Oh yeah, it’s Cinco de Mayo.

After last night’s Justified finale, I need a drink.


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  1. 81 Dog

    Just dont take any apple pie moonshine from strangers. Or worse, from people you’ve been feuding with for most of your life. Like, say, Paul Kurtz. Maybe we should send him up to Harlan County.

  2. So glad to know you’re a “Justified” fellow traveler — it really is one of the best shows on TV right now, maybe the best in terms of the writing and acting.

    • Elmore Leonard is the bomb. It’s such a pleasant surprise that the show is able to live up to his rep.

      • 81 Dog

        apparently, Elmore is very happy with the way they tweaked Raylan for the tv show (as opposed to his actual charecter in Fire in the Hole, the short story on which Justified is based). I hate that the season is already over and now we have to wait until who knows when for the next one. At least Burn Notice should have a summer season coming up before too long. Seems like the best shows now are on USA or FX.

        I’ve read Fire in the Hole, and the series seems pretty true to the nature, if not the letter, of the story. I havent read, but intend to read, Pronto and Riding the Rap. You have to love Elmore Leonard.

        • Both books are excellent. Just as good, Leonard’s writing a new Givens book, inspired by the show.

        • That’s awesome — one of the greatest things about the show, in my opinion (I’m a Leonard fan also), is how they’ve stayed true to the original character for the most part while giving him some new directions to go off in. It’s good to hear that Mr. Leonard apparently agrees with this assessment, and it’s great that he’s working on another book. Can’t wait to read it.

      • ScoutDawg

        Have to say I am an Elmore Leonard fan myself.

    • whiskeydawg

      “The poison was already in your glass. So, don’t you worry none. Me and Coover, we’ll be okay”. – One of the best scenes in this season.

      • DawgVegas

        I got a distinct chill the first time I watched that scene. It’s all in her delivery, imo. Way underplayed, to beautiful effect.

        • 81Dog

          I dont know where the lady who played Mags Bennett is from (and I’m too lazy to look her up on IMDB), but she nailed it. What a combination of simple ol’ country store lady, flinty eyed crime boss, bidnesswoman, schemer, and mountain badass. I guess it’s part the writing and part the delivery of the actors, but all the main players have a genuine Southern feel to them. It does help that a lot of them are from the South, so you would assume they respect and understand the rhythms down here.

          The worst, absolute worst, Southern accent I ever heard was Liam Neeson trying to be a hillbilly in Next of Kin. Sheesh.

  3. Mohammar

    I did not know Liz was a Mexican. She is one tall drink of agua muy caliente. It shouldn’t surprise me. I’ve heard that many of them, as well as Cubans too, are white. I’ve been trying to get her to join my Ministry of Commerce or be a dancing girl but she won’t return my bodyguards’ calls.

    Plus because she knows just what I look for in a girl, I’m trying to get her to fix me up.

  4. Griff

    I think one of the reasons Justified is so good is the actors have real Southern accents. There are a couple of obvious fakes, but for the most part it comes off as authentic. I do wish Raylan could have gotten a chance to finish off the whole Bennett clan though. Great show, already looking forward to season 3.

  5. Irishdawg

    “I think one of the reasons Justified is so good is the actors have real Southern accents. ”

    I’ve said the same thing many times. Most of the actors are from the South; Walton Goggins and Joelle Carter were both born in Georgia, BTW. Most Hollywood stuff uses actors from Santa Monica or San Diego and their accents sounds like a high school production of a Tennessee Williams play.

    “Justified” is bad ass TV. Not only for the great acting, dialogue, and numerous killings, but they name drop top shelf bourbons all the time, like Blanton’s or Pappa Von Winkles.

  6. Chadwick

    “Justified” is good, real good. But, “The Killing” on AMC is above it in my book. That is one creepy murder/detective show.
    The great thing is that TV serials are getting much, much better. The now have the look, feel, production and acting that surpass much of what is out in feature film….by a wide margin.

    • The Killing is excellent TV. But the characters and the dialogue aren’t as good as Justified‘s, IMO.

      • Chadwick

        The shows have different vibes. “The Killing” is more atmospheric and less dialog driven than “Justified”. No doubt, both are great TV and Walt Goggins is one terrific actor. I loved him in “The Shield”, too. I’m very glad to see Southern actors actually playing Southerners.

  7. Irishdawg

    You just get better television on cable these days. Networks won’t stick with a show unless it does gonzo ratings anymore; I’ve seen countless quality programs that were never given the chance to find an audience. Cable affords them that, and FX in particular makes some great shows. “The Shield” was brilliant, and “Justified” and “Sons of Anarchy” are arguably the two best on TV right now.

  8. Irishdawg

    To all South Georgia readers here; doesn’t Harlan County seem like Toombs County, just set up in the mountains?

    • Mohammar

      Not South Georgia, but do know South Libya. Harlan reminds me of Al Jawf, which my mercenaries have just taken back from the rebels, as well as Dade County and how it exports its business. Now that Ray is out of San Quentin, he’s heading up the team to unfreeze my assets.

    • ScoutDawg

      I would have said Paulding county with their plethora of meth superlabs, just sayin’.

  9. Phocion

    Major props for the Liz Phair video. Any Liz is good Liz in my book but the live stuff from Tower records or from a show at The Vic in Chicago are better recording.

    But the “White Babies” clip is a great one…seen it many times. How that person could pass up the chance to be on stage with Liz, well, fear is self-crippling.

    *and Urge Overkill rocked in the day.

  10. Irishdawg

    It’s the whole atmosphere of rot and violence that makes me think of Toombs; swap out meth and weed for meth and crack, and they seem like the same place.

  11. Cojones

    Think I’m Justified in saying “Felicidad Cinco de Mayo!” y complimientos a todos los compadres.