How Derek Dooley spends his spare time.

I have no idea what the point to this exercise is.  Maybe you can suggest one.


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12 responses to “How Derek Dooley spends his spare time.

  1. hodgie

    Dooley is just trying to show some of his guys what to do when the dogs, er dawgs show up. (Cheez factor + 10)


  2. TennesseeDawg

    Dooley wanted to see what it was like to be one of his players at Bar Knoxville on Friday night


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    Coming after his brilliant lawyerly work to get felons off scott free and the proper way to wash-up in a shower, I can only believe he’s angling for Knoxville’s version of ‘the most interesting man in the world’.


  4. Prov

    Evading police dogs is actually a quite useful skill for Vol athletes.


  5. dudetheplayer

    Derek Dooley is a weird bird.


  6. Coondawg

    I bet the Knoxville P.D. came to the campus for a drug sweep. Dooley, sensing he was about to lose 10 players on drug charges, lured the K9 team for a photo op while his players were busy flushing their blounts down the toilets (they got running water up there a couple years ago). Just an educated guess.


  7. Paul's Johnson

    Nothing wrong with some non-arrest positive PR with the local PD. I think Dooley knows what the hell he’s doing. LOL.


  8. Spike

    How ’bout THEM dawgs!


  9. lrgk9

    Gettin’ used to the UnderDawg Position…


  10. 80dawg

    This was done to get a good rep with the local po po. This tends to help make cops ignore illegal activities by your athletes. UF has been doing this stuff for years. Gainesville cops get to attend practice & get comp tickets. Just be open & pay off the law to avoid arrests. Embarrassed for Vincent.