Blue turns to grey

Never underestimate the ingenuity of college football coaches to skirt the signing rules, my friends.


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4 responses to “Blue turns to grey

  1. That’s interesting, but I’m not sure I follow him to his eventual conclusion with Alabama or Texas getting elite prospects to take blueshirts. I see it more as a tryout for marginal prospects. Let them come to fall practice, and offer them if they can hack it. That’s where I see Alabama or Texas taking advantage.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Right. That is the way it will be abused. The only way to stop it is to ban the giving of a scholarship to a walk-on until the following season and even then there will be players willing to do it for the chance at being on an elite team such as Bama. It will all be verbal so no proof. is probably licking his chops right now and yelling at an assistant complaining, “Why didn’t you think of this before?”


  2. Bad M

    I thought that’s what every walk-on was…a hope for a future scholarship. Some hopes are greater than others.


  3. Marmot

    The only rub against blueshirting is that the player loses a year of eligibilty that first season while a greyshirt’s eligibilty clock doesn’t start ticking until the following year.

    You’d really have something if you could get every High School recruit to come their first season as a walk-on (maybe 35 or 40 of them) and then try those kids out for 25 schollies the following year. That almost guarantees utilizing your 25 scholarships to their maximum potential… and then those kids will go through a 2nd round of cuts when scholarships are needed to stay under the 85 cap. Every senior on a team that could pull this off would be a pure gold contributor.