Sadly, it’s come to this.

ESPN’s KC Joyner may have set the lowest bar ever for a player in citing Florida as having “reason to feel very positive” about John Brantley heading into the summer based on his performance in the Orange and Blue game.

You read that right.  Brantley’s 4-for-14, 45-yard performance in the spring scrimmage is grounds for optimism.  Here’s why, according to Joyner:

… In the spring game, four of Brantley’s aerials fell under the “stretch vertical” designation and one would have been completed for 40 yards had it not been for a very good defensive play. Brantley also did not force any of these downfield passes into coverage, so the downside on these throws was limited. It bodes well for what the Florida vertical game will be able to do in 2011 — not just for Brantley and Charlie Weis’ new downfield passing game, but for the playmakers in the Gators’ running game as well.

Charlie Weis let Brantley chuck the ball downfield a few times.  That’s it.  Seriously.

I kinda doubt Muschamp could be dumb enough to share Joyner’s mindset, but, damn, if he is, Georgia might actually have a chance to play on a level field in Jax this year, mentally speaking.  A fan can dream, can’t he?


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11 responses to “Sadly, it’s come to this.

  1. Jason

    KC Joyner reminds me of the announcer in Little Big League. “Well here’s something to feel positive about. Lou is hitting .315 in the month of August, when the moon is below half full, facing right handers, and today’s date is an odd number.”


  2. Wonderful-Ohio-on-the-Gulf Dog

    Translation into ordinary English:

    “Brantley consistently overthrew his receivers.”

    For which Brantley deserves a Heisman.


  3. Mike

    Brantley was allowed to “chuck the ball downfield a few times” last spring too. That gave all Florida fans, (including me), a reason for optimism.

    Didn’t quite work out that way


    • I was thinking the vertical game existed under Meyer. This isn’t exactly new. Brantley just didn’t hit the open man down field all that frequently last year… or in the spring this year… but I’m sure he will this fall by late October.


      • James Stephenson

        It did, heck Tebow’s Senior Year he had two great deep passes against UGA. I mean they were spot on, passes he probably makes 20% of the time and he hit two against UGA.


  4. Bad M

    Hmmm, the Quincy Carter school of passing. The chuck and duck. That always works well.
    I don’t know about Fl fans, but that performance makes me feel better. Good to see that Fl fans believe that after FOUR years on the team…NOW he will finally get it. This off season. While having to learn an entire new playbook. Maybe he forgot to work on “hitting your receiver” for the last four years. That was one thing he was supposed to be better than tebow at.
    BTW, how bad is the withdrawl from consistent use of weed? Is there any? Must be something if Janoris couldn’t stop for a few months? Just wondering what the hazy-lizards are going through right now. (If they even are trying to stop.)


    • Go Dawgs!

      Well, the only thing you can say about it is that he’s finally in a system that seems better suited to his skill set.

      However, the thing that nobody’s pointed out is that the Florida defense which supposedly broke up those 40-yard completions with “great” defensive plays weren’t exactly the Chicago Bears last year. Unless they’ve made huge… HUGE … strides, I think that many teams Florida faces would hope to be able to match their defensive performance.

      After all, Senator, Georgia did “level” the playing field in regulation last year. It was a tie. Aaron just made a horrible decision in overtime. If the Florida defense isn’t a whole lot better under Coach Boom-MF’er, then it’ll be a ball game this year, too.


  5. Keith

    Until we win a few more games in Jax, I wouldn’t feel good going down there even if all of their QB’s got hurt, and they had to use a TE that played some QB in Pee Wee football was taking snaps.
    Sorry, but that is just the way it is in that series. The only thing about last years game that shocked me was, that the Turds didn’t win it on that pick in OT and LONG run back. Would have been a fitting end to the way those games have gone.


  6. shane#1

    Isn’t it strange how things even out over time? The old folks used to say what goes around comes around. For twenty years UGA owned UF. Dooley with his “offense” and Erk with his small but slow defense would go down and some how defeat the Gators with athletes like Spurrier and Chandler and Collingsworth. There would be a play like the Lindsey Scott run or the “fourth and dumb” play or some really weird thing. Now UGA goes down with A J and Knowshon and Stafford and gets their butts kicked. Or D J gets injured or theres is an illegal forward pass that actually goes sideways or a rookie QB throws a pass intended for God knows who and it seems like the Dawgs can’t buy a break with an unlimited Visa card. My hope is that now things will swing the way of the men in red and black. My hope is that the Drews and the other young guys will think that they are unbeatable and that attitude will lift the team out of the doldrums. I want them going to Jacksonville knowing that whatever happens they are going to win.