225 million reasons against a playoff

That’s how much the Pac-12’s new TV deal is expected to generate annually.  And they won’t have to share it with anybody else.

That’s $17-18 million a year to Utah, Mark Shurtleff.  I’m sure you’ll be hearing from somebody soon about your crusade.



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4 responses to “225 million reasons against a playoff

  1. pantslesspatdye

    I know it is big bidness, but how is it that much? If the PAC 10ish rates that, there will never be a playoff.


    • Phocion

      Much truth in that statement. And much like far too many other things in this world, big time college football is ALL about the money.


  2. TennesseeDawg

    In related news, the lawsuit is no longer being contemplated by the state of Utah