That was awkward.

I guess it was too much to hope Corch would just say, “yeah, I did a crappy coaching job last season.”



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10 responses to “That was awkward.

  1. JaxDawg

    Fuck Florida.


  2. Go Dawgs!

    I think that’s what you’d call a semi-circle jerk. Honestly, ESPN, why bother with the two guys who aren’t directly connected to the Florida program? It doesn’t make you look any less in the bag for the Gators. Replace Herbstriet with Tim Tebow and the other guy with … I dunno, Rex Grossman’s probably not too busy, and just have a ten minute discussion of how wonderful Florida is and how unlikely it is that they’ll ever lose another game again?


  3. Dog in Fla

    Fatigue? For four or five million a year? For the first time since Irvin decided not to close Spring practice, he discloses to panel members that he’s a regular Lilly von Schtupp (h/t Nick and Jimbo)


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    You hoped Corch would admit error?


  5. simpl_matter

    His vapid, monotone delivery had me sleeping on the edge of my seat. Really, really good hire ESPN, really. Can you get him to OSU already, College Football Live is hard enough to watch this time of year without his arctic wit.


  6. ScoutDawg

    I love ya Senator, like that shit would ever admit fault.


  7. ScoutDawg

    But wouldn’t you love to see his ass at tOSU forever. Tosu, ain’t Flo-rida. They can not get over on talent. I would kill all of you to see him humbled.


  8. ScoutDawg

    Not really, just don’t like him.


  9. JaxDawg

    Hey, fuck you Florida.