The “largest conflict of interest known to mankind”

This explains everything you need to know about Craig James’ continued existence on the air:

… ESPN vice president and director of news Vince Doria, a panelist and IU National Sports Journalism Center board member, called his network the “largest conflict of interest known to mankind,” referring to the fact that ESPN has financial relationships with leagues to broadcast games while also covering those games as journalists. But those deals, he said, don’t prevent aggressive coverage of those leagues.

I have no idea how these people can keep a straight face.



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9 responses to “The “largest conflict of interest known to mankind”

  1. crap sandwich

    “aggressive coverage of those leagues’. Glad he didn’t say “objective coverage of those leagues”, that would have really made me laugh.


  2. Prov

    They employ journalists at ESPN?


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    You would think the brain trust at the Worldwide Ordure of Weasels would come up with a new name for what they do…something that does not involve the use of the word “journalist”.

    On the other hand, I am sho nuff grateful for the ability to watch so much SEC football, and I am doubly grateful for the mute button.


    • Russ

      +1 here, as well (grudgingly)


    • HK

      I’m happy to be able to see all those games, but I give ESPN no credit. Its not like they’re the only ones who had the idea of bringing us all those games, they were just the ones who ended up offering the most money for it. I really wish someone else would have bought those rights. Someone competent.


  4. Grib

    That quote is going to be the title of a book one day after tWWL’s BS blows up in their face one day. I like ESPN a lot, but some of their actions (Craig James is the best example) have been despicable.


  5. Grib

    Repetitive post is repetitive.


  6. 69Dawg

    There’s no conflict of interest here my brother the judge will be happy to hear our case.