Boise State gets a little less prepared.

Boise State, in response to a number of NCAA rule violations, has self-imposed penalties, one of which may be of some interest to us:

The Boise State University football team will have at least three fewer preseason practices as it prepares for this year’s season opener against Georgia in Atlanta.

The Broncos also will award three fewer scholarships over the course of the next two seasons and be allowed three fewer preseason practices before next year’s opener at Michigan State.

That’s the punishment the school has imposed for violating NCAA rules, according to documents obtained by the Idaho Statesman on Tuesday.

I’m not sure how much real world impact missing three practices (albeit three in pads) will have.  But every little bit helps, right?


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16 responses to “Boise State gets a little less prepared.

  1. NCT

    I hate to be that guy, but perception-wise, this will devalue a potential UGA win and magnify the embarrassment of a potential UGA loss, even though I doubt the lost practices will have much of an actual impact on the game itself.


  2. sUGArdaddy

    Who cares about perception. Just win. Anything to help us win. And this helps us win. Win, get confidence, win again. Beat Coastal, get more confidence. Go to Oxford, get a good road win. Beat Miss St. @ home, get more confidence before the stretch run in October.

    The biggest thing here is physicality. I’m thinking we’re going to have a very physical camp and losing contact will hurt Boise in that department. We might beat them up on Peachtree St.


  3. heyberto

    Whatever.. they’ll be coming at us with everything they’ve got. Don’t lose focus, boys.


  4. Dante

    I don’t think Georgia faces too much embarrassment from losing to Boise at this point. Last year, we hit a 4 game skid capped by a loss to a 5-7 Big 12 team that fired their head coach mid-season. We lost to the second-worst Florida squad Richt will probably ever face. We’re the ones with something to prove.

    The good news is that Boise lost a lot of players. They’ll really miss the practice time. They also have a smallish offensive line so we have the potential to put a lot of pressure on them if our defense is up to the task.

    It’ll be a long season if we lose but it won’t be any worse than 2010.


    • zdub


      BSU will be a Top 5-10 team this year when they get into Atlanta. We, on the other hand, will most likely not be ranked. If we are it will be 24 or 25 (though we probably don’t deserve to be ranked, honestly). Boise will undoubtedly be favored to win the game.

      It really is a reversal of 2005 in the sense that we are the ones who are out to prove something. We want to prove that we are competitive and still relevant nationally. BSU still wants to be taken seriously, but they have more or less reached the pinnacle of their success (they aren’t ever going to be put into the MNCG, in my opinion).

      I’m not sure if missing 3 practices will hurt their team that badly (Kellen Moore already knows what he’s doing and he is their biggest weapon without a doubt), but I’m all for it anyway because we’ll take whatever small advantage we can get at this point.

      I don’t agree that it will be a long season if we lose, though. The BSU game is not nearly as important as the USCe game the following week. If we win that one we are in the hunt for the East.


      • Puffdawg

        “Boise will undoubtedly be favored to win the game. ”

        I am going to go out on a limb and say I bet we are favored in that game. I’m going to bookmark this for later so I can eat crow if I’m wrong. I just have a feeling the betting public will like the Dawgs more in that one.


        • zdub

          That’s entirely possible, Puff. I probably should not have said ‘undoubtedly’, maybe gone with ‘most likely’ instead. However, I think if they had to put a line on it right now then Boise would be favored to win even if it was just by a few points.


          • W Cobb Dawg

            I’m thinking BSU will be ranked and UGA unranked, but Vegas makes us the favorite.


            • Macallanlover

              It’s all just speculation so I will cast my vote: both teams will be ranked with BSU Top 8, and BSU will be a small, insignificant favorite (-3 or less.) None of which will impact the game’s outcome. Boise should be favored given their performance the past few years and with the talent they have coming back, but a focused UGA has a great chance at an upset…say 40%.


  5. Phocion

    See…see…Boise shouild be treated just like the AQ-BCS teams because they commit the same minor violations!

    ON a serious note. If Georgia is favoured put some cash on BSU. This is neither the relatively new to the spotlight BSU nor the surging UGa of 2005. BSU has “been there, done that” on the national stage. Georgia is rebulding after a very, very bad season.

    For years the refrain has been that if BSU were an SEC school they would be middle of the pack at best. Unfortunately, that is what UGa is today. Realistically, Georgia should be the preseason #3 team in the East…which makes them the preseason #7 in the conference (behind Alabama, LSU, Arky, and MSU from the West).

    Take Georgia out of the mix and look back over the recent past…would you take BSU over Tennessee? Over Ole Miss? Over MSU? Asking that question in ’10 or ’09 the objective persons would likely say ‘yes’.


  6. Ausdawg85

    Let’s use those 3 practices we’ll have that they won’t to:
    – learn to cover the outlet pass to the RB
    – watch for the fake punt/FG/onside kick
    – get a push from the OL on 3rd and short with someone other than Thomas at tailback to make a yard

    That would improve our odds in Atlanta.