good deal of success, particularly toward the end of the season. As in there was a lot of potential to move back in that direction and to ignore that is, well, ignorant. Also, injuries, injuries, injuries, and more injuries. If you ignore the unprecedented amount of injuries in 2008 whenever you have this discussion with someone then you’re just an ass hole. “Oh shut up injuries happen and everyone knows that and thats why they should have recruited better depth.” No, that amount of injuries to that many key… KEY… players doesn’t happen. It just doesn’t. You got your Sophomore, formerly known as Freshman all american, left tackle out for the season, two NFL bound defensive tackles missing several games, and your stud middle linebacker missing about half the season. That doesn’t even scratch the surface with the injuries, but the point is that its understandable if Richt felt the injuries were a substantial handicap for Martinez to deal with in 2008.

        History proved that a better outcome probably would have resulted if Martinez was replaced after 2008, but there was a colorable rationale for going with the choice Richt made but it didn’t work out. Its funny how people who were on the “can Martinez 2008” bandwagon somehow feel that because their preference was ultimately the correct one that they suddenly know more about football than coach Richt. You can only make a decision based on what you know at the time and there was a pretty good rationale for both choices at that time. That and a pretty damn solid streak of success up to that point are why Richt still has a job.

  2. Normaltown Mike

    Not being from the arena blah blah blah, the 08 team:
    – had poor game time decisions on D &,
    – had many avg to below avg personnel on D,

    In light of the Slate article posted below, seems we also had a QB who lacked something critical: The belief that no matter what with the ball in his hand his team could win. UF was clearly the better team in 08, but Stafford looked like Colt Brennan by the end of that game. I don’t think we get abused the same way if we had a QB that could match mental toughness w/ his physical tools.


    • gastr1

      +1. That team was not mentally tough, and Stafford was a ringleader in that issue, imo.

      • MtnDawg

        Actually, according to that article, and if that is what you are basing your comment on–Stafford is right around the median for NFL QBs–which is hardly anything to scoff at. According to those guys, it means…
        1) Stafford is around the median (for NFL QBs) for thinking he can positively impact a game
        2) Stafford is around the median (for NFL QBs) for being a team player.

        So, has the team leadership skills which are right around par for an NFL QB, along with exceptional talent. Now, that doesn’t sound bad to me, and I’m glad he played for Georgia.

        • Normaltown Mike

          That analysis shows him below avg in team affiliation and below avg in outlook on personal positive power. That quadrant lumps Stafford w/ one good QB (Carson Palmer) and a who’s who of head cases (Brady Quinn, Matt Leinart, Vince Young, Alex Smith). Considering his physical tools are frequently compared to John Elway’s, that is extremely poor company.

          Stafford underperformed relative to HIS capabilities while at Georgia. Doesn’t mean he wasn’t a good QB here. The 08 UF game is the most poignant moment in his career where he shrunk from the moment like Costanza in cold water. Trailing 14-3 at the half our D forces a punt and we drive the length of the field when Stafford underthrows AJ for a pick 6. The rest of the game was a nightmare (2 more picks, no TD’s).

          But to quote Royal Tannenbaum, “that’s just one mans opinion.”

          • MtnDawg

            yeah, interesting graph–but were there any analyses which showed any of the results to be statistically significant? i think we are just looking at the same information from two different perspectives…

            also… that is one game–albeit the WLOOCP, which seems to transform EVERY georgia player into a head case…

            i attended the UK game that year where he basically won us the game despite our defense giving up almost 50 or whatever it was

    • Biggus Rickus

      Okay, seriously? The guy who led comebacks against Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech to close out his freshman season, led them to late victories over Kentucky and Auburn and did everything he could to comeback against Tech as a junior, and came back in the game for Detroit with a bum arm to throw a game-winning TD was not mentally tough enough? Jesus.

      • I was going to say exactly that about the Detroit game where he avoided the coaches so he didn’t have to sit out and threw a game-winning TD pass. I will never understand all the Stafford hate in this fanbase. People in this fanbase act like they were entitled to a senior year from a kid who made the exact same decision ($41M guaranteed) that any one of us would have in the same situation. I’m so sick of this “he wasn’t a true Bulldog” crap.

        • Bob

          Amen. Could not have said it better. And don’t forget for most of his Georgia career he was working with a hodge podge offensive line. And he took some vicious hits. How many games did he miss? None. In fact, I can only think of one play that he missed in the whole time he was the QB.

          Time to quit the hate for Stafford. By FAR the biggest problem we have had the past three years has been on the defensive side of the ball.

          • Normaltown Mike

            Criticizing is not “hatin”. A player of his talent (#1 overall, Elway-like skills) should be able to elevate his team. What would Cam Newton, Sam Bradford or Vince Young have done with those teams? Better yet, what would David Greene or DJ Shockley have done with the 07 roster?

            Willie Martinez does not give every single player a pass for their own play. Hold Stafford to HIS abilities and you see a player that underperformed to his abilities (ironically/sadly this is now “The Georgia Way”).

            -“led them to late victories over Kentucky”. Shoot me now if this is worthy of mention.

            -“and Auburn” The Zone Read game? Yes, you are correct. The most talented QB in our school’s history and his most memorable on field performance was running the ball. Ouch.

            -“the Detroit game”. Detroit doesn’t play in the SEC. He might as well have a hat trick for Arsenal, it means squat to Georgia.

            -“sick of this “he wasn’t a true Bulldog” crap.” False choice fallacy.

        • simpl_matter

          I think the knock on him can be attributed to his primary competition. He had the best arm and he was the most polished QB by far during his seasons but, he did not have the leadership skills of Tebow. Sure, he came up short on the “fist pumping, run around the stadium like a big cheerleader” yardstick but, he was and is every part of a DGD.

          • Russ

            With a defense that was demonstrably worse every year, how people blame Stafford is beyond me. Anyone that questions Stafford’s toughness just needs to go back and look at the pictures of him after the Kentucky game when he was beaten half to death. Or watch the video of him in his rookie year at Detroit when he avoided the team docs so he could go in and throw the winning TD with a bum shoulder.

            Richt was too loyal to his staff and it cost the team. He’s doing what it takes now, but it’s also obvious he waited too long to make changes. We’ll be back sooner than lots of people think, but to blame Stafford or Moreno or AJ, just idiotic.

            • With a defense that was demonstrably worse every year, how people blame Stafford is beyond me.

              My point exactly. What do you think Stafford could have accomplished if he had David Greene’s defenses from 2002-2004 during his three years in Athens?

              Stafford gets unfairly blamed because he was at Georgia during the most successful three year run in the history of Florida football and had no O-line (asides from the 2nd half of 2007) or defense to rely on during his three years.

          • Skeptic Dawg

            All of the “shortcomings” listed above are pretty spot on. The poor D (we have been down that road), O-line issues, lack of QB in certain years. Yet all of these issues are laid at the feet of CMR. Yes, he has made changes. However, to damage has been done. The let down of 2008 coupled with 7-6 and 6-7 indicate a MASSIVE decline in this program. I am afraid that we will see another poor season, resulting in a coaching change that should have been made a year or so earlier.

            • AthensHomerDawg

              In 2008 we were 10-3, 2nd in the East
              2009 we were 8-5, 2nd in the East
              then came the 6-7. Speak your peace but stick to the facts. Please.

      • Go Dawgs!

        Thank you. Ever notice how much time he spends in Athens or at UGA games when he has free time? He was on the sidelines at Bobby Dodd in 2009 when we played there, he has been at UGA’s Prod Days, and he was at G-Day this year. That’s all just off the top of my head. I promise you, he could be anywhere in this nation that he wanted to be when he’s not required to be with the Lions. He’s back in Athens with regularity. He’s a Bulldog.

        • No One Knows You're a Dawg

          Very true. And he does those things even with all the responsibilities he has with the Lions.

  3. lrgk9

    Toughness is exactly the difference.
    Let’s hope the Mental side gets addresses as well as the JTII side.

  4. Dooley's Wig

    Beatles VI

    good stuff

  5. Dave

    I think the Senator is right on….coaching was the issue here – plain and simple.

    • Dave

      defensive and ST that is.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Let us not forget that the Bama loss came the week after the trip to Phoenix to play Arizona State. Basically the team did not show up for the first half. In the second half UGA whipped Bama 30-10. It was just not enough of a comeback to win the game. You can lay that one at the feet of Damon Evans. I thought the 2008 Florida game was influenced by bad calls going against the Dawgs in the first half. Remember when the FLA receiver pulled the jersey of the UGA DB-Prince Miller, I think- and scored a cheap TD. NO CALL even though 70,000 people in the stands and millions on TV saw it. A replay showed a ref looking right at the players while it was happening, too. That put the Dawgs in catch-up mode and Stafford started getting picked-off. The refs let Stafford get drilled without calling anything at least one time that I recall, too. The game called by the refs that year was payback for the endzone stomping incident the year before. Was the D getting bad by then? Yes. But UGA was outscoring everybody to win. No way the 3 losses that year can be laid on Stafford who played his ass off that season.

      • Skeptic Dawg

        Placing blame on Evans and the refs are completely out of order. You are suggesting that 5-6 days of rest is not enough for 18-22 year old kids. Are you joking? Let’s say that they were “too tired” after a long trip. The coaching staff should have been able to see this and provide rest where the could have. That does not account for the complete lack of effort in the 1st half of the ‘Bama game. We have seen time and time again where teams lead by CMR fail to show up. It may be a game in Knoxville, or at home vs SC, or at home vs ‘Bama, but it happens each year just as sure as the sun will rise. As far as the Gaytors go, the 1st hit on Moreno in that game set the tone. Not to mention the onsides kick called by our HC and the picks thrown by Stafford. CMR has manages to let this program decline to a level below that of what he took over from JD. Jet lag and a few missed calls do not equate to the current state of our program.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Let’s examine how well the Dawgs have done with these Damon Evans “branding” games before giving DE a pass. 2008, played ASU in Tempe-lost the following week to Bama. 2009, played Oklahoma State at their place–lost. 2010, played Colorado in Boulder–lost. Thank goodness for red panties.

          • Skeptic Dawg

            You should be ashamed of yourself to believe the road games (that our fan base has been begging for) are the the reason for those L’s. Okie State was the result of Cox playing with the flu and the complete lack of a running game. CMR did not have that team ready to play. As for the Colorado game, we simply were not that good. DE played zero role in those L’s or any to follow. If you want to take your anger out on someone, it would be better placed on the HC. The idea behind those games was solid. However, the quality of team and HC were lacking. The ship has sailed on CMR. We have seen his better days. If I am wrong I will be the first to say so, but I would not have brought him back last year.

  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    Doubt of history must be part of the inbred psyche of southern kids….leads to fascination with an unchangeable past.

  7. Scorpio Jones, III

    Note that all the talent you say is the reason we were picked so high is on one side of the ball….is that the same as the “We had better generals” argument?

  8. kckd

    At that time, they had a ton of injuries on that side of the ball and from a purely statistical stand point, it was Willie’s only bad year. Again, unless you just say, one bad year and your done from the get go, what could he have done?

    Willie definitely could’ve pointed to 2006 as a year the offense was horrible. Why didn’t Richt fired them that year?

    • GoonerDawg

      I see you’re taking this ridiculous crusade across websites. Hopefully Coach Richt is more introspective than you are objective.

    • ’06 should have raised the warning flag for Richt to pay attention.

      The ’08 story isn’t about the stats. You could see the play on the field was deteriorating from prior seasons. And you didn’t have to have been in the arena to notice. Especially in the Kentucky and Tech games.

    • I noted kinks in the armor in 2005. The Auburn game that year was a farce. The Sugar Bowl was worse. The play on the field steadily declined from there over the next four years.

  9. Todd

    I point you to the bowl game against Mich. St. End of the 1st half, Richt showed his vagina to the world by trying to run out the clock with TOs in his pocket. Couple that with Stafford, Moreno, and Green. Fast foward to UCF and are you really suprised? Are you really suprised when the team doesn’t have a cut throat mentality? Please tell me the last game Georgia won that they weren’t supposed to win? And really, has there been that many of those upsets?
    Remember how FSU used to dominate the ACC, but how many MNCs came of it?
    I don’t want Richt to be somebody he isn’t, nor do I want him to be Saban. The spring game is nothing to get worked up about, but can you see the differences between Saban and Richt during their spring games? Saban goes nuts when a fumble happens, Richt is just enjoying the day watching from a distance. Athens, Georgia….swimming pools and pony rides.

    • Biggus Rickus

      Off the top of my head: Tech ’09, Florida ’07, Auburn ’06, Virginia Tech ’06. Considering how rarely Georgia plays a game it’s not supposed to win, that’s not bad actually.

      As for the FSU thing, what are you talking about? Yes, they dominated the ACC. They also won more than their fair share against Florida, won two national titles, and probably would have won a third if Weinke hadn’t been injured for the ’98 game against Tennessee.

      • Todd

        Tech ’09 played who in their bowl game? Tech is not a powerhouse and they are not even close to what it takes to win a SECC. Virginia Tech is probably more over-rated year in and year out than O-lie-O St.. Hell, Virginia Tech wasn’t even the ACC champion that year. Florida ’07….didn’t they get destroyed by Michigan in the bowl game? The score was closer than the game. I will give you Auburn ’06. I am talking about beating a team that has a legit shot at the MNC.

        What I am saying about FSU is the NFL talent that came through and all the conference championships, but they couldn’t take Miami(the big game) A couple FGs and FSU would have been Miami. For the talent Georgia has had, there is no reason they should have had the epic beatdowns that they have been handed. Shit, Georgia couldn’t beat Florida consistantly with Ron Zook running things.
        Ok, now tell me how many Georgia has lost, that they should have won.
        Mark Richt does not win the big game…PERIOD

        • Biggus Rickus

          You asked for games they weren’t supposed to win, sparky. And Tech won the ACC and played in the Orange Bowl in ’09, for what it’s worth.

          As for the rest of that nonsense, I give up.

    • D.N. Nation

      I point you to the bowl game against Mich. St. End of the 1st half, Richt showed his vagina to the world by trying to run out the clock with TOs in his pocket.

      Georgia won that game with relative comfort.

      • Todd

        What coach that has won a MNC would do that?

        • Biggus Rickus

          Okay, because I had a wicked hangover and don’t remember much about the details of that game I looked up the plays on ESPN. The fact of the matter is they got the ball back with 2:14 at their own 44. They ran Moreno twice and threw a screen to him or something for the first down at the MSU 43. They took a timeout with :32 left, threw three incomplete passes and punted. So what the hell are you even talking about? How many coaches would have run a string of plays that didn’t work at the end of a half? At one time or another, all of them.

    • RandallPinkFloyd

      Wow, can’t believe you went there , Todd. I guess that’s your way of showing your ignorance to this blog. Richt has balls when his team shows enough toughness that they can handle it. Is it the chicken or the egg? NOt really sure, but I don’t blame him for not going for it when his team shows that they’re not mentally capable of gaining it. And you’re really knocking FSU? That’s like saying UF dominated the SEC during the 90s, but how many championships did he win? These championships don’t just grow on trees. It takes a perfect storm of sorts to win one. Just look at the past 5 champions from the SEC, each of them had multiple games during the year that almost cost them getting to the Natty.

      • Todd

        Good teams get beat, but they don’t get blown out. Perfect storm, horse-shoe in ass, 4 leaf clover….they just don’t get man handled like the Georgia teams have the last few years. Especially while recruiting similar to teams that have the perfect storm happen to them and win MNCs. Sure, get beat but make it a game and not an embarrassment.

        • Biggus Rickus

          Were the ’95 Gaors a good team or a bad one? Because they were rather famously blown out as I recall. I could list a lot more examples. You actually have something of a point. Though you need to amend it. Teams with good defenses usually don’t get blown out, but it even happens to them occasionally. Georgia shouldn’t have been blown out in ’07 and ’08 ever. The last two teams haven’t been very good though. Though if you want to look at the bright side, based on your “good teams don’t get blown out” standard, last year Georgia was a good team.

  10. kckd

    Senator, all I’m gonna say is this. If you’re going to pick out a handful of games and say the play is not what it should be, Richt could’ve fired himself as OC and his assistants during 2001-2004 easily. And for the whole year of 2006.
    To fire Martinez before the 2009 season, he would’ve definitely had to say he demanded more from his defensive staff than his offensive staff. And let’s just be honest about it, the 2007 season, considering he had a future first rounder at QB, RB and a second rounder at WR, wasn’t a juggernaut.

    • C’mon, I know you remember discussions on the old AB-H message board back in ’06 about how much the linebacker play had clearly deteriorated in such a short time after BVG left.

      This was also a defensive staff that took half a season in 2007 to figure out what to do with Curran, even though he had better instincts against the run than any other LB on the roster.

      This isn’t about picking out a game here or there. It’s about a disturbing trend that Richt should have allowed to end after the ’08 season.

      • kckd

        Again, the 08 season was the only overall bad season up until that point. The 06 season ranks right with it offensively. So again, he would have to demand from the defense what he did not demand from his side of the ball.

        He did it the right way and the fair way.

  11. Derek

    You could have made a similar point about last years preseason number one. They had 4 first rounders last night, but went 10-3 and blew a 24-0 lead at home to the in state rival. Pretty piss poor effort from the bammers.

    • Biggus Rickus

      Saban has obviously lost his edge.

    • I agree. Piss. Poor. The difference is Saban would agree, too.

        • RandallPinkFloyd

          So, when you guys get in bed with Saban… I’m assuming bc of his stature, you guys are the big spoon?

          Are the next words out of your mouthes gonna be “Roll Damn Tide.”

          Do I wish we had the success that Bammer has had the past few years? Yes. Just remember he’s a lucky Mt. Cody fg block away from not even getting to the title game. Also, see McCoy, Colt. He made it much easier on Saban.

          • I’m not the one that brought up Saban or Alabama. I don’t like Saban as a person, and I wouldn’t want him as my coach for various reasons. But, it’s hard to argue with his results or his desire to win.

            • Dawgfan Will

              But the point of the comparison is that many say Richt didn’t do enough to turn things around when it was obvious to them a change needed to be made. What change has Saban made? Get back to me in five more years and tell me how hard it is to argue with his results or his desire to win?

  12. W Cobb Dawg

    Unfortunately, I feel like we have a long history of being underachievers. We’re snake-bit. If only Suzanne Yoculan could coach football! Imagine having mnc’s back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-…..

  13. William

    FL and AL were inexcusible games. We had the firepower to hang with them. You listed nothing but offesnive skill position players though, so you can’t fault them for the UK and GT outcomes. If you score 42, damnit, you should win! No excuses. The thing that frustrated me was the differences in why we lost against UF and AL. Against AL, our O-Line wet the bed, so no running game to speak of and recievers disappeared. Against UF, we have better, even if just slightly, protection; but Stafford turned into a pick machine. And they weren’t high pressure throws either. One looked like it was supposed to be a damn screen!

  14. Toom

    I think it’s safe to say that that season right there is indirectly the cause for all the pissery going on for the past two years. Live up to the hype and people acknowledge the talent needs to be replenished and things are much different today.

  15. D.N. Nation

    Also worth noting concerning last night’s draft: Alabama lost three games (same as ’08 Georgia) last year. Ralphed up a huge lead to Auburn, didn’t belong on the field against South Carolina, and managed to get punked by Jarrett Lee.

    Rings, of course, cure a lot. Saban sucked last year, but you’d never know it.

    • W Cobb Dawg

      Good point. It remains to be seen if bama continues to decline like we have.

    • Todd

      How did his bowl game turn out? Straight beatdown.

      • Dawgfan Will

        What’s your point? We beat the holy f**k out of Hawaii after a somewhat disappointing 2007, but it didn’t indicate squat about the direction of the program?

  16. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    After reading the Senator’s last three posts, all I can say is “Bring on the Dan Mullen Era!”

  17. Otto

    I don’t buy the defense was to blame in ’08. Was it a problem? yes

    Bama ’08

    If I read the boxscore correctly, UGA punted tiwce after 3 and outs in the first half. The half also had a fumble and an INT.

    Bama started in UGA territory in 2 of 6 possesions and their 35 or better 2 more times.

    GT ’08 where the defense catcesh 95% of the blame for the 3rd Qtr melt down, the offense was also dead was also dead for that Qtr.

    You can’t put vast majority of the blame on the defense when the offense can’t get a 1st down, consistantly gives up the field position battle and on top of that turns the ball over.

    • Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think Georgia should ever lose a game in which it scores 40+ points.

      • Otto

        All depends on how many turn over and kick coverage as well. Directional kicks were also in fashio during this time.

        Yes Bobo may have score points and gained yards but there were plenty of 3 and outs, turn overs, long kick returns, and clock killing drives were much more rare than CMR’s early tenure

        The defense also held nicely in the 2nd half against Bama ’08.

      • Otto

        Depends on several factors, turn overs, length of time for the scoring drive, and remember directional kicks were in style at this time.

        Bobo scored points but often had slumps in a boom or bust offense (1st half Bama, 3Qtr GT) Clock killing drives were rare and 3 and outs were common. How many drives took more than 3 min off the clock?

        The offense came alive in the 2nd half against Bama and the defense held nicely.

        UGA ’08, and ’09 had problems in all 3 phases of the game. Strides were made to improve 2 of the 3 going into ’10.

  18. Otto

    Just to be clear ’08 the defense was bad at times but the offense was not much better.

  19. Connor

    As for the 08 team having a lot of talent, that doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It’s worth noting that two of the three teams UGA lost to that year had demonstrably more. Sure, there were three first rounders and a pair of second rounders (maybe one or two more) on the 08 UGA team, but Bama had 9 total first and second rounders (and however many more today), including 7 first rounders and UF had 8 first and second round selections, including 5 first rounders. Not to say there weren’t a lot of things wrong with 08, especially the tech game (though they did have two future first round picks themselves), and the margin of defeat in the Florida game was indefensible, but the fact is, coaching aside, UA and UF were a good bit more talented than UGA that year. It happens.

    • Normaltown Mike

      It was also a year in which 2 of our primary rivals were having epic fail seasons that you luck into once every 15 to 20 yrs. The results: a 26-14 W over UT at home and a 17-13 W over Auburn on the road. And yest, the same UT team that cost you a trip to Atlanta the prior season.

      Call me old fashioned, but when you have four NFL skill players on O and one of your hated rivals is wounded, it’s time to check the record book and set a new record (see Spurrier at Sanford in ’95).

      On the upside, Knowshon and Matt were on the same bowling team!


      • D.N. Nation

        Georgia was never remotely threatened in that UT game. You had two probably-would-be scoring drives negated by a freakish turnover and another turnover off a blatant PI. Also, Penn Wagers “forgot” that MoMass was a receiver and didn’t give Georgia a first and goal off defensive holding. Yeah, I wish we would’ve beaten them, say, 41-14, but hey….we did that this year.

        Won’t argue on the Auburn game. IMO, that halfassed stretch of games after the Florida debacle- @ UK, @ AU, GT- can be chalked up to a team that knew it would probably do no better or worse than the Capital One Bowl and played as such. Infuriating.

      • Biggus Rickus

        They had just beaten the shit out of Auburn two years in a row. This may come as a shock, but they aren’t going to do that every year. You know what? F that. You’re complaining about god damned wins? You’re like the Gator fans I have to live around who get pissed when they don’t beat people 50-7.

        • Normaltown Mike

          The Auburn team that lost to Vandy? The Auburn team that lost to Bama 36-0? The Auburn team that lost to a 5-7 Arkansas?

          “beaten the shit out of Auburn two years in a row” The Blackout was cute, but the game was a one score grudge match until the 4th. At least when Florida beats the shit out of us the fans get a 4 quarter perfunctory destruction of a hated rival. We get dancing to Souljah Boy.

          A team that doesn’t step on the neck of a gimp is a team that can’t get off the bus in Neyland in 07 and 09. Or worse, settles for 3 against Central Florida in Memphis.

          There’s something rotten in Denmark, I hope CMR grasps that.

          • There’s something rotten in Denmark, I hope CMR grasps that.

            Honestly, I don’t think that’s the problem now. I have a genuine sense that Richt for the first time in a while has moved past the denial stage. And that’s good, because that’s where he has to start.

            The issue now is implementation – does he know how to get the cart out of the ditch. I hope he does, but who knows? This is unfamiliar territory for him, really, and it’s not easy changing attitudes throughout an organization.

            All we can do is cross our fingers and wait for Boise State.

          • Connor

            Richt and Co have had their problems, but Auburn in 07 was nothing less than a triumph for UGA. I certainly don’t think AU took any moral victories from it. If that kind of win isn’t good enough, you’re never going to be satisfied.

            • Normaltown Mike

              It certainly was good enough, but I don’t consider it a triumph. It was a lot of fun. It had no consequence other than fun.

              Auburn in 02 was a game of consequence. Notre Dame in Sugar Bowl was of consequence. Arkansas in SECCG was of consequence. I prefer consequential.

          • Biggus Rickus

            Then there’s been something wrong during Richt’s entire tenure, because they’ve stepped on the necks of few gimps.

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  21. Zdawg

    In related news, Napoleon should not of waited in Moscow that long.

  22. Reptillicide

    What’s more telling to me, Senator, is that out of the NFL guys you just mentioned that were on that ’08 team… none of them were on defense. Kind of illustrates the program with the program since 05, imo.

  23. shane#1

    “When you start to win championships you know what you did to win. You never want to change what you did that got you there. This is a mistake, because when you win everything changes.” Yannick Noah, on being asked why he never won another major after winning the French Open.

  24. NRBQ

    There’s nothing for me here. So I will disappear.

    • Biggus Rickus

      Gotta love a blog and readership that pulls lyrics from fairly obscure Beatles songs off their worst album.

    • Well played, sir. I expected nothing less from you.

    • Mohammar

      On those days when you imagine that lyrics from fairly obscure Beatles songs from their worst album may just not be enough to get the job done and you want that when I was younger so much younger than yesterday feeling, for example like when I was an exchange student auditing classes at Berkeley but before Reagan took out my residential compound, and your distant early warning system

      alerts you to get away from old flat top who comes groovin’ up slowly for additonal airstrikes, why not take this magical mystery tour…

      click http://www.jive95.com/
      click the Sounds of KSAN in left column
      click Live Performances
      select musical choice from arsenal

      • Mohammar

        For those internationalists who are interested, when I’m doing my escape and evasion, my choices from the arsenal are Elvin Bishop 7-73 who reminds me to put on my travelling shoes before I leave the tent, Big Brother 1967 who wishes me bye bye, Camel who reminds me to always think ahead and Jerry Garcia & Merl Saunders 1973 who mellow me out after the incoming stops.

      • Mohammar

        drats…bad instructions but understandable since all foreign national workers have left my country, so the workforce, including me, is a little slow on uptake – correct radio-telephone instructions should read:

        click http://www.jive95.com/
        click JIVE AUDIO in left column to get to the Sounds of KSAN
        click Live Performances
        select musical choice from arsenal

  25. MenloDawg

    A little late, but here’s my two cents…

    The two defining games of Stafford’s career for me were, are, and always will be ’06 against Georgia Tech and ’07 against SC. By the 2008 UF game, Bama had already exposed us as pretenders. After the ’06 GT game, I knew Stafford had it in him to win big. He was working with Bobo calling plays for one of the 1st times, wasn’t overly blessed at WR, played against an aggressive Tenuta D, and still brought us back (yes, thanks in large part to the defense).

    The ’07 SC game was THE game that really sticks out in my mind though. Win and we’re playing Ohio St in NOLA for all the marbles, lose and we’re toying with Colt Brennan in NOLA. Of course, nobody knew that at the time, but we all know how it turned out. 19/44 213 0 TDs 1 INT. Numerous missed opportunities. My dad calls me the next day, “this Stafford kid just isn’t a winner is he?”

    Oh Mr. Stafford, what is your legacy?

    • Otto

      ’07 SC wasn’t that were the play action was called one time many times. Stafford turned away from the field pfaking the hand off to turn around jsut to be sacked. A direct product of Bobo’s play calling.