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Mark Shurtleff changes everything. No, really.

Dan Wetzel sure pins a lot of his hopes and dreams on a lawsuit for which the Utah AG can’t muster a single co-plaintiff.  And it’s not like Shurtleff hasn’t been trolling for partners.



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I’m trying hard to take this seriously.

Sure, this is going to go well.

For those of you who have long wondered what the NCAA can do to reign in bowl excess, we may be about to find out.

NCAA president Mark Emmert has called a teleconference Thursday to discuss “bowl football licensing issues.”

Can the Fiesta Bowl cobble a “we didn’t know” defense together quickly enough?


UPDATE:  Another task force.  I’m not kidding.


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Those were the days.

If you think one measure of a program’s level of talent is the number of early round draft picks a school generates, then this Chris Low piece should be of interest to you.  Georgia has certainly cranked out its fair share of talent during Richt’s career:  29 first, second and third-round selections over the last 10 years (most in the SEC); 10 first, second and third-round selections in the past 5 years (fourth-best in the conference).

And if you’re looking for an area of concern, maybe it’s this:  over the past ten years, Georgia’s had 10 of its players turn into first round draft picks, but only two of those, Moreno and Stafford, were from the past five seasons.  (That latter figure is tied with Vanderbilt.)  Whether that decline is due to recruiting or player development, I couldn’t say.  But I don’t think anyone would argue with the point that élite talent has been missing on the defensive side of the ball for a while now.


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Put on notice

For Mark Richt, this is harsh:

“Washaun has a ways to go still to show me that he deserves to start or even play right now,” said Richt, who was asked about Ealey during the question-and-answer session at the end of the program. “He has a ways to go in my book. We’ll see. I love him, though.”

“Or even play right now”?  The doghouse Ealey occupies is a lot bigger than I thought.  And I’ve got to think a certain incoming freshman has something to do with the floor plan.

I confess that I’ve taken Richt’s words about Crowell being in the mix to start as more about motivating the guys already on campus than as a prediction of Crowell’s future this season.  But I’m beginning to change my mind about that.  Notwithstanding that King and Malcome showed me flashes at G-Day, right now I’d put Crowell’s chances of starting in the Georgia Dome on September 3rd at 60/40.  And it’s Ealey’s future this season that’s in question now.


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Wednesday lunch buffet

A few birth certificate-free tidbits to get you through the afternoon:


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Looks like I picked the wrong week to go birther.

It’s a pretty safe bet that any discussion involving Tommy Tuberville and Sean Hannity is going to be fertile grounds for mockery.  This one doesn’t disappoint.


UPDATE:  More good stuff here.

“We’ve got to have leadership in this country,” Tuberville said. “For our president to do something like this, to go to a church and portray an image like this, doesn’t represent all people. I’m a football coach, and I have to represent everybody on our football team and our alumni and our fan base. I’m the leader, and you have to do that, so leadership’s very important.”

It’s beyond me why he’d stick himself out there like that.  I’ve got to believe there are plenty of recruits and their families with a different opinion of the President than Tuberville’s.  Although I’m sure Craig James is thrilled to find that he and Tubs are kindred spirits.


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Why they pay Nick Saban the big bucks

Tons of interesting info in this post, but Holy Mother of Crap, Alabama’s athletic department’s operating revenues (over $130 million last year) have doubled in the past four years and its profitability ($31+ million last year) tripled in that same time.

Put that in your pipe, Mr. Chairman of the Faculty Committee on Compensation, and smoke it.


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