Understatement of the day

UF’s drug policy is viewed as being a little more tolerant than most other schools in the SEC.”



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10 responses to “Understatement of the day

  1. The Original Cynical in Athens

    It appears that Ufk has altered their “5 strikes and you may or may not get suspended policy.” Good for them.


  2. Bill

    So is their gun and dead girl credit card policy, let alone their gouge you eye out policy.


  3. Mike

    Perhaps the good Senator links posts about Florida just to drive up his traffic?


    • I consider it a dereliction of duty to pass on a story where Corch throws the Zooker under the bus:

      “It was a problem when we got here,” Meyer said. “I thought we put a little bit of a dent in it. But it’s still a problem.”


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Mikey, you give yourself too much credit. Florida and drugs is just the embarrasing hated opponent story du jour. Florida doesn’t drive traffic anymore than Cecil Newton or Nick Saban.

      Corch’s defensive finger pointing at everyone else was quite predictable.


    • Bad M

      Pot, Kettle…meet Mike.
      Same reason you come to this blog Mikey.