One potential plus about Aaron Murray…

I caught this off of the SEC Rant board at and thought it was worth posting here:

Mark Richt’s record when returning a starting QB…   (Posted on 5/3/11 at 6:42 p.m.)

is 55-11.

02: 13-1 (3)
03: 11-3 (7)
04: 10-2 (7)
07: 11-2 (2)
08: 10-3 (10)

When he doesn’t return a starting QB? 41-23.

01: 8-4 (22)
05: 10-3 (10)
06: 9-4 (23)
09: 8-5 (NR)
10: 6-7 (NR)

Georgia under Richt has never failed to post a double-digit win total in any season with a returning starting quarterback at the helm.  I’m not foolish enough to suggest that becomes a lock for 2011, but it’s food for thought, anyway.


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21 responses to “One potential plus about Aaron Murray…

  1. Dboy

    Senator, how do you interpret this tweet from A Murray? “Just had the hardest workout of my life with this new trainer in Tampa. Dude had me laying on the ground about to passout #grinding
    Twitter for Android • 5/4/11 11:27”

    Good for Murray, bad for UGA conditioning?


    • Maybe yes, maybe no. It’s hard to say without knowing what Murray was doing in Tampa.


      • Normaltown Mike

        P 96?


        • DamnGoodDawg

          I kind of feel like, once you start a routine and do it for a while, then, all of the sudden switch to something different, your body is kind of shocked into being ridiculously tired.

          Or, it could be that, again, our S&C isn’t all its cracked up to be… again. I would hope the latter though.


          • James Stephenson

            In the late 1986 I was in basic training. Now we had been in there for like 6 weeks and I was in great shape, best in my life tbh. Anyway, one day they decided to get the whole group of basic training guys together and they brought in a Aerobics specialist, which was nice her being female in those tight pants, anyway, she proceeded to run us in the ground trying to keep up. So yes, there are so many different kinds of exercise that even if you run everyday, doesn’t mean you can keep up with a different specialist.


      • Dboy

        He lives there. Said yesterday that he was happy to finally sleep in his own bed. Not that I am paying attention or anything ya know …


    • Mohammar

      “new trainer in Tampa…laying on the ground about to passout #grinding”

      Here’s an aerial recon shot of a training compound in Tampa where, as I think I remember it, laying and passing out are common and ample grinding is what they use to finish the lap drill. Aaron may not be old enough to get into it though. Coach T, on the other hand, could be heloed in.


  2. Plus, you could argue that in 2005 — the apparent outlier — Richt had a QB with plenty of game experience which isn’t the case in any of the other four years.


  3. BCDawg97

    That’s enough Senator. You are starting to give us hope with some of these posts. After 09 and 10, I have to keep telling myself not to get excited until I see the results on the field.


  4. Bill

    I would bet that tracks pretty well with any of the big six in the SEC?

    Tebow was 9-4 or 8-5 for instance. When Campbell left AU they fell off, so did LSU in 08. Etc.


  5. Yurdle

    Stats hold true until they don’t.

    Richt & co. do a good job with QB development, but we got problems. I’d love to be wrong, but there’s no clear OL group, no RB to step up, no clear WR tandem, and all kinds of questions on D. I’d love to be wrong, but that’s enough question marks for get us to 4 losses in a hurry.


    • Skeptic Dawg

      I agree 100%. There are far too many question marks on this team and throughout this program for me to believe double digit W’s are a lock with a returning QB.


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    Didn’t realize the Dawgs lived or died depending upon the QB returning, until seeing this. Considering the easy ’11 schedule, this season should reinforce the argument. But it also reinforces many comments I’ve read in the past on this blog from those who feel CMR is heavily (maybe overly or exclusively) focused on the QB.

    I assume many of us grew up and matured with the “Runningback U” and the “Junkyard Dog” defense. I guess these stats confirm those days are definitely gone and not likely to come back.


  7. In today’s world the QB is the one player that can make or break a Team. The Dawgs are in great shape with Murray.


  8. BobbyPeru

    Will Richt allow Murray to go for it on 4th and short though?


  9. McDawgin'

    My question is: Will Bobo figure out that we need to play to Murray’s (and other players’) strengths, along with the opposing D’s weaknesses? Game planning and play calling with apparent disregard of personnel (both friend and foe) seems to be our MO lately.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Like calling a slow developing pass play that requires a back to block a DE when the game is on the line, when that back has shown repeatedly that he cannot block? See: Arkansas v. UGA , 2011.