You know whom Dan Mullen reminds me of?

You read Year2’s analysis of Mississippi State’s improvement in 2010 and realize you’re looking at a former highly respected offensive coordinator who’s come in to a program as head coach and worked hard not at the splashy stuff but at two things that can generate positive results:  offensive efficiency and good defense.

Those numbers reflect what I saw on the field.  Mullen may be the best manager of a game in the SEC right now.  That approach can be a grind and it’s not always pretty – that Florida game was awful to watch – but it gets the job done more often than not.

Kind of takes you back to Georgia circa 2003-4, doesn’t it?


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14 responses to “You know whom Dan Mullen reminds me of?

  1. JaxDawg

    I’ve said this many times, but I can only imagine what Mullen would do with the talent at Georgia.


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    The “offensive fetishists” among us will not be pleased.


  3. Mike

    Dan Mullen will turn out to be an excellent HC. He is well on his way to that now.

    However, his biggest challenge might be to improve on his “bedside manner.” There are numerous reports that while at Florida his personality alienated recruits. Tim Tebow being the most notable recruit that he initially turned off. And Miami officials were apparently less than complementary about his interviewing style when he discussed the HC job with them.

    When he was hired as OC by the incoming coach at Florida, Urban Meyer, there were many Florida people that were puzzled why Meyer would take a chance on a very young man who had never been an OC. Many felt Florida was not the place of OTJ training. After a very rough first six games or so, over time he grew into a very good OC. His game day play calling in 2007 and 2008 were very creative, tops in the SEC, even when you consider he had Tebow and Harvin at his disposal.

    I’ll be interested to see where his next stop might be.


  4. Todd

    If and I say If, Richt doesn’t make it. I would love to have Dan Mullen at Georgia. Manny Diaz made a nice step up.


  5. Zach

    We used to find a way to manage the game and get the W. It wasn’t always pretty, and very rarely did we blow people off the field, but we got the job done. Sure, USC was throwing gas all over the field and got the flashy victories. But that wasn’t our game, and I would like to see us return to the “winning ugly” mentality a little bit.


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    I don’t like having MSU on the schedule with Mullen coaching them – and I suppose that’s high praise for a perpetual mediocre program. Dawgs had better be ready to play when Mullen’s on the other sideline.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Screw Mullen and his phony replica Bulldogs. Payback is a bitch and it is coming this season in Athens. How many times in history has Miss State beat UGA back to back? Zero, that’s how many. Take out a second mortgage on your house and bet it all on Georgia in that game. You’ll clean up.


  7. Bad M

    Without Manny, there will be a drop off. He’s a good coach. Looked to me like the defense was the strength of that team.


  8. HamDawg11

    He reminds me of Randy Quaid…


  9. D.N. Nation

    Ahh, 2003 Georgia.

    UGA 16
    UAB 13

    Just win, baby, win.


  10. 69Dawg

    Well you know if he can win at MSU and not cheat ala Jackie boy then he has to work his butt off. No great player in his right mind would want to spend 3 years in Starkvegas.


  11. BobbyPeru

    I bet he’d go for it on 4th and short.